Gangs Of London – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Mansion Escape

Episode 6 from Gangs of London Season 2 begins with a glimpse of a blood-soaked mansion. Ropes are spread on the floor, and there’s a tarp too as blood flowing across the walls is pushed out of focus due to a dog who walks towards an elevator, waiting for it to sound.

This bloody opening sets the stage for a similar grisly scene as Elliot is seen walking away from Miss Kane’s body after he has killed her completely. He walks through the fields in a deliberate manner, likely returning to his car.

While they are there, Sean Wallace and Koba both turn up to see Asif in his limousine. Koba says that the two have taken the decision to have London to themselves. Asif is an integral part of the plan and will be able to take his product to London and sell it in the way he likes.

In exchange, they will be granted access to his infrastructure and network. If he is willing to accept this, they are going to walk away extremely rich. They allow Asif an extra night to think about it However, Koba proposes a “sweetener” in private to make him reconsider his decision. It turns out to be Lale. Koba takes the necessary steps to get her taken to a family get-together, and taken to Asif’s house. Sean is in shock when he learns.

Marian is waiting to meet Ed to ask for assistance. As Sean has signed a contract with Satan and she is trying to convince him to join in and return what they’ve created together. Ed is adamantly opposed until Marian offers a jolly coo and pushes them to the top instead of Sean Wallace or Asif. The appealing prospect that power offers is just too appealing to ignore.

After Shannon goes out of the room, she is greeted by Elliot who is putting on an incredible show here. He’s stunned, scared, and distraught that his father’s death while blaming himself for what happened. Elliot acknowledges that he knew information regarding the Investors and this is the reason why his father has been murdered. When he discovers Sean is connected to Koba the Investors, he’s mad and determined to exact his revenge.

Sean is a bit unsure and uncertain about whether to allow Lale to be destroyed and tortured at the hands of Asif and Asif. As Sean is contemplating this, we go to a savvy Lale who manages to take the empty glass of whiskey and crush it with her hands. She makes use of the shards to cut off her binds and then sits back with the remaining pieces, before winding up Asif and bringing him close.

It’s a complete hit as well. Asif is able to walk straight her way. He let his guard down, and she stabbed him in the ears for good measure. When he tries to get away, Lale breaks free and is able to hold him in place.

The sound of the elevator sent Lale to the bottom of the stairs, determined on finding the way out. Lale is able to take on many different males on her own, ultimately leading to a massive fight against Asif himself. Let me give credit for what it does The scene is brutal and does a great job demonstrating how difficult is it to kick an opponent around, but the assault in the bathroom earlier? A bit poorly shot, I must say.

Anyway, I digress. Lale manages to leave and, with the rain coming down she stumbles the road to safety. A car comes up but, luckily, it’s not Asif It’s Sean Wallace. He cradles her up in the rear of his vehicle and takes his… all the way back to Asif. It’s a shocking conclusion and it throws the entirety of her hard-earned efforts out of the way.

Although it’s not as spectacular as the barn shootout that was featured the last season, that sequence in the final episode featuring Lale was a total smackdown and really helps illustrate just how much Lale was working to get out… also how quickly she was brought back in after putting her faith in Sean Wallace.

The Episode Review

Sean must make a difficult decision for the sake of London and could regret it moving forward.

The entire chapter is designed to show the intense violence and fantastic fight scenes that the show is known for. In many ways, it has some resemblances with shows such as Daredevil and Punisher and the conclusion indicates that we’re entering the same kind of dramatic conclusion. But, the story remains a mystery for the last two chapters.



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