From Scratch – Season 1 Episode 3 “A Villa. A Broom. A Cake.” Recap & Review

A Villa. A Broom. A cake.

Episode 3 of From Scratch begins with a time jump to 2004. The couple is back in Florence, Italy. They are looking for a location and planning their wedding. Later, Sloane and Sloane meet up and discuss the stresses involved in planning their wedding.

Amy later checks with Lino if he is alright, as his family missed the celebration. They invited them to the party a year ago, but they have yet to RSVP. Lino is disappointed, but he acknowledges that he knew they wouldn’t be there. Lino is looking forward to his marriage to Amy and meeting her extended family on their wedding day.

The entire family arrives in Florence soon and there is plenty of drama. Amy’s mom starts the drama by complaining to Amy that her mother took her chamomile tea leaves at airport security so she can’t make a soothing tea. They will all “look like extras from the thriller set,” she is certain. At least Michael Jackson would approve.

Hershel, the father, announces that Maxine and he will be walking Amy down her aisle. He ignores the possibility that Lynn might want to do it as well. This was also something he did not share with the bride. He claims that three people cannot possibly walk her down the aisle. They will make her look “like a hobble cow.” Some people are curious and want to find out why Lino’s family has decided not to attend the wedding.

Amy is tired of the tension that her family is creating, but it just keeps getting worse. Maxine would prefer Maxine not to be seated at the center of the table with her mom, as she wants to invite a stranger she met. Amy has made Maxine feel like she is taking away her role as her mother at the wedding.

Lino and Hershel have a conversation and Lino attempts to explain why his father doesn’t approve of him. Amy, on the other hand, is concerned about her marriage because Lino’s parents don’t approve of her. Zora assures Amy that she is the one who will decide how her marriage will go. She tells Zora that she is proud to have chosen the life and love she has.

Lino’s mother is unhappy with her husband’s decision to not attend the wedding. He forbids her from going, claiming it would be a disgrace.

The day comes and it is emotional. Lino helps his family get ready for the big day. Lino is sad because he hoped his family would reconsider their decision and make it happen. Amy assures Lino that it’s okay, they will soon become a family.

The ceremony went without a hitch, as did the reception. Family and friends wish them success and toast to the happy couple. Amy cancels their honeymoon and decides to visit Lino’s relatives. Lino calls his family from Sicily to inform them that they are arriving in Sicily. They embark on an idyllic train journey. His dad calls Lino and informs him that Sicily is not his home anymore. Lino’s sister confronts her father and tells him she is tired of not being able to have a relationship.

Amy and Lino book a nearby hotel and Amy sneakily calls Lino’s family while Lino showers. His sister comes to his rescue and they plan a way for Lino, his dad not knowing, to visit his family. Their sister claims that it would be impossible because they live in small towns and rumors will spread. She fears Lino will find out and punish their mother.

Amy asks them if they would like to visit them at their hotel. She begs her sister to meet them halfway. The sister promises that they will speak to their father and then meet them at the hotel around 6 pm. Lino is glad that he has the possibility of meeting his family. They are unfortunately unable to make it.

Lino takes Amy to the market again, but Lino ignores Amy and drives away. Lino is saddened by this, but Amy tries to cheer him up. Lino’s mom is becoming more frustrated by the situation and is taking it out on her husband. I was amused when she refused to give Lino sauce to go with his pasta. She and Lino meet up with their sister in secret and have a bittersweet reunion.

The Episode Review

We felt the wedding was a big deal. Lino’s family didn’t show up for the ceremony was a disappointment. It was a touching moment to see Lino get to know Hershel, and Lynn did not ruin the celebration.

It’s interesting to see Lino and his parents. I can understand her desire to be there for her son while also respecting her husband. It’s a difficult situation to find yourself in. Lino’s father, because of his ego, is causing emotional turmoil in his family. He will not let Lino choose his path for so long.


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