Gangs Of London – Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Coordinated Attack

Season 4 Episode Gangs of London Season 2 begins with Koba’s burial of Luan’s wife. Through a camera, she broadcasts from her coffin, she’s trapped in the underground, with no way to get out. Ed looks on in awe (no pun meant) and follows Koba while he talks to Luan. Ed believes that Luan has slapped him in the face and also shows footage of his wife in the underground.

To help her save herself, Luan is told to get everyone who’s loyal to him over to the side of Koba. But the clock is ticking and by the time this occurs, his wife could already be dead.

Elliot has a meeting with Singer who demands that the big man get him out of the situation. If there is no way to get out? If not, Elliot will go to the Investors himself and tell them everything. He is able to sway Singer’s wrist and they do offer to help. Despite the assurance of changing this city into the best, Elliot is adamant there’s no way to help him right now.

Luan is fed up and comes across Ed who holds him with a gun and demands that he is taken into the home of his wife. Ed accepts, however, but he warns him that this will not solve any problem. If he does get the woman out of the house, it’s just going to lead to further drama. Unfortunately, this happens when Koba’s men appear and confront him with the help of Tamaz. They’ve been monitoring Luan’s phone for a long time and were aware that the possibility of something similar to this.

Just before Tamaz makes the move, Ed makes his move. Ed helps Luan to defeat the criminals however, unfortunately, there are too many of them, and Luan is slashed and bleeding, in front of the grave of his spouse. And to make matters worse, Ed is captured too.

After Finn’s mistress has died, Marian is able to use her fingerprints to gain accounts… however, there’s an issue. Someone has dumped half the cash and there are just 500 million remaining. This is a third of the amount they originally had. If they’re not able to pay the full amount, they’re in trouble however Marian thinks she has a plan.

Marian talks to Shannon and attempts to convince her to talk with Rutherford who is the lawyer to obtain the remaining money. They don’t expect her to go through this and it provides them with the opportunity to enter and exit.

When Shannon arrives, Rutherford has packed all of his luggage and is ready to leave. Shannon however, pulls her gun ready and tells her she’s got ways to get him to speak. However, Asif has been trying to get Asif and the boss has realized the reason and recruited some of his men to extort more of Wallace’s money.

Elliot arrives at their office of Rutherford and discovers Shannon there, already with Rutherford deceased and lying in an infected swimming pool of his blood. There’s no other choice than to leave the office together in the knowledge that there’s likely to be a plethora of trouble coming their way following this. It’s true that they’ve both left witnesses alive, in the form of Rutherford’s secretary.

In the case of Elliot the man, he signed an agreement in deal with Miss Kane to spare Danny and Shannon’s lives as he worked for them. This explains why he didn’t meet Shannon or Danny. The devil is in the details, though, Miss Kane shows up to meet Elliot and asks him questions. She informs him that the witness went to the police, and they confirmed there were two assailants. “Don’t push us, Elliot, you are not indispensable.” She warns and then walks away.

Singer calls shortly after and confirms that plans are put in place to allow Elliot as well as his dad to go home the next day. Then, he calls Sean to confirm that Koba and his entire team are having a major meeting scheduled for the next day and that it’s the right moment to make his move.

Sean is quick, bringing the group and then making the decision to divide their team into eight different teams, attempting to hit them all at the same time. This would effectively cripple Asif’s system and Sean is looking for Lale to oversee the attack.

Billy will take the frightened baby and runs away to rescue his son from Marian. He takes the child to drop him off at the church and then heads back to his home. The next time, he chooses to go with Sean in the battle against the bandits.

In the case of Koba, He makes an illustration that is reminiscent of Edward and Luan as well as all the gangs united all the signs suggest that it’s about to start at any moment. Then it does.

Sean and the other members arrive at the scene all guns blazing with explosives exploding in their gathering spot. Many gang members lay on the floor bleeding outside, and Luan is able to escape. The floor isn’t the only one they’ve struck and the coordinated attacks on these different points have been a total success.

Faz as well as Saba are confronted by Sean but he holds them in a gunfight. He asks them to relay an announcement to Koba at night. Sean Wallace is taking London back.

As the story draws to an end, Luan races back to the grave to search for his wife. The woman is still alive, miraculously however Ed remains in Koba’s grasp.

The Episode Review

The big battle breaks out at the conclusion of the episode just as we expected, and it will be the beginning of the most thrilling second half of the season.

In terms of storming this final shot, with Luan being held by his wife getting her back is a great method of showing some light in what is otherwise a dark ending, dark and dark for this particular chapter.

This episode is very well-shot as well, and there is some impressive action at the end, which beautifully conveys the raw, raw action that made the first season so enjoyable. Although not as great as season 1, Gangs of London has been a great watching experience, however.



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