Fight The Fade – Apophysitis

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(Not) Enough
It’s a matter of time
Old Wounds
Wherever You Go, I Where You Go I
Lost It All
Letting Go
Cut & Run
On My Own

The music is exciting and captivating and Fight The Fade pushes their work to its limits by releasing their album Apophysitis. The band pushes their abilities to the limit and delivers music that is ultimately a play in the minds. Their hopes and desires are at stake also, as expressed through the lyrical waves. their optimism is now shattered. The music of this genre doesn’t come off as slack and neither is it overly pretentious. It’s real and pertinent but is also dark in its content.

The dark material comes straight from the mind of these musicians who are claiming their spot. And they’re obviously hurt when trying to battle their pounding alcohol consumption and internal conflict. The music also highlights moments or moments that aren’t glitzy or beautiful however they’re actually messy. These themes provide listeners with an insight into a society that is devastated.

The guitar wizardly opens new possibilities. Fight The Fade is a highly skilled band of musicians with this release, the band displays their musical skills effortlessly.

The album opens the album with ‘(Not) enough’ which is very tranquil until the screams fill the empty space. The band begins to talk about their regrets that are burning. “Old Wounds” fires on all cylinders. And the delicate vocals are a little more pronounced. The song is about the image of a drunk man. Every guitar element gets a perfect fit. “Stratosphere” is a different sound and has a petty feeling, yet it sticks to lyrical pessimism.


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