From Scratch – Season 1 Episode 4 “Bitter Almonds” Recap & Review

Bitter Almonds

From Scratch Episode 4. Scratch starts with a time shift to the fall of 2004. Lino, as well as Amy, is enjoying dinner with Zora and her companion, Ken, and a handful of friends. The conversation shifts between food and Ken’s family, and the fact that Zora has already met her father. Lino is disappointed that his father hasn’t been able to make things between his father and Lino.

Amy, as well as Lino, are also seeking an individual named Antonio Russo to give him an item that his cousin brought through Sicily via them. It takes them some time but they finally manage to find him and then give him the present. Also, he is an artist and manages an art studio. He has invited Amy to be a volunteer in the program for children and Amy is thrilled to. Amy is great with children but she isn’t sure she’s ready to become a mother when Zora mentions the subject.

Right now, Amy wants to work on her artwork, but Chloe is causing problems when she’s at work. Chloe is also keen to help her as a manager at the gallery, but she is dissatisfied by the fact that Chloe does not see her as an artist. Having more work means that she will have less time to create artwork. She’s even more irritated when Russo provides a full-time job but the salary is much less than what the gallery.

The boss of Lino is experiencing difficult times and wants to shut down the restaurant. Lino would like to lease the restaurant to the owner and then use their savings to create an open-air restaurant. Amy is enthusiastic and doesn’t have any reservations regarding Lino’s decision. Lino requests assistance from his mother in Sicily and Amy agrees to deliver fresh food items to the restaurant.

Amy contacts her father to assist her in deciding what she should do regarding the job offer as well as the promotion. He advises Amy to speak with her husband since it is a matter for the husband and wife. Lino believes it’s an obvious choice that Amy should accept the position at the art center because it will make her happy. He would like them to go for their goals and believes that they’ll be able to survive with their savings. He is especially hopeful given the fact that his restaurant’s opening went smoothly.

Zora and Amy are in a disagreement over Amy’s unable to assist her by introducing Ken the Lynn who, as you would expect, did not say the right things and caused everyone to feel uncomfortable. Amy says that Zora could have conducted the introduction at brunch instead of Lino’s big party. Zora still apologizes, and Zora suggests the services of a doctor for her, as Lino injured his knee while at work.

The doctor recommends the patient to an oncologist, who informs them that Lino has a rare tissue cancer, known as leiomyosarcoma. Lino will require savage treatment and requires chemotherapy in order to reduce the size of the tumor prior to performing surgery. The doctor also suggests they save Lino’s sperm prior to chemotherapy in case they wish to have children in the near future. He’ll need to begin treatment within a week, and will not be able to be employed at the restaurant.

Lino isn’t looking to inform anyone else that he’s sick. He wants to take the treatment, go through it and go back to work. He is scheduled for his first chemotherapy and wants Amy for permission to go through the treatment on his own. Amy is willing and says that she’ll pick him up however she’s running in a hurry. Lino gets a cab and then goes into his establishment. He realizes that he’ll be forced to shut down the restaurant.

Amy seeks Chloe to help her remain on their insurance. She doesn’t divulge the details, but Chloe accepts to come up with a solution to aid her in keeping her insurance. While Lino’s treatment is ongoing his strength decreases and he loses his hair. Amy is having a difficult time trying to communicate with her family members since she told Lino she wouldn’t talk to her about his condition.

Zora goes to Amy’s house since she’s puzzled that the restaurant is not open and is looking to get back in touch with Amy. Amy is trying to get her to leave, but Lino collapses and they take him to the hospital.

The doctor states that Lino is required to regain his strength prior to the surgery which is scheduled for some weeks. Lynn and Zora arrive at the hospital to help the patients. Amy speaks to Lino and requests Lino to inform his family as well.

The Episode Review

It was all going well. Lino’s goal of opening a restaurant was now a reality. Amy left her job and pursued her goal of becoming an artist. And then it happened! A visit to the doctor and everything was shattered.

The episode was a tear-jerker reminder that we don’t know what’s going to occur next in our lives. You may want to keep a bag of tissues close by during this show!



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