Elite – Season 6 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained


Does Ari assist in covering the hit-and-run?

Episode 8 from Elite season 6 begins with Mencia awakening to the sound of her phone. She’s missed 10 calls, a cracked windscreen, and a wounded Ivan. Mencia is in a panic and is struggling to comprehend what’s occurred. She calls Ari and begins to cry to Ari, telling her she’s in need of assistance, and that she’s a person who drove Ivan over.

Ari is quick to investigate and finds out that her sister was drunk to the point of intoxication (although it’s unlikely for her of taking the moral high ground here since she was drunk driving) and she thinks quickly about how she can handle this.

Ari is able to get gasoline and then burns the vehicle, with the intention of the destruction of the evidence. Mencia and Ari leave the burning car, vowing one another to remain quiet and not reveal what happened to a human soul.

Do you think Ari has an abortion?

Ari is able to devise a strategy to try to keep all of this in the dark and even tells Mencia to remain with Patrick in the hospital until she goes to prison. She then talks with Sebastian about what’s happened which includes the hit-and-run and concealing the evidence.

Seb says to him that he’s able to assist in keeping this secret, however, only when she persuades her siblings to testify in court. While all this is going on, Ari is also grappling with her pregnancy. However, she’s decided to terminate the baby in the presence of Sonia offering a few words of encouragement and suggesting that she will be there in case she needs someone to support her.

There is a lot of tension with Isadora as well as Didac as well. It is revealed that Didac’s relatives are in the same industry as Isa. He concludes that the reason he got dismissed was that his family is trying to expand into Spain.

Didac will show his loyalty to Isa and does not want to do anything to alter what they already have however Isa she’s tired and sick of being the center of attention and has decided she’s done with males. At least for now. Didac regrets not informing the police about Isa’s rape and informs Javi that he ought to have done it from the start.

Are the rapists getting their retribution?

In the meantime, Hugo has trouble “performing” after being infected with drugs the last time. He confesses his friend Alex in the bar that the last time he was awake was actually in Ibiza after the horrific assault. He’s also not ready to accept Javi as well, and he feels like a loner.

In the end, Hugo decides to do the same thing to a girl in the club along with Alex. Luckily, the police are there and arrest them for the act. A quick thought saves another soul from suffering Isa’s fate. Prior to the time that Javi is also taken away the other day, he advises Isa to be a believer in Didac and hopes that she will be able to trust men once more following all of this.

In school, Nico is contemplating a second thoughts about having an abortion, however, after helping Ari through having an abortion during the show, Sonia shows up to aid Nico through the big shift too.

At the hospital, Patrick gets a nudge from Ari to go missing and gives Ivan some space once Ivan wakes up. Patrick writes a touching voice message to his lover Seb’s plan is successful as siblings help their father get out of prison and make the decision to move out of Spain for a period of time.

Who was driving the vehicle?

But there’s more to this story than first appears to be apparent. It is revealed that Sara actually had to stop Mencia from driving in the evening and decided to get behind Patrick’s vehicle for a spin. She turned her attention away from the road and, when Mencia is out, Sara plows into Ivan accidentally.

Sara calls Raul and asks for advice, but Raul decides to put the entire incident to Mencia. He cleans the entire vehicle, possibly using bleach (although the reason why Mencia could not smell it after she woke I’m not sure how), and the couple walks off.

What will happen when Elite season 6 come to an end?

Thus, Raul now is in control and has influence over Sara and Sara, while Ivan awakes in the hospital with his first words “Patrick.” In the case of the children, the family drives off as a car speeds toward school, at the possibility of hitting Pau. A hand protrudes out of the back window, displaying the gun, which shoots at a rapid pace.

The Episode Review

A clever twist in the final scene completes the story as we discover that Sara was the one actually driving and not Mencia. Elite was always excellent with these last-minute twists, and this is, at the very least, an innovative one.

It also calls the question of Rocio’s role in the whole thing since her character has shown lacking substance and has a rather boring storyline.

The mystery itself is filled with plot holes as you consider the plot. Isa’s bar would have security cameras installed in the parking lot as well as in front of the bar. They could easily have seen who was in the cars however, we’ve observed that the club has an astonishment of absence of security on the inside, especially considering the ease with which people use drugs on other patrons and in the full view of the entire crowd.

The plot isn’t a problem, Elite does do right by Isa at the end of the day, and she finds a happy end in a way, forming a connection to Didac… till the next shooter and mystery come along, ready to take on season seven.


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