Family Guy Season 21 Episode 3 “A Wife-Changing Experience”

A woman-changing experience

Episode 3 in Family Guy Season 21 starts with Babs speaking to the crowds gathered to commemorate the wedding anniversary of Peter and Lois. The couple is discussing in a casual manner what they should serve to eat for dinner. Carter presents them with an all-new Range Rider car. To everyone’s delight, including Carter, It’s actually a toy car. Carter did not realize that it was a toy since it appeared to be huge on the cover of the mag.

Lois suggests that Stewie might take a ride in the vehicle. In the meantime, Peter kept asking for an alternative gift, which Carter wisely eschews. Stewie is thrilled to own the perfect car for his size.

Joe is spotted by Lois getting dressed in the bathroom. He is astonished and leaves immediately in shame. At home, Bonny tells Lois that Joe was astonished in bed after a long period of time. Lois realizes Joe did well since the actor was thinking of her while performing.

In the meantime, Stewie is enjoying his new Range Rider (and the license plate is HOTSTU). Stewie gushes about their capabilities to Brian.

Lois is cleaning outside several shoes. She sees Joe looking at her from his windows. In a bid to spice up Joe and Bonny’s wedding she rolls up her pants and shirt to expose her body to attract Joe. She’s content to assist Joe. Afterward, she tries to wield the same magic wand over Peter but it’s not successful. Peter isn’t averse to her sexual advances, which is a source of irritation for her.

Stewie is picked up by drunk Brian at the bar’s entrance. Brian spills all over Stewie’s brand-new car, and even on the little guy’s face.

While walking, Quagmire notices Lois putting on a sexy performance for Joe. He then relates Lois her story to Peter. Peter straightly goes to Joe and punches him in the face. Then, Peter has a heated disagreement with Lois. To get his justice, Peter puts on nothing other than a pair of mini denim shorts, and heads out to chop wood, hoping to catch the eye of the other gender.

Stewie is cleaning his vehicle, however, he’s unable to stop the smell of vomit.

Lois walks over to Joe dressed in a provocative manner. Joe graciously rebukes her flirtatious advances and then thanks her for the nice gesture.

Stewie is on the road once more with his entire collection of toys in the back of his car, which includes the one he loves most, Rupert. He sees a young man riding a bike who seems to be happy with his life. He then collides with the pole. The following scene depicts an insurance agent explaining to Stewie that he isn’t going to receive any compensation because there’s footage from a nest camera where Stewie is in the car setting it on fire. In the response, Stewie tells the agent that he has video footage of himself pleading for his life within hedges in the garden. The agent gives a check to Stewie.

Lois as a nurse is working at an old-time hospital for war veterans. The police catch her and take to the van. There she is greeted by Peter who was also arrested for a similar crime. They reunite and begin having a fling. At home, Peter and Lois have the opportunity to play sex.

The episode concludes with Chris having finished reading a story to Stewie.

The Episode Review

It’s vibrant, fresh, and has that unique Family Guy feel; after long periods of time, we’ve finally got an entire episode that has an excellent mix of gags, cutaways humor, characters, and cutaways. The exciting plot is further enhanced with some surprising cameos. It’s also amazing to witness Stewie taking the wheel.

There’s no huge deal if you didn’t watch the premiere episode however if you don’t catch this episode, you’re not getting a great reward. It’s an excellent show to take in.


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