Elite – Season 6 Episode 7 “Masks” Recap & Review


Episode 7 from Elite season 6 begins with Ari arriving at the hospital following the burning of the vehicle. Ari is greeted by Patrick who has the head of his hand in and blood on his sleeves. He is aware of the danger and is worried that he’s not ever seeing Ivan ever again.

In the current timeline, the group shows up in Isa’s bar where a huge masquerade party is scheduled. When Patrick arrives, Mencia tells him how’s not doing the right thing by not being there, as Ivan is in pain and needs space. The two are friends enough that they can are able to recognize each other even when wearing masks. Ivan walks away.

Ari decides to do an ultrasound test for pregnancy in the toilets of the club (of every place) and discovers she’s pregnant. She’s also pregnant with a child of Ivan. She’s definitely not in the mood to engage in conversation and opts for a drink, ignoring away Sonia’s suggestion to speak, considering she was tested when she entered the cubicle following her.

In the case of Raul who is a member of the club, he appears at the venue and asks that the attendant in the cloakroom find the bag he’s left behind. Of course, but once the attendant departs, it provides Raul the chance to get in using a mask. Where are the bouncers of this club?

In any case, Raul gets his mask and starts looking around looking for Sara. A second surprise visitor arrives from Isa’s parents who instantly move into the section for VIPs. Isa is unhappy about being in the dark regarding family business matters And she finds some comfort in Didac who confesses his own exclusion in the family’s business.

Isa’s parents do not take kindly to Didac’s presence. Isa’s mother takes her weight in anger and fires Didac.

While this is going on, rumors are flying of Isa’s drug use, and Raul goes into her bedroom and uncovers a large number of substances. He adds a dose of Mencia’s drink to it and sits back as she walks across the couch, intent on capturing Sara on her own.

In the bathroom, Raul calls Mencia an opportunist And pleads with Sara to give her another chance. “Don’t let the manipulation of Mencia ruin the things we have.” Raul pleads. Sara openly acknowledges that he doesn’t have any control over her anymore and confesses that she kissed Mencia as well what do you think of these apples, Raul?

In the meantime, Ivan and Patrick end with a conversation about their differences. But, Ivan doesn’t really take this seriously and confesses that his only desire is to snuggle and have sex. Patrick is deeply in love with Ivan and leaves the event in tears and desperate for more.

Intoxicated, Ari leaves the club and decides to leave the club. Rocio and Nico take note and notify Mencia that she’s still feeling groggy and struggling to keep her head clear. Ivan is also involved and Isa informs him to go out and talk to Patrick and admits to Patrick the truth about how he feels.

Following the whole drama, Mencia takes her keys to her car, which brings us to the tragic hit-and-run. Then, we skip ahead to the incident, which has Mencia driving the car probably in the role of driver. When she wakes up, she finds the windshield damaged.

The Episode Review

A couple of major revelations this season helped to speed up the pace and intensity of the final episode. Ari was drunk and made the decision to take the baby away from her, and Raul is no longer in the power to control Sara.

In the end, it appears Mencia is the only one to strike Ivan in the roadway and rather than Ari or anyone else. It’s a surprisingly tepid ending to the otherwise boring and predictable season, unless there’s a one-time twist, of course.

The drama has been good, and the subplots can be watched but in comparison to previous seasons, this ended up being more similar, particularly when you put it with season five. I hope things get better going forward and the series ends with a blast!


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