Doctor Who: Power of the Doctor Review – A messy, fast-paced, fan-pleasing finale

The power of The Doctor

Jodie’s Whittaker time as the Doctor’s wife has proved a turbulent ride to put it in a nutshell. The show begins with Cybermen attacking. They enter a high-speed train and instantly wipe out all onboard. They aren’t mere cybermen. They can regenerate, and we’ve seen. They grab an infant from an enclosure and then take off in the process, while the Doctor eliminates the Cybermen on the outside by removing the gravity, allowing them to flounder away.

As the group re-enters Earth once more, Dan has a change of mind and decides to stop being the companion since he’s almost passed out… not realizing that he’s been close to dying a hundred times before, but here we are. “See you soon, Doctor.” Dan declares.

Yaz is left outside to talk while the Doctor is to the Tardis by himself. But the virtual Dalek appears and claims to possess crucial information regarding the future, which includes the destruction of Daleks. The one who isn’t believing in the Dalek mission and thinks that she should kill the entire race to save humanity.

Then we cut in Siberia at the time of 1916. Father Rasputin Grigori is handed an email from the Tsarina, who’s requesting to attend The Winter Palace. Rasputin appears… however, the fact is that he’s The Master in disguise. He makes use of his powers to seduce those around him by slowly taking control.

And in a typical Chibnall manner, we jump like a hyperactive child into another time, this time London at the turn of 2022. 15 of the most famous artworks have been taken off the shelves in one go. Ace is investigating and tries to understand the meaning behind this while communicating with Tegan who seems as if she is in contact with him.

Tegan confirms that the Doctor may have also brought the old Cyberman doll to her due to some reason. However, given the relationship, they share it’s an omen given Adric’s date.

The Doctor discovers a different Tardis that is marked with “haha” written across the front. This appears to be the work of the master. The child of the past appears to be an energy source that is strung by chains and powering the cyber world together with a creature who is trying to avoid capture under the name of the Quran.

The whole thing is an arrangement, which is the pinnacle of Cyberconversion at least, according to The Cyber Leader. But it is true that this Cyber Leader isn’t all alone. when other Cybermen appear and fire at the Doctor and miraculously miss every shot.

The car is racing away, and inside the Tardis, Kate is seeking the Doctor’s assistance in the brand-new Unit headquarters. Tegan Ace and Ace are also present as freelancers, but as we’ve learned that the Doctor isn’t someone who is prone to emotional repulsion and ignores the fact that it’s been over 38 years since she last saw them. The mystery of the artwork is revealed when we discover that they’ve been smashed to the master.

If the Master shows up in Naples not a moment later The Doctor is informed that it’s the day she’s gone existence completely. When guards arrive equipped with weapons, Doctor enlists Yaz to get her own gun and shoot toward the Master. The Master is quick to remind Yaz of the Doctor’s no-killing policy however, the Master is taken to the Unit and imprisoned, while the Doctor is unable to comprehend the situation.

Yaz wants answers however the Doctor believes that meeting this Dalek is an intelligent risk that they must take, particularly in the event that it will endanger all of the Dalek race. In Bolivia, the rebellious Dalek is able to confirm that all data is contained within its casing and requires extraction.

Other Daleks are already in the area and seem to be working alongside the Master. The other Daleks find them out and outsmart the doctor and kill their own brother before the transfer is completed. The Doctor is shackled and teleported off. Yaz has to manage the Tardis herself by using a variety of post-it notes to manage it.

Did you remember the Cyberman doll? It turns out the Master was the person who bought the doll. It turns out that this is not a toy, but it’s a Russian Doll in reverse. It pops up and unleashes a multitude of Cybermen who are led by Ashad. Naturally, all of this means that the Master is released from its confinement as the Unit is eliminated.

In the meantime, the Doctor is taken back to St Petersburg in 1916 with the Master, who is working as Rasputin. He’s been able to draw both the Daleks and Cybermen to his plans due to their hate for her and plans to “go old-fashioned” and instigate a regeneration of her for violating rules. He has the tools to do this now and has the energy as well, derived from the converted planet that Cybermen previously.

The Master plans to use this method to regenerate his Doctor to become The Master… and it is working! Since the Master is the Doctor, Yaz shows up with the Tardis to discover that her Doctor is gone.

The Master, being a Doctor, cannot change but plans to utilize this Earth as a source of Cyber production. Daleks as well as Cyber production, which is why the work is being done in the volcano. The Master plans to discredit the title that the Doctor has earned. The reason for that is in the changing of clothes, and harking back to the past wearing many different costumes that are from the past. These include the celery stick of the 5th Doctor as well as the question mark jumper, and the large old scarf. And the recorder, too!

Yaz is able to force the Doctor from the Tardis and closes the door before escaping. Jodie Whittaker’s doctor, she winds being in the company of many various Doctors like Paul McGann! A proper fan moment from this massive Doctor Who fan!

It appears that they’re all “Guardians of the Edge” which they go through in regenerating. After they’ve gone through it, there’s no going to go back. They can’t allow the Master to take over their appearance. Therefore, they all decide to cooperate and locate someone on external levels (namely Yaz) to force another regeneration.

Fortunately, the Doctor has an AI hologram that’s ready to be inserted into the Tardis. It’s constructed from the data of her actions over many thousands of years. It’s only activated under extreme circumstances, for instance, if she’s no more present. This isn’t the first time, however, I’m going to digress. She’s actually placed a sound-controlled nano-implant in Yaz’s skin before passing the signal off to be static. She’s done the exact procedure for Tegan and Ace too.

