FBI: International Season 2 Episode 5 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where To Watch

Don’t Remind Her Name

Episode 2 on FBI: International opens with an online predator who texts young girls online and harasses them. The online predator thinks they can be excused because he’s not in America.

In Their office located at their office in Budapest, Vo notifies Kellet that she’s not able to sign her lease as she was hoping. Smitty suggests that she could move into the same room as Kellet and become her roommate instead. Kellet isn’t sure and would like Smitty to undergo a personality test before she can move in. Smitty is fine with this so she’s able to provide Kellet with an assessment of her personality. I believe they’ll have a great time.

The team is tasked to investigate the case of online predators who are extorting teenage girls across the US. He has already leaked private and lewd videos of five girls to their parents and their friends. The suspect, who has various names has targeted more than 30 teenage girls, with the smallest having a teenage of 12.

The suspect made a mistake and used the name of a screen on an internet site. The suspect accidentally sent a text message to a teenager named Charlotte who alerted authorities. The cybercrime unit was able to track the screen’s screen name back to dark web activity based in Budapest. This team is now responsible for identifying the suspect and detaining the suspect.

Kellet receives a phone contact from the Cyber Crime Unit informing her that Charlotte recently arrived in Budapest and she hopes to assist the team in their investigations. The information isn’t exactly accurate, but we’ll see how it unfolds. After receiving assistance from the Budapest city police department, police receive an information lead on a man known as Andor Molnar.

They locate him and threaten to bring heavy accusations against him in the event that he’s not cooperative, so Molnar is willing to provide them with details about the suspect. According to Molnar the suspect has a number of chat rooms that allow invitation-only access and utilizes encryption that is military-grade. The suspect is not interested in the money, but in the pleasure that he receives from the internet-based sexual exploitation of children.

Kellet is seated together with Charlotte and she recounts her experiences dealing with the suspect. Kellet is naturally captivated by her story and states that Charlotte appears resilient and determined. While they discuss this case, Charlotte’s mom contacts Forrester with the assistance of The Cyber Crime Unit. Her mother unleashes a grenade on the team which is likely to alter the course of the investigation.

Charlotte’s mother says she is in an intimate relationship with the suspect but does not tell the full truth. Because Charlotte is only 17 her mom denies the suspect permission to speak further with her without being present. She is in the airport, en route to Budapest, and requests the team to ensure she is secure and not use Charlotte as part of her investigation.

Kellet and Forrester chat with Charlotte and Charlotte denies the accusations and believes her mother is insane. She claims that she was trying to play into the suspect’s mind to lure him away. Her mother saw her texts and believed she was in a genuine relationship with him. Kellet informs her that they will not work with her anymore however Charlotte insists that she isn’t a minor as per Hungary laws and wishes to remain involved in the investigation. Charlotte handed over her laptop so that the team read through her emails with the suspect. Kellet affirms that she is Charlotte when she reminds herself of herself when she was 17.

Smitty believes that they could add to her stress by pushing her toward something she’s trying to avoid. Kellet claims that Charlotte is driven, which is why she traveled to Budapest to pursue justice. They must help her. Forrester declares that he’ll be able to take the blame from the mother of Charlotte.

The team is able to ask Charlotte whether she’s at ease taking videos for the suspect. Charlotte captures an image of her shoes and then they add malware to it prior to sending an email to the person who is suspected. They believe the suspect is in close proximity after he has opened the video, and they are able to locate his whereabouts… however, it’s not a good tip. The suspect hacked into a young woman’s cellphone (Maya) to create the appearance that it was near.

They finally find a trace of the suspect’s location as the suspect has slipped again when hacking Maya. They set out to detain the suspect, but he manages to escape. They break into his room, but the suspect has installed the kill switch that erases all data on his computer and then encrypts the data. To access the encrypted information the FBI will require the suspect’s key.

Charlotte is a hero once more and, thanks to her courage they’re capable of capturing the suspect and ending the investigation.

The Episode Review

The case has brought to light the risks we face online and it makes me shiver to think about the sheer number of people online who sexually abuse youngsters. The incident took a huge emotional impact on Vo and we understand why she was in need of a break. The case also brought up feelings for Kellet. The case brought her back to her younger self and the sisters she was separated from. This is why she felt so protected from Charlotte and believed in her.

It seems like Smitty is focusing on establishing the right working relationships with her team and working to establish relationships with her team members. It is hoped that they will remain in a good relationship.


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