Fakes Season 1 Review -This teenage comedy-drama loses its plot

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Fakes is a Netflix show based on the story of two Canadian teenagers who set out to start and manage one of the largest fake ID companies in North America. In the beginning, Zoe is just your typical teenager trying to get through high school and get to college. Becca is the affluent girl who is the center of the party, and the person who views high school more as an opportunity for socializing instead of a school to study.

The show begins with the program, Becca and Zoe have close friendships since they’ve always been the most best-friends since only six. They’re opposites of one another and have distinct goals. Becca enjoys social gatherings she has a boyfriend who is a fashionista and comes from an extremely wealthy background. Zoe is from a lower-income background and is more focused on college. Her primary goal is to get into a top college, which is why she creates fake IDs to get access to college-level books at the library. Yes, she’s an avid reader.

The library card that is fake is where the whole thing began. A few nights later, Zoe picks up Becca from a party, and while driving home, Becca notices the fake ID. Becca is awestruck and intrigued to find out who Zoe’s ” ID man is. The ID is ” Zoe confesses that she created the ID on her own after an introductory training course online.

Becca quickly realizes the potential for a lucrative business begins by leveraging Zoe’s talents as well as her connections to the teenage party scene. A few pauses and panic attacks later, Zoe joins the bandwagon of fake IDs. Becca presents her to Tryst who is a typical small-scale dealer and also operates a few other businesses that are a bit shady. After being informed of Becca and Zoe’s business venture, he immediately agrees to join them as if there was no reason not to!

It is a huge undertaking for girls to fulfill their first order considering that they were under extreme pressure. They are in high school, and it’s expected to be a struggle to balance school and threats from a drug dealer, and the constant problems within their families that are broken. Amazingly, they barely manage the task and you’d imagine that given the circumstances they’ve endured, they’d think about never repeating it. You were completely wrong, they loved the rush of adrenaline that came with everything!

Because they are being the “wise”, business-minded teenagers they are, they make the decision to expand their business, and Tryst offers to help them finance it. They relocate to a new office and employ two employees Sally as well as Sophie. They were all settled into their new surroundings, rolling the dough and enjoying being bosses, when they noticed that the long arms of law enforcement began making an effort to get them. They thought that they could escape the crime. When they’re about to confront the consequences while dancing to repercussions for their deeds, a sinister twist draws them deeper into the criminal maze.

The Netflix show is filled with humorous moments to provide laughter and the actors did an excellent job in the roles they played. The show used an interesting, but risky style of narration by telling the episodes from a different viewpoint of the character. The show alternates between characters in every episode and allows viewers to experience the story from both protagonists. It effectively creates a “she said, she said” scenario which makes viewers wonder who was the real perpetrator of the crime.

It was fascinating to watch the characters struggle within their families. I believe these girls are able to communicate and get along since they come from broken families. The show, however, failed to fully explore Zoe’s issues with her father who is an alcoholic, and her mother’s reluctance to acknowledge that her son could be turned into an alcohol addict. The show only touched an outline of the issue and, based on how it was shown, it’s understandable the reason Zoe has a better sense of self-confidence and is a responsible one.

However, Becca’s home situation isn’t as perfect and content as one might believe. Becca may be from a wealthy family, and enjoys the kind of money that we would like to have however, she has to pay a steep price for her life of luxury. She doesn’t see her mother often and, when she is present she can make her feel as if she’s just wasting her time. Dad is there, but they’re more strangers living within the same household. I’m sure she thought that the fake ID thing was a way of proving that she was doing something with her life.

As you delve deeper into Tryst’s character, you see a soft side to him. He’s a dad who is working to support his daughter. He has hopes but nobody gives him the chance to pursue them and the man resorts to illegal actions to make ends meet. He may appear uninterested to the girls but in the final analysis, he was trying to shield them from Guy.

It takes on a dramatic direction that nobody could have seen coming. Since the show is a teen comedy-drama, its ending ended any hope of reviving the story. The show was a bit dragging during its first nine seasons, and the finale seemed rushed. The show could be better with just five episodes, and not cluttered the unimportant storylines. In the present, the show is a step below its own mediocrity.


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