Elite – Season 6 Episode 5 “Mourning” Recap & Review

The Last Day of Mourning

Episode 5 in Elite Season 6 starts at the club, as Javi gets cold feet and is unsure if he should go ahead with the boys’ plans or not. Javi eventually decides to do so speak with Isa about Ivan telling her that both he and Philippe were involved in the rape too. Javi insists that they were the ringleaders and that they were the ones who started “the party going”. Isa is astonished when she learns that Ivan specifically is the person who persuaded everyone else to do this.

Isa is a distance from Ivan and explains the reason she didn’t show up to Cruz’s funeral. In light of the fact that a majority of this season’s drama has been focused on Isa trying to convince people not to make assumptions it’s a bit absurd that she’s actually doing exactly the same thing.

We’re a few weeks away from the funeral of Cruz, and Sara is staying at Mencia’s. She’s not sleeping much and is trying to figure out how to deal with what she’s going to do about her Raul situation. Mencia is quick to dismiss the possibility of contact and tells Sara she must think in a clear manner before committing to it.

Isa continues to delve into the club, which is causing the business to grow. Didac gets a surprise appearance from their brother Pau who’s made the decision to move to the city. However, Didac suggests a solution to Patrick and Ivan’s issues. The former is trapped in the middle, since Ivan isn’t picking up Cruz’s things and isn’t going to school, Didac suggests they throw an anniversary celebration for Cruz on the premises of the Club.

Patrick communicates with Ivan and gets Ivan to go to class following some inspirational conversation. This isn’t a perfect situation, however, which is understandable.

In the meantime, Javi starts to have doubts regarding their plan to blame everything on Ivan and Patrick But Hugo and Alex reverse the situation and make a threat to blame Javi only for the situation. Pau is able to in giving this scenario an additional boost, saying to Didac that he must be supportive of Javi since they’ve been friends for years and making him realize that he has a point.

Didac suggests Javi to school and tells him that he must sort out the “piles of trash” that he’s left behind between Isa as well as Ivan. In the evening, Javi makes good on his commitment to Didac and confesses to Didac. He leaves an apology message to Isa and tells her that Ivan did not have anything to do with the sexual assault. Isa is feeling like a shithole (as she ought to) and rushes over to her home of Ivan to express her regrets. She mentions that he’s her most trusted friend and apologizes profusely and promises to be there for him and never leave him.

In the schoolroom, Raul is there to look over Sara however, Mencia is waiting at the back and hands over her cell phone, with 911 dialed and ready to go. Raul is furious and claims Sara is being tricked. As he goes to leave, Raul instead instigates a Livestream from his home and promises to dedicate every single moment trying to become a better person and become the man she deserves.

It’s an extremely difficult moment for Sara who is struggling. This psychological blackmail works well, however, and Sara stays with Raul and Raul. When Mencia discovers this, she’s upset and goes to convince Sara of the situation. But, Sara is convinced that Mencia is the one in charge and is no longer a puppet for the moment. In the midst of Mencia’s anger, Sara shuts the door in her face.

In the meantime, Nico decides to strike an agreement together with Alex as well as Hugo. After being refused sex-change treatment by his dad for a while when he’s done with school, Nico promises he can aid in the development of the muscles of boys. For an amount of cash, the doctor will give the hormones needed to accelerate the procedure.

Ivan finds the strength to visit Isa’s club and attend the funeral for Cruz. After arriving, he gives an emotional speech about the struggles Cruz suffered and the fact that Cruz didn’t deserve to die. Ivan will not give up and succeed and live his life the good as he possibly can, however, before he’s able to finish his address, Ivan chokes up and is unable to keep his tears from flowing. Patrick is unable to get involved, and Ivan is forced to cry out.

But, Ivan does more than that, since he actually ends to have a sexual encounter in the bathroom with Ari in the bathroom. Patrick is able to spot them in a group as they leave the cubicle after having sex and is absolutely devastated.

The episode is ending, and Ivan leaves while we move forward to we see Patrick in a tense waiting room at the hospital. After the hit-and-run the scene suggests Ivan is alive, however, his health isn’t in the best way.

The Episode Review

The episode entitled “Mourning” is about the release of family members and setting your feelings to go. In the wake of Cruz dying Ivan’s grief has taken over his life and he’s now sleeping with Ari the most unlikely of people. This is another way of getting in the way of Patrick and Ivan’s happily ever after. it’s also messy, especially considering the issue involving Nico and Nico.

The storyline surrounding Rocio is pointless to me and, unless she’s proven to be the one responsible for causing the death of Ivan Ivan, I honestly do not know what she really serves in this tale.

The subplot that involves Sara and Mencia does somewhat better, and that’s a plus however, it’s difficult to watch Sara returning in Raul when he calls!


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