Elite – Season 6 Episode 3 “Naked” Recap & Review


Episode 3 from Elite season 6 begins with Isa displaying her shocking audio recordings Didac has filmed before her legal counsel. It’s not great news.

Since it was illegally captured and was not legally obtained, the confession isn’t able to be utilized in the courtroom. They’ll need to find a different way to convince children to admit guilt. Isa isn’t pleased and starts to rant.

Didac is with Isa who is following him and decides that he will assist her. He’s determined to prove that his best interests are in mind and is determined to take action to make things right. Isa remains silent until closing her door however, she leaves a “no hotel service for today, pleases” note on her door to add some spice!

After Cruz’s courageous press conference, Ivan shows his father his new tattoo and the number 9 tattooed on his hip. Although they’re good friends, Sara is struggling at school. The first video she uploaded was deleted on the basis of her fight with Raul and throws Ari into a state of confusion determined to uncover the truth.

Inquiring about Sara directly doesn’t really help However, her erratic attitude prompts Mencia to speak up and expose the facade and tell Sara that in her heart she’s seen the light and stands with Isa. When Sara gets a phone message from Raul her manner of speaking instantly changes and she walks out very quickly. In actual fact, Mencia follows and manages to persuade Raul to allow Sara out on an evening to hang out at Isa’s nightclub.

Cruz’s cheerful mood is destroyed when he gets a rude present at the door. Someone has hung a mannequin hanging from the ceiling that has the name “Queer” on its front. It’s a terrifying threat, but Cruz warns Patrick (who is later able to see it as well) not to reveal the information hidden from Ivan to not cause him any concern.

Isa’s buddies gather around her in evening, and they decide to smoke marijuana and relax with one another. In addition to weed, there are drinks provided to the room by Bilal who’s uncomfortable at the thought of Isa demanding that he quit working and join the group. Then he decides to join them.

Bilal talks to Ari and observes how much alcohol is consumed by everyone in Spain. Ari immediately tries to mock his manner of speaking and claims he’s trying to get her attention. As everyone gets dressed and begins the dance, Nico notices Ari staring at Bilal’s clothes through his underwear. Nico becomes annoyed, before finally getting dressed and heading out.

Ari follows, and Nico acknowledges that being there is putting him off. Nico is desperate for Ari to go home and came in order to get away from Ari. He admits that he’s been in love with her, but since the fact that she’s transphobic and he’s conflicted, he’s. They are fighting, letting out their differences, and then Ari is seen rushing towards Bilal and begins kissing him, which results in so many more.

While they’re at it, Mencia notices a bruise on Sara’s right arm, just in the middle of nowhere for anyone to be able to spot it. She ignores it as if she hit the table, but there’s a lot more going on. While Sara, as well as Mencia, are dancing Raul abruptly bursts into the room, raging over his lover. Sara quickly takes her things and goes away but it quickly alters the mood of the room, especially when Mencia admits that she’s not pleased with the way he acted toward her.

The VIP party is somewhat of a failure the party starts on the dance floor. Ivan engages in a fight against Javi, Patrick and Cruz take part, while random punters film the main fight. After they’ve left, Isa puts her big plan into motion determined to get herself back at the rappers. She’s planning to increase the amount of alcohol they drink, which they do in full public view, I might add.

The following day they don’t remember anything other than the back of their heads burning. The person who wrote “rapist” over the top in large capital letters. As cameras again are out and begin to film them, we cut the outside with Isa moving purposefully toward her car.

The Episode Review

As the story gets more complex and drama, romance, and soapy problems abound. It is evident there is a clear indication that Sara is being bullied by Raul who has left her with a horrific bruise, and Isa is determined to get her revenge on the boys, no matter the extent to which she gets it.

The entire Cruz situation is beginning to spiral, and it may be the case that Cruz’s most prominent fans were one of the ones who were responsible for running over Ivan to try to retaliate against Ivan. Perhaps it was an accident entirely We’ll just need to wait and look around!


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