The Jeffrey Dahmer Story


In analyzing the causes that make an individual become an infamous serial killers and how they became who they have become today, we should always think about the manner in which their parents raise them and the way they were educated. Genetics and environmental factors play an important role in the growth of a person’s personality.

It was evident when Jeff’s parents first introduced and confirmed that his mother was taking numerous pills on daily basis. daily basis during her time expecting Jeff. Additionally, we observed the way the father of Jeff treated him by not addressing the emotional demands of his son, not engaging in difficult discussions with Jeff, and instead, he would move the boy around.

Naturally, we’re interested to know how things go for his dad after his arrest by the police Jeff to his custody and how he reacts to the situation afterward. This episode is particularly focused on this.

In the previous episode, we get an outline of the moment his father Lionel is informed of Jeff’s death and has to sort through all the information given to him. From that point, the show begins. Lionel is seen crying while trying to understand the information he just received. After that, Lionel requests permission from the authorities to meet Jeff.

Even though he is aware of all the things he has learned, Lionel embraces his son when first meeting Jeff. Lionel takes Jeff’s apology and tells him it’s fine. Jeff inquires about his grandmother following being ordered for a seat by the father. Jeff’s father tells Jeff that he did not realize the extent of his illness and the need for professional assistance. He continues to state that Jeff believes Jeff could be treated.

Jeff’s father is determined to help Jeff despite all the things he’s committed such as the numerous murders, cannibalism, and other crimes. This is a great illustration of how unconditional love is, and it’s obvious that the love he has for Jeff has no limits.

Jeff’s father is asking his son about the reason Jeff feels he came to be in the manner he does. Jeff acknowledges that he’s not sure and that he’s thought about the issue for a long time. of contemplation. Then, Jeff implies that it’s probably due to the roadkill that his father taught him how to dissect. Jeff’s dad is frightened and begins a process of denial.

Reporters are seen following the mother of Jeff as she makes her way into a house and appears like she’s all over the. When Jeff’s mother tells an individual that she isn’t HIV positive The boy is overjoyed and is crying. Joyce and Joyce both have tears, however because for different reasons.

After midnight, we discover Jeff’s father Lionel distraught inside his home. His wife tells him that it’s not healthy to go five nights without sleeping. His wife suggests they visit the doctor and purchase some sleeping pills so it’s easier to fall asleep.

In a trance, Lionel complains that the drugs his ex-wife took while being pregnant with Jeff are the reason for everything that transpired. He rants about how his ex-wife could have done differently in order to raise Jeff and the way she failed him, which led him to where he is now. His wife forces him to realize that he doesn’t have to solely make his ex-wife accountable, but the responsibility must be his own as he didn’t care to support Jeff as well.

Lionel tears up and confesses to his wife the fact that he was not checking on Jeff and it’s his responsibility. He is comforted by his wife, saying that he did not know. Lionel says to his spouse that Jeff is genetically his and that his DNA is the reason for the person he is today. Lionel admits to having dreams like that Jeff was able to experience. Lionel is very detailed with his wife about his efforts to use explosives, his efforts to seduce a girl, and his nightmares of how to eliminate their bodies. His wife is determined to soothe him and keep him going.

Lionel is seen running away from the media and police to get to his mother’s house. It is revealed that his mother is suffering from dementia and is naive about the condition.

While the Reverend’s argument creates conflicts among the people, however, it aids the situation. He lobbies authorities to detain two officers who allowed two victims to go back to Jeff’s house and the two were killed by him. They are the exact two officers who refused to listen to Glenda’s frequent complaints regarding Jeff just because she’s African American.

Two officers argue that because they are under the head of state, it is his duty ought to be supportive of the two officers. As a compromise, the chief grants them a leave of absence during the course of an investigation. Informing their boss that they are not able to dismiss the officers and they are assured that the organization’s reps can defend their position, the employees are then dismissed.

On TV, we can see an individual who claims that he successfully escaped Jeff Dahmer and has almost become a victim. On the other hand, a man is posing as Jeff’s former friend and says he has been in a relationship sexually with Jeff. He then claims that they had sexual relations at Jeff’s house. He explains that Jeff admitted to the man that his dad molested him sexually and that his stepmother would constantly shout at him. We see how people start making up stories to capitalize on the precarious situations in this case.

