From Scratch Season 1 Review – A realistic tale of family, love & loss


In Scratch is a short Netflix show that is based on Tembi Locke’s memoir of the same title. If you’re seeking a great cry, This is the series for you to take a look at. Beginning in the very first episode, where we meet Amy (played by beautiful and skilled Zoe Saldana) we get the feeling that we’re likely to shed tears. It was true – therefore, grab a bag of tissues, because you’ll weep when you watch this dramatic love story!

It is our pleasure to meet Amy as a young woman who has traveled to Italy to further her knowledge of art and we cannot blame her for choosing among the top creative nations in the world to begin her journey. Amy is a Brown student taking a sabbatical to see whether she really is able to become an artist. It is her love of art, but for the majority of her life, she’s tried to keep it out of her.

As destiny would have it she bumps into an attractive, hot chef named Lino (played by Eugenio Mastrandrea). He entices her with his tasty food and enthusiasm for his work. There are those who argue that she was drawn to the food first, but we’ll let you judge this on your own.

The couple quickly realizes that their goals are located in two different locations and Amy must go to L.A. Lino decides to return to the US and follow his dream of opening an eatery. It is not an easy transition and the couple will face some difficulties.

The most difficult thing is family. Lino has a difficult time being at peace with his dad and their differences make it difficult for Lino to stay close to his mother and sister. On the other hand, Amy’s family isn’t happy with her decision to drop out of her law degree and be involved with Lino. But, tensions and heartbreak occur.

The main focus of this series is the way Lino and Amy adhere to their vows for better or worse, for wealthier and for less, in health and in health to cherish and cherish forever. This story about Lino and Amy begins as an ideal fairytale set in the unique and beautiful scenery of Italy. Through the years they grew and their bond was strong enough to bridge family divides and distance, and distance.

This story is built upon the real-life experiences that Tembi Locke shared with her first husband and because of this, you can’t be able to resist the emotion-spinning rollercoaster she goes through in every single moment. Tembi revealed intimate parts of herself when she decided to create the show and she was bold. From how detailed the episodes are, to the intricate details of her character, it is clear that this show is different from the typical romance stories we’re used to.

In these eight seasons, the narrative is good and engaging. There are some clichés and an element of preposterousness but it’s handled in a subtle way. It’s also important to note that the rapport among the protagonists is one of the reasons From Scratch is a thrilling watch throughout.


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