Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 7 “The Stewaway” Recap & Review

“The Stowaway”

Family Guy – Season 21 Episode 7

Peter and Lois attend a fundraising event along with Stewie. Lois shares Bonnie’s Instagram posting with Peter and he immediately likes and leads to Bonnie making the latest Instagram record of Spooner Street. Stewie becomes acquainted with the sport of hide-and-seek which the introvert proposes as a completely new concept that’s totally unheard of.

Stewie immediately becomes enthralled by the idea. Lois encourages Peter to pay the entire cash he’s taped on his stomach ($600) to go on a Vermont vacation. The auctioneer says they can have it for only $40, as no one else bid. Lois’s aim is to break Bonnie’s Instagram record. Peter and Lois set off to Vermont the next day.

Stewie explores new possibilities by playing hide-and-seek with Brian. While he’s not interested, Brian agrees to play with Stewie. The child who seems to be overexcited gets tucked away in the fridge’s vegetable compartment. Brian removes him from there.

Within Vermont, Lois is finding ways to break a record. Infatuated with H and S (Stewie’s word to mean hiding and seeking), Stewie requests Brian to play another game. Stewie takes refuge in the bag of Quagmire that he’s packed to Paris. While on the plane Quagmire is shocked to discover Stewie hidden in his bag. He contacts Lois to bring Stewie back. Lois isn’t ready to quit Vermont due to her outrageous Instagram promise. She wants Quagmire to care for Stewie. Peter demands Quagmire to make him Mr. Griffin because he believes him as his babysitter because of the Stewie situation.

The hotel room is where Quagmire is having a good moment with Stewie. They spend lots of time together and go to museums. While taking photos of the camera on her Instagram, Lois falls off the cliff, because of Peter.

Quagmire as well as Stewie who are both drunk, board a metro. Stewie leaves the train, pursuing a young girl. Quagmire is shocked when he realizes Stewie has disappeared. When he is unable to find any clues as to Stewie’s location Quagmire contacts Brian to assist him. But, Brian has a few requirements: First class flights with only female flight attendants, and a specific Kibble ‘n’ Bits lunch.

Brian takes off for Paris to locate Stewie and is told by Quagmire that he’s missing Stewie. Then, they discover Stewie in a graveyard. Brian comes up with a story relating to hide-and-seek, which puts Stewie at comfortable. The trio departs to go to the hotel joyfully.

In the hospital, Lois chooses to go to the hospital to get time off from Instagram. But, as she is looking over one of her hospital posts, she discovers that it has seen more than Bonnie who she considers the most memorable holiday she’s ever had.

The Episode Review

This is a show we didn’t think we’d be able to. The majority of the episode is based on the unique combination of Stewie and Quagmire and a dazzling cameo from Brian. It’s true that the duo was not half bad! The show isn’t an a-ha moment however, it is entertaining and enjoyable to watch. In the Peter and Lois part of the story is not a great one, but it is enjoyable.


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