Elite – Season 6 Episode 6 “Tina” Recap & Review


Episode 6 from Elite season 6 begins with a short flash-forward of Ari filling up the car she’s driving. It seems like she’s responsible. We’ll cut back to the present, where Ari is taken to the hospital to meet Sebastian. He’s got a trial date and he’s requiring the kids to provide evidence in his defense However, that’s a lot more difficult to do in the case of Mencia as well as Patrick.

When Ari confides in her sister, Mencia is not having it and finally, she tells Ari to quit joking around with her and discover the truth about their father.

And, Ivan goes through Cruz’s gear but has difficulty staying focused. He ends up using dating apps and is urged to participate in the “chemsex” session. This means getting totally nauseous out of your body and engaging in sexual relations.

The Chemex party is where Patrick gets involved. However, when Patrick arrives, he is shocked to discover that Ivan is also there, and completely smitten. The two begin to kiss until Ivan recognizes that it’s Patrick and ceases. Patrick curses him out and then shoos Patrick to go out and blames him for Cruz’s murder.

In high school, Nico turns into a regular drug dealer. On top of negotiating an arrangement in with Hugo, Isa also strikes an agreement, offering top-quality pharmaceuticals in exchange for cash to enable the surgery to be carried out. The drugs are intended to be used to fight Hugo and could cause some damage, but when Isa is offering the highest price, Nico succumbs to greed.

It’s a given that Raul is as controlling as he was before with Sara uploading videos for fans and telling the world that they’re in a relationship even when they’re not. While he erases the video and accepts Sara’s latest rules it’s clear that this is a ticking bomb ready to explode.

Sara is enticed by it and they have a sex session in the tub and decide to go out for a date the following night. Prior to this, Sara heads back to Isa’s bar and tries to reconcile with Mencia by offering her drinks and a chance to talk things over.

Sara is giddy over Raul and says Raul is now a different person however Mencia responds and reminds her that abusers can’t change overnight. Of course, it turns out to be a disaster when Sara goes home. Raul is angry that she’s not on time for their rendezvous and starts slamming his fists against the table. Luckily Sara is holding her phone and starts filming him, which prompts Raul to leave the scene before things get violent.

Rocio As she turns out is in a large mansion. Bilal goes to visit her after she has left her bag at Isadora’s Club. The two hang out and, eventually, kiss.

After having a chat (and asleep) in bed with Nico and gaining the confidence to stand up for what is right, Ari heads into prison to confront her father. Ari informs Sebastian that he has let Samuel die and hopes that he can find peace in prison.

Concerning the incident involving Hugo, Isa wants revenge, and in the last scene in which we see him injecting drugs into his legs.

The Episode Review

There’s not much motion in the plot this season, since we watch various couples coming together, and this dull mystery stretched out a little longer. The whole story of Ivan isn’t as exciting as the murders from previous seasons. It’s not as exciting as the awe-inspiring episodes of seasons 1 and 2.


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