Elite – Season 6 Episode 4 “War” Recap & Review


Episode 4 from Elite season 6 begins with a funeral, possibly Ivan’s. It’s a short scene featuring Patrick and Ari sitting in the background. Then we go back to Cruz’s home, where Patrick is Ivan kissing.

Cruz is moving but he’s got an important football match to play in. The team calls the event a historical moment, however, Cruz denies the significance of the moment. Of course, with his threats to kill him prior, Cruz is not taking any chance. What better way to start than with the whiskey in a glass?

But, when he sits down, someone throws stones at the window. They wrap them around his jersey. Cruz’s name is crossed out, with “Homo” in its place.

In the meantime, Raul apologizes for his behavior in front of Sara and decides to stay clear of dangerous people in the near future. At school, this toxicity gets worse, as everyone sees Raul become a defender of Sara and stop her from meeting the other kids. However, there’s another dangerous incident to deal with: the branding of a rapist.

Virginia visits the children personally inside her workplace and is trying to determine the cause of what took place. Hugo and Alex say they’ve been attacked however Javi seems to have the potential to strike at any time. The other suspects are aware of this and choose to turn the spotlight away, hoping to blame everything on Ivan instead.

Mencia observes Sara’s bruises while in the locker room and decides to assist her. While she does ask Ari for assistance, Ari does not seem to be too worried and points out that Sara has blocked Mencia via social networks. In the end, as the point of Ari is concerned herself, Sara has made her bed and is supposed to sleep in it.

The main occasion this time is the football match. Everyone in the cast shows up to see Cruz play, and there are crowds of supporters arriving wearing pride banners as well as an incredibly enthusiastic attitude. Nico is also present and, following an incident in the bathroom at school, struggling to adapt to the changing of the bathroom, Nico takes his advice from Rocio about how to deal with Ari.

Rocio earlier had advised Nico to stay clear of her, saying she was looking at Bilal as a new ally and then get rid of him fast once she’s had him. “You are just looking for a big flail in your fucking cock.” Nico eventually tells Ari in the stadium to take a swipe at her fascination with Bilal. However, Nico gets a drink and a splash of water in his face due to his problems!

The game gets underway, Cruz scores, and an entire riot is witnessed within the crowd. The referee calls a halt to the match, and the whole thing is ended on a very sour note.

At home, Mencia speaks to Sara confidently and attempts to make her think rationally. She explains that love shouldn’t harm this much, and he should not physically abuse her. Raul calls and asks to look around the living room to ensure she’s not which prompts Mencia to hide behind the couch.

Raul informs Sara that he’s heading to his home. When the phone rings, Mencia urges Sara to meet with her if she needs an escape route.

Outside the stadium, violence is continuing with rioters and flares surrounding the bus that is used for team training. While police battle to bring the situation to a stop, molotovs get thrown. Bilal also is able to take a bottle to the face. Cruz is able to return back in one piece but looks less than he should have after the events.

When Raul gets to his home, he sees the home in disarray and empty. Sara has packed everything and went away and returned, leaving Raul in a state of confusion and anger, not knowing which way to go. It’s an incredible moment, and watching her head to Mencia’s and hugging her as if she was a celebrity is an absolute highlight of this season.

The moment, however, is destroyed by the end of the show. Cruz is chased by a group of criminals who batter him to blood to the point of leaving him in a slumber. After they’ve slashed them, Ivan and Patrick hurry to get to Cruz’s spot. Remember the coffin from the beginning of the show? We go back to the funeral and discover that it’s not Ivan, in the end, it’s in reality Cruz who has passed away.

The Episode Review

The shocking twist that occurs at the end of this episode, when it is revealed that it was Cruz rather than Ivan that was the one who died, is an extremely surprising twist of fate and certainly was not something I anticipated. It’s unlikely that anyone else would have thought of it too!

The series has been able to keep the story interesting, and the final episodes are definitely superior to the beginning. This is by far the most enjoyable episode of the entire season. There’s impressive character development done by Sara and Mencia and their scenes are standouts.


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