Don’t Breathe (2016) Ending Explained – Does Rocky escape Norman’s house?

Don’t Breathe Plot Synopsis

Rocky, Alex, and Money are the three who enter the home that is the home of Blind Gulf War veteran, Norman Nordstorm. The house that appeared to be easy to get off is actually an unforgiving maze. The desperate efforts to escape fail because the blind man is not strong enough and skilled enough to manage.

Why do the thieves choose Norman’s house?

The group has received credible information that Norman has $3000 in his home. This is the amount he was reportedly awarded in settlement over the death of his daughter in the aftermath of an automobile accident. The house is located in an abandoned slum neighborhood, Norman’s house is the only house that is occupied. The three do their homework regarding Norman prior to putting the plans into the real world.

What do the thieves think about robbery?

Rocky isn’t looking for anything to look forward to aside from the bright future that she is determined to have. She is planning to relocate to California along with her sister, Diddy, to escape the toxic atmosphere of her family. The insufferable circumstances of their family unit are the major reason behind her desire to take down Norman. Alex however has moral concerns, and she isn’t convinced of taking a blind man’s money.

The action starts

The group drank Norman’s Rottweiler and broke into his home. Because the Basement door locks, the group thinks that this is the place where the cash is. The exuberant Money shoots at the lock to make it open and then the sound wakes Norman. While the other people are watching in awe, Norman manhandles Money like an infant before killing him.

Rocky discovers Norman looking over his safe and when he leaves and goes to steal the money in the safe. Norman finds two pairs of shoes and is aware that there are more thieves in the home. He checks his safe, only to find it empty. He begins to close every way to escape the house, including windows, doors, and similar. Rocky and Alex realize that it’s a dangerous maze that they must get out of.

What’s the secret of the basement?

Rocky and Alex go to the basement and are then frightened by a pregnant woman who is restrained, Cindy Roberts. When they try to assist Cindy to get away, Norman shoots at them and kills the pregnant woman. Norman is deeply sad after Cindy’s passing and is more ferocious than before in a rage that is unstoppable. To ensure that the fight is fair, he switches off all the lights, making the area completely dark.

The thrilling chase

Despite the dark, Alex and Rocky manage to take out Norman and get out of the basement. They stop at the exit to the basement. But, when they attempt to escape Norman’s vicious Rottweiler runs after them and chases Alex back into the bedroom. Alex is thrown down onto the skylight, which Norman shoots at. After a few fights, Norman stabs him with garden shears. Then, Rocky is also captured.

She is locked in the basement, where Norman revealed that he had impregnated Cindy to provide him with a child to replace his daughter who died during the crash. According to his bizarre theory, it’s just and fair to have an additional daughter for his deceased daughter.

After the death of Cindy is gone, Rocky will have to take over the task. Norman cut a hole in Rocky’s pants before filling the calf using his semen. When he’s preparing to inject Rocky, Alex pops out from nowhere and smacks the blind man using the hammer.

Does Rocky escape?

The two return upstairs. After a short time, Norman gets up and is followed by the two shooting Alex dead. He then catches Rocky again and then takes her home. After a fierce battle, Rocky gains some control over Norman after he is distracted by the alarm for the house.

She knocks him on the head several times using a crowbar. This causes him to tumble into the basement. The gun fires and shoots at him from the sides.

In a state stupor, Rocky takes the money and departs Norman’s venue.

On the way to the airport, Rocky sits with her sibling who is getting ready to fly to California. A report on television says that Norman Nordstorm is alive and that the burglars have died. Rocky’s role in the burglary is still a mystery… But is she truly protected?



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