Gangs Of London – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

“What’s In The Box? !”

Episode 7 from Gangs of London Season 2 begins a week following the shocking events of the previous episode. In the wake of Sean Wallace having sold out Lela and had her taken over by Asif, Luan works in the privacy of his home, stealing shipments intended for Asif and attempting to take over Asif’s position by working with Marian. They are able to take the most recent shipment from under Asif’s nose which could result in significant consequences in the future.

Sean gets a phone call saying that they have been betrayed by someone and he is able to determine who they are. There are 1.3 tons of it gone with Koba and Sean both Koba and Sean are in danger It’s clear that this is an attempt to make sure that they get Sean out of the car.

Billy is now looking at Marian She points to her that she’s aware of the way too, and asks whether it’s her.

Sean talks to Asif and puts all the blame on him and tells Asif Sean that he has to get the drugs in some way, form, or shape. The only way to do this is to intrude on the territory of someone else and specifically, a Parisian agreement Asif has made just recently. Asif believes that there is no way that they’ve even relocated 20 percent of their equipment in the first place, so this is the ideal opportunity to allow Sean as well as Koba to get their hands on it and claim the deal for their own.

The issue is, the dealer is called Bibi Agostini. They are among the biggest drug sellers in France. Sean is aware that they aren’t going to be a ruthless gangster and instead is determined to strike an agreement with her.

Elliot arrives to meet Shannon and she admits she’s involved in this arrangement together with Marian along with Luan. They’re planning to sell the drugs themselves However, Elliot is too distracted by chasing Sean and is set on killing Sean. Elliot thinks about whether to go to Paris to kill his target in Paris, believing that security will be less stifling.

Marian plans to sell the heroin at a fraction of the price, and flood the market prior to Sean and Koba’s arrival, thus making their business impossible to run. But the problem is that Billy has been following Marian along with the other suspects, and is watching the meeting from a distance. He enters the container that is nearby and discovers all the heroin.

Billy is trying to contact Sean however, he’s stopped by Luan Armed with guns. Luan compels Billy to drop his phone. He then calls Marian to inform her of the incident. Marian is able to secure Billy by dragging him into the van to be in a cell with the rest of the equipment. Naturally, since his previous history of using drugs, this is the most unwise place for him.

Marian will eventually let her son go after which Billy is adamant about what she’s doing and thinks she’s regretting Sean returning and causing a mess in her operation. After slapping him across his face Marian hands her kid water bottles and then locks him in a cell. Ed does not think this is an ideal idea, however.

When they arrive in Paris, Koba meets with Saba in Paris, while Elliot observes from afar having followed them into the capital city. She is the translator when Sean suggests that they together with Bibi collaborate and sign an advantageous trade agreement. Bibi is required to leave, but she offers them a ticket to attend her private club later that evening. The proposal has been accepted, but what is her stance? We’ll find out very soon!

Elliot grabs Saba and tucks her into the van’s back. He explains to the woman who he is and provides an answer. He informs her that she’s being owned by them right now and that he has the power to stop it and change the rules. Saba is hesitant and discloses all about the plans to meet at the VIP area in the bar. Elliot gives her a gun and tells her to wear it on that night in the club.

The big show goes on and Elliot is able to sneak into the back. Alongside Sean and his friends chatting with Bibi at the Karaoke VIP lounge, Elliot serves as a waiter and mixes in while bringing a trolley to the level of VIP. While he searches for the space Sean and the other guests reside inside, Bibi brings up the curiosity she has about ports, particularly as she is planning to bring in individuals as well as drugs. If Sean is able to let human trafficking permitted to enter English shores, she’ll be able to agree with the terms of their agreement… And Sean agrees!

In the hallway, Elliot is found out by the guards and kills three guards before they can get reinforcements. Elliot comes in then… there’s in the wrong room. It is revealed that Saba tried to send a text message to Elliot to instruct the man to stop, but it wasn’t sent. The two have been deceived. This VIP room actually an exclusive one just for Bibi and is a completely different level.

If Elliot is allowed to return to the elevator, Bibi checks the monitors and finds that the elevator is one owned by the British and consequently she decides to end her agreement with Sean. Sean is clearly not thrilled and removes Saba to be the mole of the elevator. Sean and Koba are determined to find the culprit.

Elliot manages to escape the club and miraculously avoids gunfire in the process. He then calls Shannon while he is rushing to the back of a van insisting that she leave and bring Danny along. Shannon however, is determined and assures him that she’s not going anywhere, and instead, she has the best solution to find Sean the night he was looking for.

The monologue we watched at the beginning of the episode is brought to life as the camera pans to reveal… Billy. He’s returning to England and decided to make use of Billy to reach Sean. As the story returns to Marian she gets a package in the post and it’s stained with blood inside the parcel. What’s inside? Billy’s arm.

The Episode Review

The whole thing is coming to an explosive conclusion to be fought out and no one can guess how it’s likely to go. Although it’s not been as good as the premiere, it’s lots to love nevertheless.

Action has been excellent all over the place as the series has been able to fully immerse itself in the gang wars and drama that made the initial episode captivating. Even though Sean’s “turn to the dark side” might be disappointing, especially with the promise of Koba facing Sean ending abruptly however there’s still plenty of time for the finale to return to the action and finish on a high note.


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