From Scratch – Season 1 Episode 3 “A Villa. A Broom. A Cake.” Recap & Review

A Villa. A Broom. A Cake.

Episode 3 from From Scratch with a time jump to the summer of 2004. The couple is located in Florence, Italy. Their wedding is in the planning stages and is looking for a location. They then meet with Sloane and a friend to discuss the pressures they’re facing when making their wedding plans.

At the hotel, Amy examines if Lino is alright as his family isn’t able to attend the party. They had invited them one year ago but have not yet been ready to RSVP. Lino is devastated but admits that he was aware that they wouldn’t be there. However, he is eager to begin his life as a married man with Amy and also meet the other members of her family members on her wedding day.

The entire family is soon in Florence and it’s very crowded, so expect some drama to be afoot. Amy’s mother begins the drama right away by complaining that the security at the airport has taken her chamomile flowers, so she’s unable to make relaxing tea. She’s certain that they’ll “all look like extras from the thriller’s set.” The least they can do is hope that Michael Jackson would approve!

The father, Hershel announces that he and Maxine will be walking Amy down the aisle, ignoring the possibility that Lynn might want to do the same. He did not talk about this in conversation with Amy’s bride. He says that if three people take her to the altar. they’ll appear “like an emaciated cow. There are also food lovers along with their families. There are also interested ones who want to find out why Lino’s family is not attending the wedding.

Amy is tired due to the stress her family has created, however, it is only getting more difficult. Her mom is planning to invite a guy she met recently to join her family, but she would prefer that Maxine isn’t seated at the center table alongside her. She is worried that Amy is trying to erase her identity as her mother at the wedding.

Lino and Hershel discuss and Lino is trying to explain to his father why he dislikes his. On the other hand, Amy is worried that her marriage will be successful because Lino’s parents are not supportive of her. Zora informs her that she’s the only person who can determine how her marriage will go. She says that she’s happy with her choice to live and to love.

In the meantime, Lino’s mother isn’t happy about her husband’s decision to not be present at the ceremony. She would love to go but he refuses, saying it’s a shame.

The wedding day approaches and the day is a difficult one when the family assists to prepare for their wedding day. Lino is feeling a little sad. He thought his family would reconsider their decision and join him. Amy says it’s good because they’ll soon become one family.

The ceremony went off without a hitch, and so do the reception. Family and friends are happy for them and offer a toast to the gorgeous happy couple. Amy decides to postpone their honeymoon and decides to visit the family of Lino. They go on a relaxing train ride and Lino contacts his family to inform them that they’ve reached Sicily. After a series of unlucky incidents, his father calls him and informs his son that Sicily is not his home and that they are not welcome. Lino’s sister confronts his father and says that she’s sick of not having a close relationship with her brother because of her respect for him.

Amy and Lino find a nearby hotel and as Lino showering Amy is sneaky and contacts his parents. The next time, his sister calls and they plan to find a way to get Lino to come to visit his family without his father knowing. The sister says it is impossible since Lino’s family is in a tiny town, and rumors are bound to fly. She fears that her father will reprimand their mother if she discovers it.

Amy asks if they could meet her at the place where they are staying. She pleaded with her to visit them halfway. Her sister tells her that they will discuss the matter with their father, and then meet the family 6 after 6 pm. Lino is thrilled that there’s a chance that he will be able to meet his family. However, they’re not able to travel to the destination.

The next day, when Lino takes Amy around the market, they meet his father, but the father simply doesn’t pay attention and goes off on his own. This is a pity for Lino however Amy is determined to make him feel better. While Lino’s mother is becoming angrier with the situation and is getting the blame upon her husband. It was hilarious when Lino’s mother refused the sauce he wanted to eat along in his pasta. At the end of the day, the two of them secretly meet Lino and they share an emotional reunion.

The Episode Review

The wedding shook us in the middle The fact that Lino’s family was not being there was definitely disappointing. It was a touching moment to watch Hershel become close to Lino, however, and I’m happy that Lynn did not do anything to ruin the occasion.

It’s interesting to observe Lino’s parents, and I can appreciate the mother wanting to support her son while simultaneously being respectful and submissive to her husband. It’s a tough position to find yourself in. Lino’s father has put his family in emotional turmoil due to his own ego. What will he do to hold his grudge against Lino for deciding to follow his own path?


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