From Scratch – Season 1 Episode 1 “First Tastes” Recap & Review

First Tastes

Episode 1 of From Scratch begins with Amy looking at a photograph at home and reminiscing. Then we jump to 2000 when Amy went to Florence, Italy.

Sloane, a bartender, is there to help her. Sloane attempts to get to know Amy and asks her where she’s from. Amy is a Texan who is excited to explore Florence. Sloane suggests that she take a lover to explore Florence and its culture away from guides and other Americans.

Soon they arrive at Amy’s apartment, which she shares with Caroline and Lindsay. Amy attends the first class of her six-week art course the next day. She calls Zora, her sister, after class. Zora is back in America celebrating Labor Day with the family. Their conversation reveals that Amy’s father doesn’t support Amy going to Italy to study law.

Later, Amy visits Sloane’s bar and Sloane tries to persuade her to stop “slaving away”, and find a man who will allow her to stay in Florence. Amy opposes this, as she wants to learn more about art and explore new ideas in order to have her own renaissance. They meet Lino, a friend, and chef of Sloane, as they go for a walk. Amy immediately falls in love with Lino.

Amy meets Giancarlo at a cafe, and he invites Amy to visit his family’s gallery of art. Amy accepts the invitation and goes to the gallery with him. They begin dating.

Lino again meets her when she goes to Sloane’s bar to collect her payment. Lino is asked by Sloane to take Amy home, just as she did at night. Lino and Amy have a wonderful conversation as they make their way back home. They realize that they share some commonalities. They disagree only on the superiority of French and Italian cuisines. Lino, a chef, is shocked that Amy believes France is better.

Lino arrives unannounced the next morning and gives Amy a bicycle to help her move. Amy initially refused to accept the gift and claimed that she was in a relationship with someone else. Lino convinces Amy that it is not important and invites her and her friends along to his restaurant.

Amy brings her friends to the restaurant, and Lino makes magic with their dishes. Lino cooks almost every item on the menu. Lindsay and Caroline don’t believe Lino and Amy are just friends because of the way Lino treats her. The meal is enjoyed by both of them, and Amy was able to fall in love with Lino’s cooking before falling for him.

Amy also questions her talent in art. Zora assures Amy that she has the ability. She informs her that Maxine (her stepmother) and her dad are going to visit her in Florence.

Amy is asking Lino to take Amy around Florence. After they have defined their relationship as “friends who have something”, Lino agrees. Lino agrees to show Amy around Florence and hopes she will fall in love even if he doesn’t. Lino takes Amy on a motorbike around Florence and allows her to take in the culture and sights.

Lino later sees her work. Lino likes one of her drawings from the night she was escorted home by him. She also talks about her struggle to convince her father to let her paint. She also shared her desire to be selected for an exhibition at the end. Lino can relate to her as he went through the same thing as his father.

Her parents arrive in Florence, and her father is keen to learn about her plans and when she will return to Georgetown Law School. Amy informs her dad that she has met someone and is considering quitting law school. Maxine and her dad ask Amy to meet them. Maxine also looks forward to trying Italian food. Amy plans to take Maxine and Giancarlo to Lino’s restaurant for dinner. Giancarlo arrives late for dinner, and Lino has the chance to chat with Amy’s parents.

Amy’s dad doesn’t like Lino and Giancarlo, but he doesn’t think Amy’s budding love triangle is important. He expects Amy will return to law school in two weeks. Amy reveals to him that she is a professional artist and plans to move to L.A. He isn’t happy with the news and asks Amy to go back to her real life. She has been blinded by Italy.

Not only is her dad disappointed in her, but so is Lino. Lino is also upset that Amy brought Giancarlo with her to his restaurant to meet her parents. Lino was misled into believing that Amy had brought her parents to his restaurant to meet him. He didn’t know that Giancarlo would be coming with him. He believes Amy is ashamed of him and doesn’t think he is good enough for her.

He says he loves her and thinks that she likes him. She doesn’t respond. Amy apologizes to Lino and he tells her they should not spend more time together. He leaves with a notebook.

Amy is having a hard time not seeing Lino and confides in Zora about how it makes her feel sick. Although she has ended her relationship with Giancarlo, she doesn’t believe that she and Lino will be able to work things out. After two days, she will leave Florence and the fairytale will end.

After finishing her art course, Lino is at the exhibition. She spots Lino and gets the courage to speak to him. Lino invites her to her apartment the next night. Lino arrives as expected and they share the night together.

The Episode Review

Zoe Saldana is a favorite of mine and I’m happy to see her on this small screen. This show’s cinematography is beautiful and showcases the beauty of Italy in a stunning way.

We are curious about the future of this captivating love story between Amy and Lino. Is it just a one-night stand? Amy will stay, or Lino will go with her to L.A. We will have to wait and see!


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