Elite Season 6 Review – A blasé, perfunctory misfire

In my previous post in my last review, Elite is running low on trying to revive the things that made the first seasons attractive. Season 4 seemed like the first slip in the ladder, and the previous season’s performance fell several steps, offering an uninteresting and ultimately boring piece of soapy drama. Season 6 will not be uninteresting, it’s so boring and dull in its telling its tale that, by the conclusion, you’ll feel that you’ve spent the time you spent watching.

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There’s a limit to how many years your high school idols will be able to remain in the same position until they’re too old and have to be replaced. Elite is aware of this, which is the reason why nearly all actors in the show have been replaced by younger models throughout the years.

However, the new actors aren’t as charismatic and charming as the younger generation (honestly they’re all males who look like grown-ups) to be able to pull off the quirky high schoolers, which really harms the credibility of the story.

This isn’t the biggest of Elite’s flaws, but when it comes down to credibility the plot is a complete change from being average to utterly flawed in the form of an incident of a hit-and-run that is teased early in the scene where Ivan is hit outside Isa’s club. Then, it begins the story is fed back in drips that explain what transpired which led to the incident. It’s a formula that’s been used in the past in Elite and usually very well. The only difference is that this conclusion offers a great twist, but it does so without any tension or even decent drama.

The majority of the time we focus on the hilarious adventures of our teenagers (that term is used extremely loosely considering how old everyone appears) and a couple of episodes purely as filler. The storyline sets certain characters back in their storylines. The ongoing assault claims in the form of Isadora along with her criminal rapists are sadly pushed to be relegated to the back of the screen for a few episodes but then it comes back later however, it’s pushed to the side by the different storyline that involves Ivan’s mystery.

There’s also an abusive romance plot that involves Raul and Sara and the current issue of LGBTQ+ rights and sports as Ivan’s dad Cruz is struggling over his homosexuality. The two plots have a direct connection in the mystery as well as the drama, which is connected by the adventures that take place between Patrick and Ivan who are the most prominent characters in the show. All the rest are there to fill in the plot, with characters like Ari getting nothing at the end of the eight episodes as well as Nico has very little of an arc other than the loose will they/would relationship and Ari.

In terms of aesthetics, Elite continues to pump out music videos and musical montages. soft porn, with lots of dancing nakedness, drinking and nudity (not to mention taking drugs) to add some spice. However, this all is just a thin layer of fashion to shield you from the biggest plot holes and ingenuity. There are many this time!

We first see Isadora has taken over her club and rebranded it as Isadora House. But… Isadora is taking classes in school every day. Also, she’s operating a nightclub (which takes a lot of time during the day to deliver cleaning, prepping, and so on.) however, she also has to do with homework.

We then come to the issue which involves the hit-and-run incident itself. In no way are any police officers showing on the scene or have any investigation done that is bizarre because in the universe we’ve seen this many instances, particularly during the nightclub incident, when police were able to question every kid about the possibility of a crime. Another incident involved the same school, and some of the same students You’d expect them to be looking for clues but they’re not.

These are only a couple of the incidents that are featured in the first episode, but with 8 chapters to go through, you’ll be able to see the idea that there’s a lot more will be added to the shaky base. It’s clear that there’s plenty of potential for the audience to shut off and not think about these issues. Personally, I believe this undermines the public which isn’t as ignorant as they think they are.

This is a shame since comparing this to previous episodes, which are cleverly written and executed the sixth season feels unsatisfactory in nearly every way. The finale suggests another season to come. Elite barely lives up to its title now in light of the high quality we’ve seen over the last few years. Blase is probably better suited to the title, and season six was a disappointing failure.


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