From Scratch – Season 1 Episode 2 “Carne e Ossa” Recap & Review

Carne e Ossa

The second episode of From Scratch starts with a jump in time to the month of November 2002. We are not in the gorgeous historical city of Florence but instead in Los Angeles, the home of the famous and rich. Amy, as well as Lino, are enjoying dinner at home and Amy is content that Lino is finally there L.An along with her. Amy says that for the last year and a half, they’ve had an ongoing relationship via long distance.

It’s also apparent that Lino might be thinking about creating a restaurant. This brings back memories of the conflict with his father. The father was not thrilled with his decision to become a chef, and he did not talk to Lino.

They’re currently living together with Zora and things aren’t running smoothly since Lino has been reorganizing Zora’s kitchen. It’s Thanksgiving time and it’s the first time that their parents spend the holiday with each other following 12 years.

Zora is looking forward to seeing how the drama unfolds and Lino is being a bit nervous about the “meeting all of the family in the very first place “pressure. On the other side, Amy is nervous about her job interview and hopes to secure an opportunity to get a new job when her parents get there to celebrate Thanksgiving. Lino is employed at the restaurant as a waiter. He is shocked that Americans do not eat “real” food.

Zora passes her interview and secures the job. Lino is still unhappy working as a waiter. He expresses his anger at being in a different nation and Zora insists that he be patient. Zora requests her boss Chloe to help Lino to get a job at the 5-star hotel called Massimo’s. The interview is a disaster since the chef appears to be a job for the naysayers and Lino is dissatisfied with the way he has treated him.

In the evening, Lino gets off work early and offers assistance to Zora with her shopping for Thanksgiving. Lino plans to reinvent the Thanksgiving holiday even though Zora believes it’s not an ideal idea. He makes a mess to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s put on the side while the family chooses to eat the traditional Thanksgiving dinner instead.

The dining table isn’t stimulating as Amy’s father believes Lino isn’t working hard enough to secure an even better job. Her mother Lynn declares that she is hoping Zora can bring back the “chocolate man.” She is looking for brown babies. Does she really mean it? She’s also planning to relocate from L. Which is to the delight of Zora delight and Amy. Amy’s parents are interested in the reason Lino isn’t close to his family. Her father insists on giving the family money to help them through the rough times and this upsets Lino even more.

Lino departs to enjoy the fresh air, and Amy is there to follow him around. Lino says he’s having a hard time making it in L. A and he was not happy when she took the money from her dad. He thinks it’s an indication that she believes that he’s not good enough to be her. He was also upset by the fact that her family did not test the food he had worked so hard to make. He left her after telling her that the meal was just too expensive to imagine that they would be content in L.A.

Amy visit Lino at work, but the latter has already left so she has a chat with his colleagues. She then discovers an opportunity to show Lino an idea of the taste of Italy in L. A and also make the possibility of making new Italian friends. After that, Lino feels a bit hopeful that they’ll be content living in L.A. Amy proposes to Lino and he agrees when he calls his family to share with them about the news, and then his dad calls. Lino informs him of the wonderful news, but his dad is not impressed and doesn’t praise him and disowns the man instead.

The Episode Review

I think it’s evidence of their bond that they managed to maintain a long-distance connection over 18 months. It was certainly not an easy task. It’s frustrating for Lino to live in a foreign country, without family or friends, and a job he dislikes but has to perform. I would like Amy’s family to treat Lino with more respect. I was shocked to my heart by Amy’s mother’s words about things that were so wrong without even a smidgen of respect.

Amy ought to have enlisted her family members to at least taste the dishes he prepared. Amy knew that it was important for him and she witnessed him pour his heart and soul into the meal. Luckily, they are in good communication skills and could get past this.

My heart is broken for Lino who was hoping to share a joyous moment with his family, but his father’s selfishness ruined the moment. I have family honor and heritage, but how did you let your child be content? I am now beginning to gain an understanding of what bi-racial couples face when their families do not like their marriage.

With all that said I’m excited to watch them say “I do.


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