FBI – Season 5 Episode 5 “Flopped Cop” Recap & Review

Flopped Cop

Episode 5 in FBI season 5 begins with a man being shot down in broad lighting while he’s returning home. When the FBI team starts their investigation, they discover that the suspect, Frank Leon, was liquidating his wealth and begin to suspect.

OA as well as Nina meet with the woman and tell her about the passing of her husband. Mrs. Leon is a bit vague and claims that she isn’t aware of what her husband was interested in. She knows that he had a client and did not like to discuss his work. OA is aware that she appears worried but assures her that she is able to ensure her safety and that of her daughters. Mrs. Leon decides to be more open with them. She offers them a laptop with details about her husband’s work.

The laptop assists them in finding the identity of Mr. Leon’s client, and also the motive behind his death. The client of Mr. Leon was El Feo who is a well-known assassin as well as a drug gang. Leon was scheduled to appear before an indictment against the defendant and that’s why the murder occurred.

They look into the grand jurors and discover the leak is attributed to an individual named Margaret as well. Tiffany and Schola go to her home to question her. However, Margaret has no tales to tell when they discover the husband and wife killed by cold-blooded murder. The investigation is stymied since they do not have evidence that links El Feo to the grand jury.

Tiffany suggests reaching for an old acquaintance who was an officer and is also a cousin of El Feo. Isobel approves of the idea and gives her the go-ahead to move forward.

In the meantime, street cameras from the shooting scene aid to identify a man by the name of Marcus who is believed to be one of those responsible for the shooting. Tiffany and Schola make their way to his home to detain him, but he shoots and escapes.

Tiffany receives a text message from her former police officer acquaintance, Ralphie who invites her to visit him in the hardware shop he owns. Ralphie is upset over her brother’s death after he overdosed on heroin. She blames El Feo. Ralphie agrees to assist them to take off El Feo

Schola is unsure whether Ralphie will succeed during the sting, as Ralphie is not in control and has an awful amount of anger toward his cousin. Tiffany promises him Ralphie is a decent person who deserves an opportunity to re-enter the game after having been disgraced.

Isobel offers them a try on their sting. Ralphie goes to El Feo and successfully clones his burner phone and puts bugs inside his home.

They use the data from the cloned burning device to discover Marcus his location and are able to locate Marcus. OA and Nina assist to get him ready to reveal the identity of the other shooter as well as the murder weapon. Sadly, they discover that the shooter was dead, and someone made him overdose. They believe El Feo found out about Marcus the arrest and chose to handle his own loose ends. They are forced to start taking action and take action to get El Feo in.

Isobel lets them arrest El Feo, but once they break into his home, El Feo is gone. It turns out that Ralphie was caught taking El Feo fishing, but he’s got more in his head. He is determined to murder El Feo to take revenge for the murder of his father. Tiffany attempts to talk about him but he refuses to hear her.

In the final analysis, Tiffany is left with only one option: shoot Ralphie then Schola takes out El Feo as he pulls out the gun. Ralphie is killed by the bullet and Tiffany takes responsibility for how things played out.

The Episode Review

It’s heartbreaking that the sadness overcame Ralphie and inspired him to take down El Feo. Tiffany is not at fault because Ralphie was a mature man who was able to make his own decisions.

I really enjoyed this episode because it was more focused on Tiffany and we were able to witness her empathic side. While not as great as the other episodes but it was an enjoyable chapter.



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