FBI: International – Season 2 Episode 5 “Yesterday’s Miracle” Recap & Review

Yesterday’s Miracle

Episode 5 from FBI: International season 2 starts with Kellet giving a briefing to Forrester on the findings she has made about Zsolt’s father. It turns out that Peter is being targeted by the Balkan mafia, who uses his auto shop as a base for illegal enterprises. Forester comes into the shop and attempts to inquire if there’s something he could help with. Peter is not pleased with his visit and abruptly dismisses the shop owner.

The team is tasked to investigate a matter following the arrest of an American couple is arrested in Bucharest because their surrogate has gone MIA. Their surrogate Cosmina went into hiding, before giving birth to the baby to its birth parents, Dennis as well as Amy. The couple is concerned about the security of their surrogate and the unborn baby.

The couple had been trying to get pregnant with children for many years but this seemed to be their sole alternative. They came across an agency and put the ball rolling because they believed that it was more affordable to have a surrogate in Bucharest was less expensive, but they didn’t know about the hidden costs. Now they’re $200,000 in debt. They don’t even know what was the fate of their child.

In Bucharest, the team is greeted by deputy Chief Hofer who believes Americans take advantage of young girls across the nation by tricking them into becoming surrogates. Hofer isn’t inclined to assist them in any way. Yet, he lets Forrester Vo and Vo speak about Dennis who is currently detained in a cell following his erratic behavior at the hospital. He is fortunate that the person he hit accidentally, Howard Greyson, decides not to pursue charges and is released.

Raines and Kellet go to the surrogacy clinic to meet with the head of the agency, who is a woman called Felicia. They are skeptical about the way she manages a surrogacy clinic, without having an exhaustive background review. She did not provide emergency contact numbers or physical addresses for the women who work for her, and her reason is that things fall through the crack. That’s quite a big hole, Felicia!

Kellet insists on pushing her even further until she finally gives Cosmina’s address. The group enters the house, but the surrogate’s not visible. Hofer allows them just five minutes to walk through the home, much to Forrester’s dismay. The investigation suggests Cosmina is on the loose and may be heading toward the station. They hurry towards the station to make sure to stop Cosmina from fleeing, but there’s an issue. Cosmina has stopped being pregnant. What is happening to the child?

They ask her questions and she says she suffered one stillbirth the week before. Vo and Raines are unable to believe her claim since there isn’t any evidence to back the claim. Raines examines her phone to discover that she was contacted by five odd calls from a mysterious burner phone. The investigation further leads to the friend of Cosmina’s and, based on her statements, they believe the baby is alive.

Hofer believes that Cosmina has been a victim, and is determined to have the case dismissed however Forrester insists that Cosmina is lying. In the meantime, Raines manages to find the person who owns the burner phone that is calling suspiciously to Cosmina. They are shocked to learn they have discovered that Howard Greyson is the man responsible for the calls.

A quick check of the background of Howard discovers that the couple is experiencing fertility issues. However, they are ineligible for adoption since Howard has had a previous case of child endangerment after his son was involved in an accident while drinking with his nephew in the vehicle. It appears that they’ve been looking for a method to have the family they’ve always wanted.

They also discover they are told that their wife lives in Bucharest and they make an immediate visit to her hotel but are far too late. The couple is already in the process of moving and it’s evident that the child is in their care. They later track them down as they attempt to escape the country using an aircraft that is private.

Raines and Smitty return to confront Felicia regarding her role in the kidnapping of the baby. Felicia attempts to flee, but they manage to catch her. In the end, they have evidence from circumstantial sources and no suspect they have in custody is willing to speak. Forrester decides to increase the tension on Cosmina and she finally gives in and admits to having plans to sell the kid to the Greysons.

The issue is that the Greyson’s are awash with lawyers employed by them. They claim that they were victims of lies of Felicia and they were trying to help the mother of a teenager improve the life of her child. Unfortunately, they are unable to prove them guilty of the charges. Yet another day and another story where the wealthy get off free of charge.

There is at least an end that is satisfying when the child returns to her birth parents. The show closes with Forrester looking at the Balkan mafia in secret out of his automobile.

The Episode Review

I was frustrated that the team couldn’t make a case against the Greyson who were aware that they were stealing children from their parents. Surrogacy is a problem for many couples and it’s scary to think that it happens in certain nations because they do not have specific laws that protect the individuals affected.

I’m looking forward to Forrester being able to help his neighbors, but I do hope that he is cautious and seek out additional assistance. It is risky to conduct surveillance on your own.


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