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Saturday”Welcome to the ship of the crazy” Dear readers, we’ve made it to the end of episode 7 of Everything Calls For Salvation! Episode 7 begins with Dani awakening and hearing Mario’s voice calling out from the outside, beckoning Mario to come down. Of course, this is a nightmare considering that we know Mario is in the hospital in intensive care.

Can Mario Survive the Fall?

Gianluca’s last day of work and it seems there are no extensions for his stay at home. The General will be present to welcome Gianlu leave as Gianluca leaves the building without wearing his flashy gown, however, but with an uninteresting green shirt and an expression of sadness.

Dani chases the two and makes an unreserved request to the General let him know how wonderful Gianluca was. He specifically speaks about the ways in which Gianluca has brought the room alive. Just like the way, Dani turns her head and kisses Gianlu with a kiss that is square over the lips. It’s a wonderful gesture, and also a wonderful way to leave Gianluca.

Dani visits the doctor, who is still recovering from the last Episode. Cimaroli breaks the news that Mario was killed at the start of the morning. Giorgio who was a patient is being moved to a psychiatric prison in a hospital. Before Dani even has the chance to digest the news, he learns that he’s been discharged. However, it’s expected that he’ll undergo therapy for severe depression in the months to follow.

Does Nina as well as Dani have an exchange of numbers?

Dani has a chat with Nina prior to his departure. He admits that he likes Nina. Nina admits that while she’s with him, things appear to be more rational for Nina. Dani recommends they stay in touch, and offers his number so that they can keep in touch even following her departure. Dani acknowledges that he’s realized that there are only one or two incidents of chaos within the Ward ]ut the real chaos can be found everywhere. It’s an excellent opportunity to reflect on the central concepts of the series as well as the way it has been shown to play out over each of the 7 episodes.

When Dani leaves, Mario happens to have left him a novel, and in the window is the bird that has returned back to the place of the nest. Dani takes this as a sign and says goodbye to Madonnina and Alessandro. It’s an amazing moment as they embrace one and then Dani leaves the room, after sneaking cigarettes into Madonnina.

What will be the outcome of the burial of Mario?

Dani comes home to see his family further but receives an SMS email sent by Nina. The two begin texting, with Dani declaring that she will be attending Mario’s funeral. Hence should she want to meet up in the area, this is where Dani is. Gianluca is as well. Dani will be the one to read the poem he wrote in a passionate way about the reality that Mario was a dear companion to him and that one of the best ways to be mad is to not abandon or surrender. The poem affects Dr. Mancino with deep emotion and He meets Dani on the other side of his home, telling them that they will meet soon and thanking Dani for her wonderful poem.

After the celebration, Dani suggests to Gianlu to go to the Seashell Club. Since Gianlu’s first intention was to go to a club and meet the person he envisioned, it’s an appropriate way to pay tribute to his friend.

When Gianluca encounters a new partner on the floor and is dancing with them, Nina arrives. While she is near her friend Dani her question is whether Dani is looking for “something little to give him”. Dani realizes that the question is in reference to drugs. He leads her to a filthy bathroom. He gives her a few of his ideas. The heated argument eventually ends with Dani returning home while Nina is in the bathroom sink.

How do All Calls For Salvation End?

Nina Contacts Dan at night and suggests he look through his messages. She also sends a video message to the people following her, informing them of her whereabouts for the past seven days, and the things she did to end her life. It’s an exceptionally brave choice and one that Dani quickly sees with a new perspective, particularly when Nina declares she’s going to quit using social media for a few days.

The following scene is extremely symbolic. In the past, we’ve seen that Dani doesn’t always jump into a new adventure but now he’s ready to climb to the top of the platform for diving Nina and is holding hands with her constantly. While we aren’t able to notice the pair take a leap, we do know that they’re waiting for a “leap” into the next stage that they will live.

The Episode Review

All Calls for Salvation ends with a dazzlingly emotional and poignant ending that further reinforces the notion of what we think of as insane. The entire film felt like an organic development from the movie One Flew Over The Crow’s Nest in the sense of Dani realizes that the real madness isn’t within the psychiatric facility and outside in the world.

This show did well throughout the course of its runtime and has been able to accurately portray the stigma that surrounds mental health. It’s obvious that the most effective characters in the program are people who suffer from likely the most serious health problems.

Learning more about the men and women of that ward was the primary theme of the show. In the end, Gianluca is presumed to have achieved his dream, but how his father reacts to this fact is not entirely clear.

In the end, this was an amazing show. It’s a complete dark horse that will be to be revealed in 2022. A great conclusion to an outstanding show.


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