FBI – Season 5 Episode 7 “Ready or Not” Recap & Review

FBI – Season 5 Episode 7

Ready or Not

Episode 7 in FBI season 5 begins with a woman as well as a man being shot on the streets in the night. The next day the FBI team is greeted by Maggie and Isobel presents them with their latest case. OA is worried that Maggie’s return will happen too quickly, however, Maggie assures him that she’s ready to go, though she is slightly nervous.

Maggie and OA take off for the scene of the crime as Isobel is briefing Jubal about the victims. She’s worried that the community is upset over what happened and that the female victim Marisol was planning to become even an FBI agent. The male victim Kiko had been a troubled teen trying to put his life in order. The media already has gotten an earful of the incident and are watching the incident closely.

Video footage of the incident footage shows the shooting suspect fleeing, and they are able to observe a mark on his arm that they believe is an ink mark. The ballistics reports show that the weapon used in the shooting is associated with the shooting of three others. The shootings are linked to an alleged local gang that is led by a person known as Jose and this gang is on DEA’s radar.

Tiffany and Schola interview Kiko’s partner to determine whether there is any connections to the group. The girl is hesitant to reveal anything since she is aware that snitches can cause stitches in the hood. Tiffany makes her believe in her and tells the group they are right. Kiko was selling marijuana on the territory of the gang, and she believes that they killed him as a result. She also informs them of an altercation that occurred just two days ago, between another person and Kiko.

The police search for street cameras and discover footage of the battle. The footage is used to identify the attacker who is the name of Matteo.

While this is happening, OA sees Maggie is carrying around anxiety medication and asks her about the pills. Maggie claims that she had the prescription from an outside therapist who is not part of the Bureau but she’s yet to start taking the pills. OA warns her that taking medications that the FBI doesn’t know about could cause her to be fired. However, she claims that she brought the pills because she was anxious about coming back. OA assures her that he will be there to help her if she requires anything.

They go to Matteo’s house and Maggie starts to have flashbacks of what transpired to her in the sarin gas assault that caused her to be in a state of recovery for nearly seven months. They are able to arrest Matteo and locate a gun on his person. OA is asked by Maggie to confirm if she’s alright after being frozen in Matteo’s home. Maggie insists that she’s fine however it is quite understandable that she’s traumatized and experiencing a difficult time getting returning to work.

Matteo claims he did not kill Kiko as well as Marisol in the shooting, and the ballistics of his gun show that it is not the weapon that was used for the shooting. They’re convinced that Matteo is lying about his story however they aren’t sure why. Further investigations have led them to Sloane Matteo is a girlfriend. Sloane asks them not to disclose his identity. Matteo is gay, and the gang would be able to kill him for it. He also provides them with evidence to show that Matteo is not the killer they’re seeking.

Matteo proposes to assist in the case if Sloane could get sentences that are less severe. Maggie proposes to covertly however OA believes that she is taking it too quickly. The assignment is accepted through Isobel and Maggie is accepted as a club’s owner. The plan goes off the rails and OA sets off the alarm in an effort to help Maggie However, the issue gets worse which leads to one of the victims being shot.

Jose is aware of the incident during this sale and demands to meet Matteo as well as Maggie. OA is worried if Maggie is available, but they are forced other than to stick in the direction they have chosen and convince Jose to admit to murder.

The second part of the story can be more hazardous because Jose is unstable. Maggie attempts to manage the situation, and when she gives the word “safe the team enters. Jose takes advantage of the situation to escape, but he fails.

OA confronts Maggie regarding the shooting and her medication. She is annoyed that he doesn’t believe her. Maggie takes the medication bottle with him, and then savagely walks away.

The Episode Review

Maggie’s return was highly anticipated, and the cast and writers didn’t disappoint us. The expectation is that Maggie will be anxious and scared. She almost passed out the last time she worked working. It’s quite shocking that OA is chasing her this difficult. He’s always double-checking her and scrutinizing her every step. It can be overwhelming, even when he’s in an ideal position.

He’s had a similar experience before, and Maggie did not question him in the way he’s presenting his concerns to her. He’s concerned and it’s a fact that Maggie isn’t 100% back, but his methods are demanding. It would be best to step back to a degree and remain ready for her when she requires it. Overall it’s another great episode. Are you all in agreement?



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