Enola Holmes 2 (2022) Ending Explained – Does Enola find Sarah Chapman?

Enola H Holmes 2 Plot Synopsis

Millie Bobby Brown returns with another thrilling Enola Holmes mystery. Enola is now the official detective for Bessie Chapman’s older sister Sarah, and this time she takes on the case. Sarah was a matchstick factory worker and a dancer in a music hall. Enola begins to suspect Lyon matchstick factories since the Typhus-stricken girls who worked there are being investigated.

Sarah’s friend Mae, who was supposed to be Sarah’s lover, turns up dead in her apartment. Enola is just as close to death when she reaches for her lover. Lestrade and Superintendent Grail arrive shortly thereafter. Grail accuses Enola, but she flees. She goes to a ball and tries to find information from William Lyon, Henry Lyon’s son and Sarah’s lover. Grail’s men arrive at her door and arrest Enola as a murder suspect. Enola is able to escape prison with the help of Eudora, her mother, and Edith, her friend.

Sherlock is currently working on a mystery case. Sherlock is investigating a financial fraud in which unaccounted money was transferred across government offices. The money bounced around banks, and the perpetrator was hiding behind bank account numbers.

What was the problem with the match girls?

Enola escapes prison and returns to Bessie to tell her to find a safer place. Enola noticed the plants on her desk while she was packing and discovered that one had red powder inside it, while the other had white. Enola recalls seeing two jars containing flies in her apartment, where Mae was murdered. The flies in the red powder jar were still alive. They were dead in the one with white powder. Enola discovers white powder in Sarah’s cheese Sarah left out for the mice in Bessie’s room. She finds a dead mouse nearby.

Enola is aware that the factory switched from the red powder to the cheaper white powder two years ago. The same time, the girls began to die as they switched from the red powder to the cheaper white powder. She concluded that the white powder contained phosphorous and was killing the girls.

Does Enola find Sarah Chapman?

Enola discovers the truth and heads to Tewkesbury. She admits that she needs help. When they are discussing her case, someone knocks at the door. Cicely is the woman Enola met at the ball, where she met William Lyon. Cicely must tell Tewkesbury something, but he promises to see her later because of Enola.

Tewkesbury starts to tell Enola his feelings, but Enola’s thoughts are elsewhere as he leaves. She recalls that Cicely was alone at the ball, that she wore a dress Enola saw in the music hall, and that her fingers were stained with phosphorous. Sarah is Cicely! She was in love with William Lyon, but she also worked with Mae to expose his father’s crimes. Enola confesses her love for Tewkesbury.

How are Enola’s and Sherlock’s cases related?

Enola returns to the match factory after her realization. She fights with Sherlock, a stranger inside. Enola is told by him that he was on the trail of his opponent because the factory is near all five banks where money could be deposited.

What does the music sheet stand for?

Sherlock and Enola find William Lyon’s body at the factory. They find a piece of music from Mae in Enola’s hand. Tewkesbury claims that the title of the piece, “Truth of the Gods”, could refer to the theatre because the top row is called “The Gods”.

Can Enola and her team expose the truth?

They rush to the theatre to find hidden papers. Sarah Chapman, now not disguised as Cicely, arrives to inform them that the papers contain the contract between Henry Lyon (the Treasury minister) and Lord McIntyre (the change of phosphorous). Sarah also stole the register from the factory, which contained the names of all the girls who were killed.

Just as they believe they have won, Superintendent Grail arrives with Bessie and a knife at the neck of the girl. Enola is told by him to turn over the papers. Bessie bit his hand, and it is followed by a lengthy fight sequence. Enola and her men defeat Grail and his men in the end.

Who’s Moriarty?

McIntyre arrives on the scene after Sherlock calls him. He pretends to be happy Superintendent Grail was caught. He tells Lestrade that Sarah was blackmailing him and to have Sarah arrested. Sherlock claims it wasn’t Sarah. McIntyre was the only one who called McIntyre in order to find the true blackmailer and perpetrator of the financial scam — none other that his secretary Ms. Mira Tory. This name is an anagram of Moriarty. She is open to all of it and revels in the fact she did everything her way even though society wouldn’t permit her to because she was a female. It was fun, she says. She promises Holmes and Lestrade that they will dance again, even if she is taken away by Lestrade’s men.

What happens with the other match girls?

McIntyre ashes the paper which proves his corruption as Moriarty is taken away. Sarah, Bessie, and Enola visit the match factory. Sarah gives a passionate speech about the dangers of phosphorous. She convinces the girls to go away together. She doesn’t think it works and is about to leave when Bessie starts stamping her feet in protest. All three of them start to stamp their feet, and they all walk out together from the factory. Eudora Holmes, Edith, and others watch them from the sidelines.

Where does Enola Holmes 2 finish?

Enola again opens her detective’s desk to her. Sherlock offers her a partnership, but she graciously declines. She said she would always be under his shadow. He gives her a newspaper showing that Tewkesbury was able to arrest McIntyre. They agree to check in together from time to time. Enola insists that Sherlock needs a friend. The young couple agrees to meet up on Thursday at 4.00 pm. Tewkesbury brings flowers and they go for a walk, bantering like they do every day.

The text on-screen shows that Sarah Chapman is based upon a real person who sparked a strike of matchgirls. It was the first industrial demonstration for women by women.

Mid-credit: Sherlock is in his study when someone knocks at his door on Thursday, 4 o’clock. The man claims he came in response to a request for a flatmate. A young girl gave him the address and time. Sherlock smiles and asks for his name. He smiles and replies, “Doctor John Watson.”


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