Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 5 “Unzipped Code” Recap & Review

Unzipped Code

The men in the Clam are served a glass of beer from Jerome at the beginning of episode 5 of Family Guy Season 21, which has just recently broken his leg. Jerome states that he’s likely to require a wheelchair until the funds are not sufficient to pay for surgery. Joe is trying to console Jerome with a talk about the advantages of having a handicap.

The group is having a video call to raise funds for Jerome’s operation. Cleveland’s network isn’t working and he decides to go up the stairs using his laptop. However, a bird steals the laptop before flying away, leaving Cleveland devastated. The group decides to raise money by releasing the “sexy men dressed in dress uniform” calendar.

The photoshoot starts. After Joe’s turn then it’s Cleveland who’s getting shockingly sexually explicit photos to be used in the calendar. On the Clam, Jerome is seen fully recovered and on the mend due to the fundraising. The calendar seems to have become viral and everyone is talking about Cleveland’s photo. It’s possible that something’s wrong. Cleveland himself goes through the calendar and discovers his testicles visible through the shorts of a postman. The next day at work, Cleveland is given the bag for his inappropriate pictures.

Depressed Cleveland says to the men the group that he won’t be able to start searching for work until the bird has returned his laptop. The bird, however, seems to be having the time of its life, making YouTube videos using the laptop stolen.

Peter suggests Cleveland come and work at his brewery, to which Cleveland agrees. Cleveland impresses the manager with his exceptional skills in arranging deliveries. He then gets an important job in the brewery. When he starts, Cleveland doesn’t entertain Peter’s indiscretions at work since Cleveland is very focused on his job.

Peter continues to blow up Peter continues to blow, while Cleveland keeps up the amazing work. In the end, Cleveland receives a promotion to the manager position, and Peter is relegated to the kitchen. Cleveland and the Browns have celebrations to celebrate Cleveland’s advancement. Peter suggests that since Cleveland earns more than the Browns, they ought to try to take items from his home. When Peter returns, his children are furious with him since they couldn’t take the ketchup.

In a fit of jealousy, Peter fails to trap Cleveland. But when Cleveland asks him questions about his motives, he falls down and apologizes. Cleveland offers his resignation as working in the brewery isn’t something that makes him feel happy. Cleveland returns to the postal office and Cleveland promises his boss that he will have his testicles secured with the help of a rubber band. According to his boss, the termination was reinstated one week later, and Cleveland is now allowed to resume work.

Episode Review Episode Review

Family Guy is once again awe-inspiring. The latest episode showcases the characteristics of several of the best episodes. While the story may not be the most original but the way it is presented is. Some of the scenes will be kept in the memory for an extended period of time. The animation is flawless and the voiceovers are precise while the plot is fast. In all, it’s everything we love about it. If you get the chance not to miss it, do not pass up this opportunity.


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