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Did we really require eight more episodes of this drama?

If you’re among the millions of people all over the globe who hasn’t yet seen the latest Season of Netflix’s The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives I’ll give you a break from the roughly four hours you had to devote to this. Before you even start the show, you’re not getting anything other than drama, and the latest episode of this Netflix show attempts to provide you with exactly that.

For those who aren’t familiar the show is based on five (or five) Bollywood wives who are married (or were married) to well-known (maybe?) Bollywood actors. There is Makeup Kapoor as well as her family, which includes Sanjay Kapoor Shanaya Kapoor as well as Jahan Kapoor. One more Bollywood partner is Bhavna Pandey, who is married to Chunkey Pandey, who is the mother of two girls, specifically, Ananya and Rhys.

Their third wife Neelam Kothari Soni, who was once a popular actress and would like to return to the field. The couple is Sameer Soni, who is a well-known Indian Television actor. We also have a Bollywood Ex-wife Seema (not Khan) who was married to Sohail Khan.

Shahrukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan, is also appearing in a special appearance this season. In trying to explain the story for the series are an utter waste of my time and yours since there is nothing to explain. As a show, The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives has had only a few highs and a lot of lows.

Through the eight episodes, it is possible to observe and understand the nebulous problems faced by people in their respective parts of the Indian Film Industry and how the wealthy and affluent families of Bollywood are all members of the same peas. The last season saw Bhavna worried about Ananya’s upcoming debut. Now she has created a show, the spotlight has been shifted to Shanaya who is set to appear in the next Netflix show.

The show discusses nepotism within the Bollywood industry, just like every other sector and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But, the only thing the actors and the producers of the show try to accomplish is to justify and praise it by showing the public that celebrities are targeted also. The one aspect of the series that I loved was Seema.

The conversation she had with her child Nirvaan is a good example of the fact that women lose her identity completely once she marries an individual with an identity of his own in such a way that even her children don’t recognize her as an individual. After changing the name of her house and dropping the name of her husband Khan after her marriage dissolves and she finally tries to establish an identity for herself.

Neelam is finally making her return to acting, and it was not as big of a deal as she had made it in Season 1. The new season saw Neelam working alongside an instructor to prepare for a new character. However, I found it to be funny that she felt so uneasy kissing her husband before cameras when she was practicing for a romantic on-screen scene.

Sameer can be hilarious, and an ideal model for introverts that are forced to join an extrovert group. Bhavna and Chunky have renewed their vows to marry this year and I could not see how people who were around them were made into a huge event when so many people across the world are doing this all the time.

As a huge Jackie Shroff fan, I was thrilled to see the actor in an exclusive appearance as his unapologetic self as his wife and husband were presented with the couple with a pot of snake plants. After all, what better gift could you give than oxygen is there? The appearances of special guests on the TV show are the reason for this season. The creators were aware of the fact that Season 1 was a success and re-created the same formula to incorporate it into Season 2.

With Shahrukh Khan as the main star of the Season 1 finale We also had Ranveer Singh appear in his OTT (Over-the-top) extra appearance that was more than embarrassing. The staged and fake injury, as well as the Bollywood wives who were terrible actresses, was an act of grace for the show that was already dead.



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