Gangs Of London – Season 2 Episode 3 Recap & Review

A New World Order

Episode 3 of Gangs of London begins 12 months ago. This time, we are shifting perspectives so that we know exactly what transpired to Sean Wallace in his absence.

Sean was rescued and was rescued from the brink with a large bandage over his face. The man is having a hard time walking and is being held in a cell by unknown suspects. Then we learn that it’s Singer and his crew. In any case, he’s enlisted to take on the Investors however, Sean Wallace has a very straightforward response: “Fuck off.”

The vicious cycle of beatings and being locked up for a long time continues and ends with Sean suffering from a few nagging shakes that have followed him to this day. Sean is waiting for Billy to get back to consciousness by giving him pills and giving him water. It turns out that it was Sean, not Billy who was the one to shoot Basem in the previous episode. Also, he needs to talk to Marian as he knows she’s in danger.

In the next flashback in flashbacks, we can see Sean’s story got sweeter prior to the events we are currently experiencing and we see our protagonist training in his cell, performing pull-ups, and getting ready for the future. He says to Singer that they must establish a new order for the world in order to take on the Investors who are hurt the most.

Sean gets the resources he requires, which includes a gang to work with. This is it’s the sole way Sean is willing to accept the terms they have set. A part of that is working with Lale who is a Kurdish Freedom fighter who is imprisoned but is incredibly intelligent and clever.

Elliot is confronted by Koba about whom the shooter was from the last episode. Elliot mentions Billy Wallace but fails to elaborate, refusing to give the dog a bigger reward than the bone he’s already given to him. “If you see any more Wallace’s out there, you let me know.” Koba is heard saying and watches as Elliot leaves.

Marian is shocked by the news of Sean’s voice. Sean, however, swiftly responds that Koba is on her trail and she must be out of the area as quickly as possible. Then, ah-ha! an aircraft is on the way and armed with machine guns at the rear. Marian is rushing up the stairs to rescue Roze the babe who belongs to Finn’s lover. Marian endures a whole assault of bullets, thanks to the strength of plot armor I’ll add – and is able to escape.

Lennie who is their driver acts as a distraction in order to distract the helicopter from the home and allows the three to flee into the woods and return to the city of London due in part because of Koba thinking Marian is dead. The truth is that everything that has taken place is through the fingers of Sean Wallace. Sean Wallace is the person that killed the Somali band, too. He’s doing this to convey the message that Koba’s method isn’t the way to go, and it’s his way that they must follow.

Lale’s gang is fairly easy to join, especially since Koba is making them be a part of Asif and taking a significant part of the money. Sean has a meeting with Lale on the heels of a rather nasty incident in which he was involved with Merwan as well as his son and is reminded they’re in danger and must be aware.

With the stirrings of rebellion approaching, Sean decides they need to intensify the situation quickly. Sean promises them weapons and money to make the deal sweeter and tells everyone that they’ve got his word on the matter.

As he departs the scene, the shakes resurface to Sean inside his vehicle. Sean also turns his attention away from the prize, when Elliot is behind him holding guns to his head. In a bid to outwit Wallace, Elliot brings up Joseph Singer and how the pair are together currently. Elliot quickly points out that they aren’t, and even scoffs at Sean’s suggestion to play with the same team and strive to remove the Investors.

Sean talks to Marian at the top of the hill. She confesses to being an inmate and was not being manipulated by Lale. He’s requesting her arm contact as well as Finn’s money. He’s taking over the business, and after apologizing to Marian and bridging their gap, proceeds to request Billy to keep an eye on his back as he knows he’s smarter than he believes. However, Floriana double-crosses both Marian and Sean before deciding to assume the company. But, Sean suddenly shoots her in the head to stop the coup.

The Episode Review

Since Sean Wallace is now back, the cool and calm protagonist is now ready to assume Finn’s company, and what a spectacular coup that is changing into. Floriana is trying to take over Sean but immediately comes to an ugly end. Sean and Elliot’s interaction is an absolute highlight of this chapter.

The conclusion suggests that we’ve got plenty of excitement to be had in the near future and the conflict that is brewing between Sean Wallace and Asif is likely to explode into an explosion of violence and blood sometime in the coming days. Who will emerge in the top spot?



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