Don’t Breathe (2016) Ending Explained – Does Rocky escape Norman’s house?

Do Not Breathe the Plot Synopsis

Rocky, Alex, and Money break into Norman Nordstorm’s house. It turns out that what appeared to be simple to do is a maze of death. As the blind man is too strong and skilled to manage, all of his desperate attempts to escape are futile.

Why did Norman’s house become the target of thieves?

They are told by Norman that he has $3,00,000. This money was reportedly paid to him in compensation for the death of his daughter in a car accident. Norman’s house is the only one occupied in an abandoned slum area. Before putting together their plan, the trio did extensive research on Norman.

What do the thieves think about robbery?

Rocky sees nothing but the bright future that she so desperately desires. To escape the abuse at home, she plans to move to California together with her sister Diddy. Her determination to rob Norman is fueled by the unlivable circumstances in her family. Alex has ethical concerns so she isn’t keen to rob a blind man.

Rocky convinces Alex and Alex finally agrees to take part. He does it because he feels for Rocky even though he is with Money.

The action starts

Norman’s Rottweiler was drugged by the group, and they broke into Norman’s house. The trio assumed that the basement door was where the money was hidden because it is locked. Money, overexcited, opens the lock and wakes Norman. The rest of the group watch in fear as Norman manipulates Money like a child before shooting him.

Rocky discovers Norman checking his safe and, after he has left, he steals the cash from it. Norman discovers two pairs of shoes and realizes that there are other robbers inside the house. He then goes to check his safe, only to discover it empty. He closes all doors and windows to escape the house. Rocky and Alex know that it is a dangerous maze they must escape.

What’s the secret of the basement?

Rocky and Alex descend to the basement, only to be halted by Cindy Roberts, a pregnant woman. Norman fires at them, accidentally killing Cindy Roberts as they tried to rescue her. Norman is deeply saddened by Cindy’s passing and becomes more violent than ever before. He turns off all lights to make it even more intense, completely darkening the entire area.

The intense chase

Despite the darkness, Alex and Rocky manage Norman to be knocked out and they exit the basement. They block the basement exit. As they attempt to flee Norman, Norman’s wild Rottweiler chases them back into their bedroom. Norman fires at Norman’s skylight, and Alex falls to the ground. Norman eventually stabs Alex with his garden shears after a bit of struggle. Rocky eventually is captured.

She is held captive in the basement by Norman, who reveals that he had conceived Cindy in order to replace his daughter. His twisted theory is that he has a new daughter to replace his daughter who died in the accident.

Rocky will take over the task of Cindy’s death. Rocky is left with Norman to cut a hole in his pants and then fill a basin with his semen. Alex appears out of nowhere to knock out Rocky with a hammer as he prepares to artificially inseminate him.

Does Rocky escape?

They head back upstairs. Norman follows them upstairs and shoots Alex dead within a matter of minutes. He captures Rocky and drags him into the house. After distracting Norman with the house alarm, Rocky regains control of Norman in a fierce struggle.

He fell into the basement after he was repeatedly hit over the head with a crowbar. He is shot in the side by the gun.

Rocky, still in disbelief about the situation, accepts the money and departs Norman’s arena.

Rocky and her sister are preparing to fly to California from the airport. According to a TV news report, Norman Nordstorm is still alive and both burglars have died. Rocky’s role in the burglary is still unknown… but is she really safe from it?


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