Drink Masters Season 1 Review – Boozy reality show serves as a decent distraction

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Enter The BarFantastic Fruits
Botanical Bevvies
At The Speakeasy
Dessert and Coffee
Cocktail Tournament
Spice and Ice
Signature Favourites
Winner Crowned

Netflix has a knack for making compelling competition shows that cover many different topics. Blown Away did a great job in carving its own niche as well as wildly inventive innovations to the field such as Nailed It! along with The Big Flower Fight have basically re-created the reality competition formula to cover a variety of hobbies or interests. Never leaving any mark left unturned Netflix is back, and this time they’ve introduced the spicy, heady mixture of alcohol into the mix to create Drink Masters.

The idea is straightforward: twelve mixologists fight to be the best mixers around the globe winning $100k and bragging rights for their neighborhood. To get there, however, they’re put through the maze of boozy bartending as the contestants will be given tasks to conquer each week, and one is sent home at the conclusion of every episode. Cool and cool Tone Bell hosts the show and is joined by the owner of a cocktail bar Julie Reiner and “The Six” Frankie Solarik. On the way, there are guest judges who appear throughout the second half of the show.

It’s a well-known format that allows it to quickly get into the rhythm… However, it’s quickly dealt a bad face by some obnoxious and aggressive contestants. There’s an ever-present need to slam these individuals with reality television when it’s ironic that shows such as The Great British Bake Off are so well-known because they aren’t!

The series itself are pretty easy to follow, however, you can see from the duration of 38 minutes that the actors have had a hard time getting with more time! Being a person who has had an extensive background in making cocktails, and who has been a bartender, it does require a mastery of the art of keeping the balance right between all elements of a cocktail in a drink out. Drink Masters does at least attempt to explain this.

The show doesn’t go to the pretentiousness one might imagine, but that’s not because of the contestants who are trying. “I deserve to be here.” One responds at the beginning of the show; a true phrase that will immediately make you want to see them go. This is a shame as it’s an amazing thing that nobody’s bothered to put on a show on mixology and alcohol in the past. Certain of these drinks look delicious, and the presentation of some of them is amazing.

The final that pits the three Finalists against each other will likely be a major source of contention and you’ll feel a sense of memories of moments similar in Blown Away too. There is no doubt that the audience will have a voice about who they believe should win and, as always, leave a comment below to share your thoughts. For those who aren’t yet watching the show Be wary of spoilers!

Drink Masters is not a terrible show. With only 40 mins for each episode, this show will not waste your time while it reduces to a minimum the number of participants. If you’re in search of something tasty it’s a good alternative to quench your thirst, but it’s not likely to give you enough of a buzz as you’d expect.


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