Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 2 “Bend or Blockbuster” Recap & Review

Bend and Blockbuster

Episode 2 in Family Guy Season 21 starts with Lois writing a note to her family members to help her unload food items from the car. The Brown family is the first to catch her interest when the children play around in their backyard.

In the mind of the Browns, She encourages her family to spend time together and have an enjoyable time. It’s something Peter thinks is an uninvolved family fun time and time again due to two obvious reasons.

Lois starts the family fun with a game of cards. The game’s instructions are long enough that Peter shoots himself and then goes to Satan and returns. Finally, angry Peter shoots himself. He comes up with the idea of watching movies in the old fashion way, by renting a movie at Blockbuster and watching it on a VCR. Surprised, they are unable to locate a Blockbuster outlet.

Peter checks his smartphone and finds find that the sole Blockbuster available is located just 2980 miles from him. Yes, it is true that the Griffins are taking an excursion on the road. Like every other time, Peter drags his fam to the end of his exhaustingly long road trip, despite their resistance. While traveling they come across wild things which leads Lois to suggest Peter drive into a pond, as it is a faster death than driving that long.

The Griffins discover the Blockbuster outlet. When everyone is off the vehicle, Stewie sets all the cars feces-free and is very emotionally affected by the whole thing. At the reception counter, Peter realizes that the late charge for a movie that he had rented back in the past exceeds $32,419 and he’s not able to pay. The cashier takes out a gun when Peter cannot make payment. The family escapes, however, the staff from the shop are following the family, firing guns and making threats.

The Griffins perform an impressive jump in the style of Rambo to defeat the shop’s predators. They locate a cabin located in the woodlands. When Peter realizes that he is watching the wrong film, the Blockbuster crew snatches the family in a gunfight. Amazon drones appear just in time to save the family. When Lois is inquiring for help, the drones inform her that they were aware of Griffin’s location, as well as everything else via their online habits.

That is to say, they’re always listening in. Lois asks Alexa to stop listening. In the home, as they make their last attempt to watch films the old-fashioned way, Peter notices he doesn’t have the correct converter cable that will connect to the VCR. Desperate to fulfill the family-friendly idea, Lois loads a rifle telling the family to go on their journey to Florida.

The final scene leads the viewers back to Jeff Bezos who asks viewers an extremely crucial question. He’s rich and has a bald head. Which one is more important?

Episode Review Episode Review

It’s great to witness Family Guy trying to regain its impact. It’s evident in this episode, though not quite as clearly. The balance isn’t great in this episode however it’s an improvement over the previous episodes we’ve seen.

It’s Peter who performs the bulk of the work here while the other characters are seen as sleep companions. The show could have felt much better with a bit more of Brian’s humor and Stewie’s absurdity and interjections from the other characters. We also didn’t like cutting away!



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