eartbreak High – Season 1 Episode 1 “Map B**tch” Recap & Review

Map B**tch

The first episode of Heartbreak High begins with a younger version of Amerie and Harper’s first meeting when they were five and how their friendship has grown to this point. They’ve been best buddies ever since, and they’re now students in high school who attend Hartley High. Their odd habit of watching relationships between people from a distance led to the beginning of the notorious “incest map” on an abandoned staircase wall in the school.

Harper and Harper have filled the walls with the details of their fellow classmates’ “real and rumored” sexual encounters. It was their personal secret.

At present, Amerie is heading to school to begin a new school year, but Harper has been missing from a party she attended two weeks back. This is the least of her problems since her peers discover the location of her map.

Students are then taken to a parade. when they hear the scolding speech of the Principal, Harper is seen making an appearance. She’s changed her appearance and is furious and is ignoring Amerie. Following the parade, Amerie is summoned to the office of the principal, she’s arrested, but she decides to walk off the fall on her own.

In the afternoon Amerie finally reaches Harper however, she’s angry and doesn’t want to speak to Harper. Amerie isn’t sure why she’s so upset; she recalls they had an argument during the festival, but her memories of the night are blurred. Amerie tries to speak to Harper yet again, but she gets into a physical fight, and Amerie is left with nosebleeds. Amerie is having to deal with peers who are furious with her for having an “incest map.”

The day can’t get better, as all students on the list are called to class.

There is also a brand new student Malakai and the school’s gorgeous heartbreaker Dusty and a non-binary student known as Darren and their best friend Quinn, Douglas the school drug dealer Spencer. Spider the wannabe. Anthony, Harper, and Amerie are together with common acquaintances Sasha along with Misty.

They are required to take an exclusive sex education program as a result of the map. This is Sexual Literacy Training and they are required other than to attend two times a week. The classes will be held according to their schedule as well as they will have their English teacher Jojo will be the teacher. Jojo is an innovative, modern-day teacher who is willing to talk openly with children about sex.

The children aren’t thrilled about the news of their new class, and this rekindles their anger toward Amerie. Meanwhile, the news regarding the incest map is reaching the local stations.

When the day, they return home, we are able to witness their situation at home. Darren is experiencing a struggle at home with his step-dad who isn’t understanding their sexuality. They’re also having a sexual relationship with a boy from a different school.

Amerie is rejected by her fellow students and attempts to make herself more attractive by cutting her own edges. This is a failure which is why Darren and Quinn come forward to assist her. These are the only people who can speak to her. They persuade her to bring them to a funeral.

In the beginning, Amerie is scared to leave but once they are there, it’s not as bad as she thought. The girl even gets an affectionate kiss from her old friend Dusty before she leaves. The party is ended with an arrest by the police and the episode concludes by hinting that perhaps there’s a new map of the incest. The person who is writing the map, “Dusty f*cked Harper.”

The Episode Review

the show already created an unsolved mystery, as we are eager to find out what happened and why Harper broke up with Amerie. We’re all interested in what transpired during the festival.

Dusty is a player, and even if he did have a relationship with Harper I’m not sure Amerie will be able to handle the loss of her former best friend very well. Even though this is only an episode first, I think we know a lot about some of the characters thus far.



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