Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 4 “The Munchurian Candidate” Recap & Review

The Manchurian Candidate

Season 4 episode of Family Guy season 21 starts with Peter and Lois going out for dinner at a brand new restaurant in the town. The waiter is there to write the order and then offers Peter an ear cover while his wife talks. Lois is in need of food for her and her Instagram. Modern times, huh? The couple comes up with a plan to have a sex session later in the evening.

As is the norm, a flashy Brian is making himself ready to write in large spectacles and an oversized cardigan. Before he is able to type his job, he’s interrupted by loud noises emanating from the backyard. The culprit is Stewie who has hired construction workers to build an arbor house for him. Stewie invites Brain as well as Chris to explore his man’s room. Brian snaps as Stewie asks if he’s wearing Lois the cardigan.

In the meantime, Lois tells her lady acquaintances that she’s not happy with her sexual life.

Stewie eagerly shows Brian and Chris the newly constructed tree house. He is devastated when he hears Brian and Chris mocking Stewie and his house.

Peter along with Lois is chatting with a counselor trying to fix their sexual life. Counselors suggest hypnosis as a solution to cause Peter to a highly sexually attractive manner when he hears the trigger word. If there is a mishap caused by the ringtone of Peter’s notification, “Extra-Extra” becomes the trigger word to get Peter to be in the mood for sexual sex.

Back in their room, Peter and Lois have amazing sex thanks to the “Extra-Extra” ringtone. Lois makes use of the ringtone to try to make up for their sex-related failures prior to seeing the counselor. Stewie has made a complete change to his home, including the look for him to be admired by Brian as well as Chris. However, he once is able to hear them talk about him and his family in secret behind his back. But this time, his murderous side comes out. This is typical Stewie!

At the home of Carter, Peter ends up having sexual relations with Babs which is in response to the word. While on their way back the couple is slapped when they receive calls from Carter and Babs however they do not respond.

In Stewie’s man’s cave, the tethered Brain as well as Chris are being assaulted by Stewie. Stewie is prepared to murder the two. But his attitude changes after Brian and Chris use flattery to get away from Stewie’s fury. After Stewie let them go, they will one more time does the exact process. Stewie runs out with a crossbow in order to take them down. There are voices that prove Stewie did something sinister out there.

At home, Lois holds the basket as Peter is vomiting wildly. Meg arrives and turns to the TV. The trigger word is heard over and over again and Peter runs toward his daughter as Lois stands by his side trying to stop him from falling.

Episode Review Episode Review

From the beginning, the episode has none of the characters’ neighbors, and there are no cutaways. However, it is able to be hilariously funny. It’s a great plot and well-executed. There are some scenes most of us will be tempted to watch again. The thing that makes this one special is that the episode is a blend of three of the most popular shows: Classic Peter, classic Stewie along with classic Brian. It’s a must-watch, especially for those who enjoy absurd, uninteresting comedy. Every second of it is guaranteed to make you laugh.


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