Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 6 “Happy Holoween” Recap & Review

Happy Halloween

The Griffin Family along with their friends are at a carnival for Halloween. For reasons unknown, Peter is not all happy as he normally is. The family enters the home of non-skippable adverts for podcasts – which they discovered to be much more terrifying than they originally thought. After a few minutes have gone by, Lois coerces every member of the family to provide proof that they’re having fun.

Peter together with his buddies, ventures through the hall of holograms. Inside, Peter meets a science enthusiast who is a little at making holograms. They introduce Peter to the gadget which can create the most perfect digital copies of anyone. Incredibly excitement and curiosity abound and Peter is able to borrow the device. In his basement home, Peter creates a hologram Peter using the device. Peter who is a hologram Peter is ready to assist Peter in all things. The man is happy because he thinks that with an identical version of him spending time with his family, he’ll be able to devote more time to his naivety.

Lois is able to ask her virtual Peter his opinion about her t-shirts and Peter is doing a great job. Incredulous, Peter dishes out more tasks to his virtual counterpart. However, things quickly change for the worst for real Peter when he discovers the hologram is not there while the hologram spends a good spending time with the family. When the virtual Peter is kissed by Lois, Peter knows he has to return his virtual twin back. But, the hologram makes him fall unconscious on the floor and informs him that his family is his right now. He also tells him that the family doesn’t belong to him since he doesn’t care about them.

The bedroom is where, as Lois discovers that Peter has good habits, such as flossing and scrubbing after himself The light bulb turns on in her head and she realizes that the Peter they have is a fake. The family is gathered to get away – leaving Meg to go on her own. We knew that. But, the hologram is able to catch them right in time and secures them inside the house. Peter is revealed as a hero and a tense battle ensues between the two. In the end, Peter triumphs and helps his family.

Family members are back together and they’re watching TV. When Peter says they should switch off the television and get together as a family, the entire group becomes scared, as they realize that Peter is a different Hologram.

The Episode Review

Although it may not turn out as planned, however, the effort deserves to be applauded because it’s an innovative mingling of plot and Halloween. The episode is a mix of well-thought-out humor and great dialogue.

Although it isn’t able to be enjoyable, however, it manages to keep us engaged to the very final. There is no doubt that the story could have been constructed more effectively. But, it’s not going to let you down.


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