From Scratch – Season 1 Episode 5 “Bread and Brine” Recap & Review

Bread and Brine

The fifth episode of From Scratch starts with a 1-month jump in time. It’s the time of year for Christmas however, no one seems festive. Lynn, as well as Amy, are on their way to the airport to collect Giacomo and Filomena Lino’s parents. When they arrive at their house, Giacomo starts fixing the garden while Filomena is in “mama bear” mode. She’s determined to be a good mother to her son, and as a mother, I comprehend her.

She prepares a meal for Lino, however, Amy says that Lino isn’t allowed to eat large meals as he’s going to undergo surgery the next day. Filomena believes that Amy isn’t feeding Lino well, however, Amy is patient and explains Lino’s health and the doctor’s instructions. In the meantime, Giacomo refuses to see Lino and only rants about how he destroyed the garden.

A few days later, Lino goes to the hospital for an operation. Everyone is concerned about the outcome and tries to deal with the situation in their own ways. Amy is thankful that her family members are helping her. Lynn hopes that a dose of essential lavender oil can help ease the stress of everyone. Lino’s parents turn to prayer to find comfort as waiting for an update regarding the surgery.

The doctor then informs them that they’ve been able to eliminate the tumor. Everyone is delighted to hear this news and grateful that Lino is now in good health.

Following the operation, Giacomo finally decides to visit his son, and it appears that he’s changed his mind.

When they return from the hospital Amy discovers that she is trying to stop small fires. The first is that Giacomo cut all the roses in the garden. He is also annoyed that there isn’t any quality bread at the grocery store and Filomena is begging Lino to consume more food than bananas.

Lino is annoyed when he hears his dad congratulate his son’s best friend. Lino is angry with Amy and says she’ll never know what it’s like.

Amy goes to a friend’s home, Preston and he understands how difficult it is for Amy as a caregiver. He’s had the same experience prior to his first lover. He encourages Amy to be ready for whatever might come next, however, Amy believes that it will be better soon.

Amy, Giacomo, and Filomena Giacomo, Amy, and Filomena Lino to his first visit to the doctor following the surgery. Doctors inform them that the procedure went smoothly, however, Lino is in need of more treatment. This is to ensure that cancer doesn’t return. Lino can choose between two options, the first is to continue chemotherapy or participate in clinical trials.

For the study, there’s the possibility that he may not be given the exact substance since it’s a double-blind study. It is possible that he will receive an unproven drug, and Giacomo does not think that this trial is a good idea.

Amy is forced to speak to him outside of the medical office. Amy asks him to let Lino decide in the knowledge that he is fully aware of the dangers. She encourages him to trust in his son to make the right decision for him. She assures her son that she will remain by his side however if he doesn’t trust his decisions, he’s free to return to Sicily. Lino decides to sign up for this clinical study. The family decides to help the couple with any decision.

The family celebrates the beginning of the year with a dinner for the family as Zora declares she has been getting married to Ken. Everyone is happy and thrilled for the couple, but no one is more than Giacomo. Lino is unable to help but look at the irony and the insanity of his father.

Lino confronts him, and his father tells him that the person who is embarrassed is Lino. He claims Lino has left his entire family, including himself like it was nothing. Lino claims that he was living his passions and wanted not to be a version of his father. The father claims that it’s not his style and Lino states that it’s okay so long as Giacomo will accept his views.

He informs his father that he’s exhausted from fighting the disease and his. He asks him between the father and son.

Before leaving his parents to go back to Sicily, Giacomo tells Lino that he’s happy his son is now a cook in America. Giacomo gives Lino his hat and calls him his son. In the meantime, Filomena asks Amy to think about having a child because it would provide Lino the strength to fight for his life and get through.

In the final sequence, Lino starts feeling sick and this means that he took the actual medication in the trial.

The Episode Review

In the beginning, I was worried that Giacomo will allow his ego to rule his life. He was fortunate enough to let it go and be a father to his son at a time when was most needed. Watching them bond and feel reconnected when he handed him his cape was surreal.

It isn’t easy, so it’s understandable that Amy is overwhelmed. I am awestruck by the woman she is because she is filled with confidence and strength.

I’m not sure if she’ll follow Filomena’s advice to have children. Let’s find out what happens in the following episode.


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