From Scratch – Season 1 Episode 7 “Between The Fire And The Pan” Recap & Review

Between The Fire And The Pan

Episode 7 from From Scratch starts with Lino explaining to Amy the reason he decided to schedule the appointment so early and what time to anticipate the results. Amy informs him that they’ve been stretched to the limit of grace over the seven years of treatment they’ve been through. Lino assures Amy that if the test results are positive, they can beat the cancer again.

The appointment of the doctor is proof of the worst fears of patients. Cancer has returned and has spread into Lino’s lungs. The doctor believes Lino is able to overcome this since he’s young and healthy. Lino has been cancer-free for the past seven years and there are even new medicines that could help Lino.

They inform Idalia they explain to Idalia that Lino is sick, but is expected to recover. Amy relies on her family members to assist them in taking care of Idalia while Lino begins his treatment. Lino is concerned that the cancer is stealing the time he spends with Idalia. Lino informs Zora that he’s got many things to teach Idalia and wants to see her lead an enjoyable life. Zora acknowledges his decision to fight cancer. She declares that no matter if he’s sick or healthy, they are happy being around him.

While they chat, they are receiving chemotherapy Lino increases his fever. His condition quickly deteriorates. Doctors believe he is suffering from some kind of infection, and they have put him under sedation before Amy is diagnosed. They have stopped the chemotherapy until they are able to cure the infection. The hospital staff continues to be unfriendly towards Amy and Zora because they don’t know they are part of Lino’s family. The scene made me shiver.

Zora is the one who takes Amy out for a walk to help her relax while doctors run further tests to determine the kind of infection Lino is suffering from. Amy is aware that Zora is acting strangely and asks her if she’s expecting. The woman is indeed pregnant, however, she was afraid to announce her pregnancy news considering the current circumstances with Lino. Amy is delighted for her and is ecstatic declaring it to be the most wonderful news of all time.

Filomena calls to ask what Lino is doing. She is a skeptic and informs Amy about an experience she had with The Blessed Mother. Amy does not want to learn about the dream or Lino getting called home. She attempts to alter the subject but Filomena will not let her down as long as she tries to convince Lino that his life isn’t in their control.

Idalia would like to visit her father, but she is told by the hospital that there’s a policy prohibiting children from the hospital floor. Family members decide to bring Idalia in to spend time with her father. After their meeting with Idalia, Lino asks Amy to return home and take a nap as Lino is tired.

Amy returns home and discusses her displeasure with the hospital staff with Zora. The hospital keeps conducting tests, but nobody can explain what the findings indicate. She would like to know the situation.

In the meantime, Ken is worried that Zora isn’t taking proper treatment of her. Zora is constantly taking care of Amy and this is the first time, she requires a rest, particularly because her blood pressure has become elevated. Ken is concerned about the possibility of losing the pregnancy.

Family members continue to stand by the couple and hope that Lino can recover. Zora is concerned about the fact that Lino isn’t getting better and doctors feel the same. They want to perform liver transplants and most importantly, the doctors are giving her different advice. Amy challenges one of his physicians, but she does not tell them anything.

Finally, she gets the doctor she needs to speak the truth to her, and she informs them she believes Lino suffers from cancer. His liver is failing, and they’re not able to treat the cancer. She requests Lino to get ready for the end of his life and he decides to live his final days at home, under hospice care. Amy contacts Filomena and informs her of the sad news. Amy is also concerned about how she can inform Idalia of the news that her dad has passed away, so she seeks advice from the child therapist.

They host a private gathering with friends and family and then they say goodbye. Their last wish of his would be for Amy to bring his ashes home to Sicily and to rekindle love.

The Episode Review

This was an intense show to watch. It made me feel that my heart felt ripped from my chest. I believe it was a touching and heartbreaking love story. While it’s sad, it’s beautiful that Lino passed away while it was raining exactly like the first night they were together in Italy. It’s a little comforting that they could leave.


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