Jeffrey’s attorney and father will pay Jeff an appearance in jail. Jeff’s father collaborates with the attorney to find an option to keep Jeff from being in jail. Jeff would like to know whether his state is able to carry the death penalty, however, the father and attorney tell him that there isn’t. Jeff is disappointed that he isn’t going to be put to death. Jeff’s father informs him that they need to find a way to stop Jeff from being sent to prison. The father continues to state that the judge has to be convinced by the judge that Jeff is insane even though he’s convinced that Jeff isn’t. Jeff’s father convinces Jeff to lie in court and Jeff is compelled to conform to his father’s instructions.

We’ve watched Jeff’s father scold his son, and not entertain him when Jeff wanted to talk with him about the fantasies that he was having however instead of speaking to Jeff, we witness Jeff shifting Jeff around. Jeff’s father was not there for Jeff when the time came for him to need him. After Jeff’s dad is aware of his error and is able to defend himself, he resorts to defense strategies and overcompensates by making himself available in an effort to keep Jeff from going to jail.

In relation to all the murders of the first degree to which Jeff has pleaded guilty, the jury finds that he’s not legally insane and is in good health. The judge informs the loved ones of those killed that Jeff is going to be imprisoned.

When the court adjourns Jeff’s father confronts Jeff’s mother and insists that she accept the blame for what’s transpired. She is terrified, defends herself, and blames all of the blame on Lionel. Their wife of Lionel is trying to calm their fears by reassuring them that no blame is on anyone else.

Joyce’s guilt for the role she was a part of Jeff becoming the person Jeff is is apparent when she is struggling with the issue. Joyce overcompensates for her mistakes by appealing to the family members that were victims’ families to accept the pardon of Jeff and requests them to be present in court on the next day on behalf of Jeff to ensure that he is placed in a mental institution, rather than jail. This is something they clearly refuse to do.

The families of the victims appear to be witnesses against Jeff in the courtroom and appear briefly. Jeff appears shortly after, where the judge informs him and the court that he was determined to die and did not intend on being as innocent. He accepts the blame for his conduct and declares that he was acting in a way that was instinctual, not as part of an act of hate. Jeff is sentenced and ordered to serve 15 consecutive terms of life in prison.

As Jeff is close to being sentenced to jail, Jeff’s father greets Jeff and assumes complete responsibility for all his errors. He admits that he’s accountable for teaching him how to dissect animals and for ignoring and disapproving of Jeff when he attempted to talk to his father. He explains to Jeff that he was a victim of similar thoughts and thoughts and the way he expressed them to Jeff. He apologizes for not being there even though he knew that Jeff was in need of help.

Alongside vowing not to let Jeff to himself in the future, Lionel says to Jeff to never be able to forgive himself. He promises to pay his debts for his conduct in the form of calling and visiting Jeff each week. Jeff is sent to prison.

Joyce composes an open suicide note where she admits to her involvement in this incident. In her suicide note, Joyce regrets her actions for her actions to Jeff being a bad mother, before attempting to commit suicide by inhaling herself. However, she’s saved in the final moments.

When Lionel discovers that Joyce had attempted suicide, the actor expresses sadness and asks about Joyce’s health. Near the end of the show, we witness two officers from the police force who take the boy to Jeff to be reinstated into the police force.

The Episode Review

It’s a psycho and emotional rollercoaster during this episode. It’s hard not to feel angered and angered at Lionel in the beginning, when he refuses to accept accountability for the actions he took and does not acknowledge his role in the incident. He also rationalizes his actions which are extremely frustrating.

The entire episode is observed through the eyes of the parents of the serial killer. It is easy to sympathize with the parents, particularly when we consider the way Jeff and Lionel seem alike in certain ways. They have similar genes, thoughts, and emotions – but they evolve into very distinct individuals. This is due to the fact that although they share similar genes both were raised in different circumstances.

Lionel was raised by a loving family While Jeff was raised in a chaotic family, and this has a major impact on the kind of person they are as they mature.

In this episode, the pain is expertly deconstructed. All stages of mental distress that one goes through are skillfully described. The full spectrum of emotions, from denial to rationalization and acceptance is depicted with accuracy. It’s impossible not to be in awe of the amazingness of it all that appears as if they had a psychologist creating this video. The connections between the most insignificant details and their deeper meanings are truly amazing.

Lionel Jeff’s father does more than act, he truly owns the role. He effortlessly conveys all necessary emotions and conveys every detail in the process. In his outstanding performance Jeff’s father, without a doubt, takes the spotlight.


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