In the end, the Tardis pops into the Converting planet, where Vinder happens to be. After Vinder’s arrival, the Tardis brings Vinder aboard. The AI warns them that it’s extremely risky however, given that they have no other option it’s up to them to find out how to solve this problem.

Additionally, Tegan and Ace work along with Kate and Kate, with the intention of trying to as well to stop Cybermen that are controlled by Ashad. Ace has changed back to her original outfit and decides to make the leap of faith from the roof, only to find that her parachute explodes high in the air. Luckily, she’s saved by Yaz who is able to fly the Tardis to save her at the very last moment. Once she’s taken off from the Bolivian volcano, Yaz arrives to pick the Master up from the cliff after having left him on this planet.

There’s a lovely hark back in time, which sees Tegan and Ace having a moment with their respective partners. But, then Malcolm appears to… motives? In any case, he joins forces with Ace, and the two work to end the Daleks. In the meantime, Kate buys some time for the other members, making an agreement with Ashad to keep everyone safe in exchange for important information. But, they’ve discovered Tegan within the walls, and immediately begin firing.

For the Master is concerned, he’s outwitted by Yaz and the Hologram Doctor that is disguised as the Fugitive Doctor and is able to stop the entire army of Cybermen due to deflecting their attacks. Video is soon able to hold her with a gun, and shoots the Master. The Master, as well as the Cybermen who are regenerating and make use of the power within this device to reverse Forced Regeneration and bring things back to how things were. Yaz is saved as the AI, who is playing the Fugitive Doctor, escapes.

In 1916, when volcanoes began to erupt, and even today when all of our characters meet in the Tardis. However, the brand new Unit Headquarters is destroyed and destroyed by Cybermen within.

In The Tardis are shown an adapted scene from the David Tennant era with the entire group sitting in front of the console. The Doctor leaves and fixes Vinder’s ship. He also invites him to go but he eventually returns, able to stop the disaster by converting volcanoes to steel.

She also liberates the Qurunz and demands it destroy everything on earth. When it begins to accomplish this The Master appears in his Tardis and tries in vain to stop him. But, he makes use of an instrument to shift the laser away from the Qurunx to completely destroy the Doctor and then knock her down. But, Yaz manages to save her and get the Doctor back to the Tardis.

The Cyber-converted world is destroyed. the Doctor is knocked unconscious and, in the meanwhile, Yaz brings everyone back to their home. The only person left inside the Tardis is Yaz. Just right in time for the Doctor to start regeneration. “I need to have more time!” She cries out.

In order to make this time, the couple goes out to sit on top of the Tardis and eat ice-creams. “I think I’m going to complete the next part on my own.” She states. Yaz decides that they should not be able to say goodbye, and instead keep things open. To be safe, right?

After the departure of Yaz and Dan, Yaz joins Graham Dan and Graham. Dan. Graham actually, forms the group and discovers an entire group of friends who decide to continue to keep their Doctor alive and talk about everything that’s happened to them.

For the Doctor, She heads out to the Tardis and watches one final sunrise. “Right then. Doctor, whatever I’m about to be, I’ll tag you as it.” And then Jodie Whittaker sighs her goodbyes. Welcome to the stage… David Tennant?!

The Episode Review

What a great ending! Doctor Who has been declining for a long time, and they’ve been forced to take action to make things interesting. The conclusion with Tennant identified as the original Doctor is an incredible victory and brings Russel T. Davies returning for the next series of episodes which will air in November 2023, as three chapters, I think. This is the ideal method of bringing viewers back to the show.

Jodie Whittaker has been through an extremely turbulent ride in the last three seasons, with some of the most awful writing the show has ever had. This is not even mentioning Chibnall’s rewriting of the Doctor’s story and then proceeding to alter the rules of various enemies such as Cybermen. Cybermen are now able to regenerate after the events of Gallifrey but it’s possible that they will just be eliminated in the same way that previous versions were sloppily lost (remember that the Human Dalek in season 3?)

It doesn’t matter if you agree with the opinion or not, it’s a huge jump from 10.96million viewers watching Whittaker’s debut episode, to 3.47 million viewers for Sea Devils (which isn’t reviewed in this article because it was so shambolic that I was too scared to write a review!) is an enormous leap down.

This episode is messy, extremely messy. There are some parts that have no value and are full of contrivances and unpredictable jumps that are both highlights from Chibnall’s time. The real story is scattered including here. the ending of Dan’s story was unnatural and awkwardly arranged particularly when the scene is set 20 minutes after!

The truth is, I’m not an advocate of member-based berries and the repurposed scenes – such as the group of Tardis in front of the console, or the Master dancing around to the music (seasons two and three?) These are terrible additions.

But, the scenes that feature Ace, as well as the seventh Doctor and the return of the Fifth Doctor with Tegan, are definitely highlights and there are plenty of Classic Who fans to like. The funny aspect is that both of these scenes – and the appearances of Paul McGann and the other old Doctors were the most enjoyable moments of Whittaker’s three-season run, which speaks for itself.

The show isn’t perfect, but the moments that stand alone, together with the explosive ending is enough to warrant an increase in ratings. It certainly makes the possibility of next year’s special attractive indeed.


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