From Scratch – Season 1 Episode 1 “First Tastes” Recap & Review

First Tastes

Episode one from From Scratch starts with Amy in her home, looking at an old photo and recalling memories. Then we go into the autumn of 2000, when Amy traveled from Florence, Italy. Florence, Italy.

Then she is introduced to Sloane Bartender, who is eager to do her time to be able to survive. Sloane attempts to get to know Amy more and inquires about where she’s from. We discover that Amy is a Texan and is excited about exploring Florence. Sloane encourages her to go with an interest in a partner and discover Florence’s city and culture free of guides along with other Americans.

They arrive at Amy’s home, where she lives with two other women, Caroline as well as Lindsay. The following day Amy attends the first class of her six-week course in art. After class Amy phoned her older sister Zora who is back home in America enjoying Labor day with the family. Based on the conversation they had it’s clear that her father doesn’t approve of Amy’s decision to relocate to Italy and go to law school.

Then, Amy goes to Sloane’s bar, where she’s working. Sloane wants to get Amy to quit “slaving away” and get an attractive man to finance the cost of her time in Florence. Amy is not a fan of this and would rather explore art and different things, as well as have her own Renaissance. While walking and meet Lino an Italian chef and close friend of Sloane who is immediately embraced by Amy.

As the day progress, Amy meets a new person, Giancarlo, at a café and Giancarlo invites her to visit his family’s art gallery. Amy accepts the invitation and goes to the gallery, and they begin dating.

Once again, she meets Lino when she is trying to collect her check from Sloane’s restaurant. Sloane wants Lino to accompany Amy back to her house, just in the evening, as it was. Lino and Amy are having a great chat on the way back and realize that they share several things they share. They do not agree on what cuisine is better in Italy or France. Lino the chef is shocked that Amy believes France is superior.

The next day, Lino shows up unannounced and gives Amy an exercise bike to aid her in her journey. Amy initially refuses the gift, claiming that she’s been engaged to another person. Lino convinces her that it’s not that important and invites Amy and her friends over at his place.

Amy invites her family to a restaurant where Lino is at work in his kitchen with his food. Lino goes all the way out, making almost all the food available. Caroline and Lindsay haven’t convinced the notion that Amy Lino and Lino are friends just due to how he cooks her. They do enjoy the food and I’m convinced Amy became enamored of his food first before she fell in love with the person he is.

Amy is also wondering if she’s talented in art and she makes a call to Zora whom she assures that she is a talented artist. She also informs her dad along with Maxine( their stepmother) are scheduled to visit her in Florence in the near future.

In the meantime, Amy asks Lino to take her to Florence when they have defined their friendship as friends who share something. Lino is in agreement and hopes Amy will be in love with Florence however she doesn’t be drawn to Lino. Lino rides around Florence on his motorbike and allows her to explore the city’s sights and culture.

Then, she shows Lino her work, and Lino likes one of the drawings she made during the night. He then drove her to her house. She discusses her efforts to convince her father to allow her to pursue artwork. She also reveals her desire to be chosen for the exhibit at the conclusion of this course. Lino knows her since she has experienced similar experiences with his father.

The family finally arrives in Florence and her father is eager to learn about what she plans to do and how she’ll be back at Law School at Georgetown. Amy informs him that she has met an acquaintance and is thinking about the decision to leave law school. Her father and Maxine request to meet him, and she agrees to their request. Maxine is excited to taste Italian food. Amy chooses to go with them for dining at Lino’s Restaurant. Giancarlo arrives late to dinner and Lino is able to talk about Amy’s family with her parents.

Amy’s father isn’t enthused with Lino or Giancarlo but doesn’t believe her new love triangle is vital since he anticipates Amy going back to law school in two weeks. Amy is the first to tell him that she’s aspiring to become an artist and has plans to relocate to L.A. He doesn’t like the news well and demands that she return to her life. Italy has made her blind.

Her dad isn’t the only one who is unhappy with her. Lino is also upset about bringing Giancarlo into his establishment to see her parents. He was under the impression that Amy took her parents to her restaurant as he wanted the two of them to get to know each other. He was unaware that Giancarlo was there too. He believes that Amy is ashamed of him and believes that he’s not enough for her.

He once more tells her that he loves her and believes she loves him, but she does not reply. Amy apologizes, and Lino says to her they shouldn’t spend any time with each other. Lino gives her an empty notebook and then leaves.

Amy is having a hard time not seeing Lino anymore and tells Zora that it makes her sick. She’s broken up with Giancarlo but she doesn’t believe that she and Lino will get along. She’ll be leaving Florence within two days, and the story is over.

Following the exhibit, which is the conclusion of her art program She notices Lino and musters the courage to speak to him and invite him into her house later in the night. Lino is there as planned and they stay the evening with each other.

The Episode Review

As a huge fan of Zoe Saldana’s work, it is a pleasure to be able to see her on a small screen. The cinematography in this movie is pleasing to the eye and does an excellent job of capturing Italy’s beauty. Italy.

The premiere episode has made us curious about where this love story will lead Amy as well as Lino. Are they going to remain an unrequited love? Will Amy remain in the relationship or will Lino go with her to L.A? We’ll need to wait to learn!


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