From Scratch – Season 1 Episode 6 “Heirlooms” Recap & Review


Episode 6 from From Scratch begins with a time jump to the fall of just 18 months after Lino began with his trial. Lino and Amy are out in the garden. Amy requests him call his father to ask if they can plant the cabbage in front of the sage.

He calls his dad, and they talk about the garden his dad asks him when his next appointment with the doctor will be. He is hoping Lino will be given positive news and an unblemished report of health.

Giacomo’s prayer is answered when Lino’s doctor tells him that his cancer has gone away and that he is now given another chance to live. It is still necessary to go to the hospital for an examination each three to six months, however, the doctor has said he’s ready to go.

The couple is delighted to learn of this and happy to be moving on from this traumatic experience. They are celebrating the news with Amy’s family and close friends and Lino then contacts his parents to inform them of the great news. His mom is sad to inform him of the passing of his father but she is thrilled that the fact that he’s now healthy.

The couple realizes that they’ve spent enough time and are at ease being parents. Amy visits an obstetrician, who tells her that the most secure way to get pregnant is via IVF. Amy isn’t a fan of having to undergo IVF therefore she along with Lino decides to adopt. They visit an adoption center but they’re worried they will never be able to have the chance to have a child.

Then we come to 2007’s spring when Zora Ken and Zora Ken are getting married. On the day of her wedding, Zora gives Amy a bridal party gift. Amy is disappointed that everyone is receiving baby-related presents even though they haven’t had an infant yet. Zora encourages her to not abandon her dream, she would like Amy to be able to build her family in the way she wants.

In the last few minutes before it’s time for the wedding ceremony, Lino is contacted by the organization, asking for them to go to the hospital as soon as possible to see their daughter. Zora is delighted to see them and says that it’s okay to go home. They make it to the hospital, and the mother of the baby asks to meet them before giving up her rights. They seem to be a great fit and hopes that they will be a good mother to her just like they have been to one another. She explains to them that this is the primary reason she picked her.

Amy and Lino bring their baby Idalia home, and everyone within the family is delighted to welcome a new family member. The couple is able to adjust well to their new role as parents. Amy decides to return to work in order that she can provide for the family members when Lino is in the home and has Idalia.

The episode’s second time jumping transports us back to the autumn of 2011, and Idalia is now in preschool. They and Lino have grown closer and she is feeling like a bad mom since she is unable to be completely at home. She tells Zora that she’s at a loss for the bond Idalia has with her father. She’d like to be there, too. She discusses this idea with Lino and he suggests that she begin cooking classes to help ease the financial burden of Amy. This will give Amy an opportunity to spend time with Idalia as well as create art.

Through over the past few years, fears of the possibility of recurrence of cancer had been a constant worry for them. Each time Lino was scheduled for an examination, they were concerned about what the outcome could be. This time Lino realizes that something could be wrong, so he plans the check-up later than usual. Following the appointment and he invites Amy on a date. Later in the night, the doctor informs Amy of his appointment with the doctor.

The Episode Review

I was hoping Lino is able to overcome cancer and pursue his dreams however, I am not sure that’s how this story will end.

It’s not lost on us that now they’re parents, the stakes are greater than they were before. Lino is a wonderful father to beautiful Idalia and it is a shame that he won’t get enough time to bond with Idalia.


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