Down to Earth with Zac Efron Season 2 Review

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Zac Efron returns with another installment of his world-trotting adventure Down to Earth. But, due to a particular pandemic that has spread across the globe, Efron and his crew must stay in one place and, surprisingly it’s not in the US! The focus is entirely on Australia which is where Zac is able to have the entire crew travel to Australia. The format is a return and the same humor that made the original enjoyable, this is entertaining, but it isn’t as good as what we saw in the previous episode.

The eight episodes basically explore the individual regions of Australia divided into various topics to give you a good dose. The first one focuses on Habitat Conservation and the importance of keeping ecosystems in good shape The Great Barrier Reef chapter looks more deeply into the coral reef as well as the methods used to restore it. ensure the survival of this wonder of nature. world.

There’s also a segment on waste, despite the extravagant manner in which Zac and his team congratulate them on their shoulders for decreasing their carbon footprint using bottles of water, but failing to mention that they flew across with jets in order to film this instead of having a local source team, is a bit of irony that’s not missed in this episode.

The episodes are easy to follow and each one clocks in approximately 35 minutes. The same wacky, wild-eyed enthusiasm that Zac introduced to the first season is also evident in this one however the less expansive perspective is somewhat disappointing.

The format is basically similar to the previous one, however, it is a lot more fun, and features Zac and lifestyle expert Darin traveling around together to provide fresh perspectives to the old challenges. The banter between them is a welcomed return, and the range of different things they get involved in is an additional point of interest.

As I mentioned before, Down to Earth does seem more targeted towards Americans as opposed to other cultures around the world, with lots of informational text and figures appearing on the screen that is all-purpose knowledge, especially for people living in Australia! But there’s plenty here to watch and if loved this first episode, odds are that you’ll love this as well.


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