Gangs Of London – Season 2 Episode 1 Recap & Review

The Sparks Of War

Episode One of Gangs of London Season 2 is set one year after the events that rocked London the previous time. This thrilling, high-octane action begins with the pouring rain. Two vehicles packed with Albanians are stopped in a quiet location and take a shipment of weapons. The group works quickly and makes sure that they’re not caught as they take the gun to a safe place.

As they toast their victory the celebrations take a surprising twist. Gunmen arrive with the man who has blonde hair, and a coat of white and white. This is Koba the ruthless, cold dictator who demands information on who gave guns to Albanians. Before he gets any kind of reply, he will force one of the Albanians to swallow some bullets and take out the second.

The man who survived is permitted to leave however only as far as sending an email to Uncle Basem. He is believed to be the man who was in the scene.

In Istanbul, there is a huge fight that takes place in the laundrette. The scene is elegantly photographed and the camera is positioned seamlessly around the various grisly and brutal deaths. The central figure in all of it is Elliot. After defeating the various goons that are in his path and capturing the action, the camera moves to a note lying on the ground, which was signed by the only person who can be named Alex Dumani. Elliot is ordered to defend his family members, particularly his dad, who’s locked up in the hands of Miss Kane and the others.

The guys who were shot dead in Turkey are actually Alex’s customers. If Alex learns about it, he’s not thrilled but it also leaves him with the memories of Sean Wallace, who was evidently killed a year earlier. Are they still alive? This is the million-dollar question Isn’t that right?

Koba is employed by Asif Afridi. He is a part of a group meeting with all the gangs from London and reminds them that only he will sell firearms in London from today on. Asif uses the dog as a way to keep the criminals under control by imposing his rule with an iron finger and fear instead of working in unison.

He reminisces about what was happening with Finn Wallace – and the incident that followed. Ed is also present, of course, and, after the meeting, the two men talk to Asif as if calling Koba as a wind-up, and also pointing out issues in the future for his.

Ed has a sense of war approaching and shows up to visit Luan Dushaj. Ed is in the business of heroin and doesn’t like the fact with the fact that Koba is in charge of dictating and requiring every business to be run by Asif. He’s aware that Asif will not stop at taking control of the drug, but instead try to cut into the margins of his profits.

Ed is trying to negotiate and offers in exchange for revealing who provided the guns and he’ll ensure that the Investors are on his side and defend himself from Koba and the others.

Ed informs Asif about this to Asif as he explains that Luan isn’t a fool and is aware of the exact thing Asif does. He mentions the terms suggested and Asif agrees to them, at least for now. Asif acknowledges that Luan is at a crossroads, however, Koba is willing to let him go at present.

Outside, Koba is waiting in the car. However, the flames of war begin to ignite. A red car slams into his back car, and when the driver goes to investigate and shoots him in the skull. The driver sped off to safety and leaves Koba screaming in anger at the center of the road.

After a time inside a prison cell, Shannon Dumani is released. She picks up Danny and heads off to school, leaving Ed another issue to resolve. The police have completely mishandled her case. Despite shooting a cop but the absence of evidence could mean that the case would have been thrown into chaos during the trial. Alex believes this is positive and believes that they will be able to go back to their family once again. Shannon however, is having no problem with this.

In the evening, someone has left an empty bag on Shannon’s front steps and it is filled with piles of PS50 notes. The death of the driver of Asif has serious consequences. Asif calls Ed and informs Ed that there’s an absolute rule against any person who is in violation of their rules. He apologizes and admits the fact that his hands were bound. However, this is bad news for Luan who is able to check his computer monitors later the next night and finds that all his security staff has been killed.

A terrible thing is about to occur, so he locks his wife and children in the saferoom before rushing over to the place where he’s stored his weapons. He arrives at the right time, and grabs the shotgun, and attempts to stop his enemies. They’re guided by Koba who’s not to be seen as Luan and is able to kill the entire group one by one in a brutal manner.

As Luan is walking back to the emergency room He comes across the door open, and two of his daughters crying across the ground. It appears Koba has kidnapped his wife.

The next night, Elliot shows up to meet Alex. Armed with a silenced gun Elliot forces the CEO to take a seat on the balcony, which is high above the skyscraper. Alex is shocked to discover that the company he works for is “them”, but Elliot quickly reminds him that he’s here to do it because they wanted it to be that way. He’s not here to murder Alex. Instead, he hands over a USB with evidence that is incriminating.

Sean handed it over to Elliot and, in return, Sean tells Alex to utilize it to blackmail Investors to find them to get out of the situation. Alex will be the only one who has all the contacts, and both their families may be secure if this falls on the deck of cards. “You can’t beat them.” Alex is stern and, in response, leaps off the balcony.

Elliot is in shock, not knowing which way to go, and is convinced that his only chance of success is over. But, before his death, Alex had told Elliot to talk to Shannon So maybe she can provide the answers?

When the show is about to end We have introduced the screen to Marian Wallace, who happens to be the one who has all the weapons. She’s the one who’s collaborated with Luan who she plans to make use of to fight the people who have wronged her family. It’s game time!

The Episode Review

The pilot episode of Gangs of London Season 2 begins with a ferocious pulse with the feeling that the war is set to start again. The mix of both old with new actors is a great feature, and the show sets the stage for what is expected to be a very exciting series this season.

It’s fantastic that the series can go back to the essence which made the show captivating in the first place which included a major fight in the laundrette, and one in Luan’s home. Both scenes were stunningly film-based and the story is layered with double-crossings and betrayals. Although it has a variety of characters to choose from it’s pretty easy to follow up to this point.

Battle lines have been well established but it’s also fair to assume that there will be some who do not make it to the other side alive.



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