Gangs Of London – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Justice for hangman

Episode 8 of Gangs of London Season 2 starts a few hours earlier. Elliot wraps Billy’s arm in plastic and prepares to send a message to the Wallaces. Although Billy might have lost his arm, he is still alive for now.

Sean discovers how Billy was discovered by Elliot. He also learns about Marian’s role in intercepting Asif’s shipment. Marian believes she was saving them from Koba’s wrath, but Sean disagrees. He’s livid.

Sean grabbed his mother and choked her before finally pushing her away. He told his mom that he never wants to see or talk to her again. Outside, Sean calls Billy to tell him that he’s coming soon.

Billy objected, telling him that this was a trap. But, Sean isn’t about to let his brother suffer. Shannon also took off with the heroin shipment, causing all their plans to be thrown into disarray.

Is Luan a killer of Ed and Shannon?

Luan discovers this and shows up with his gang. Ed and Shannon, however, are ready to receive them. They smash the wall with bullets and then go through to the other side, killing all the men.

Ed calls Luan outside and asks him to reconsider his decision. Ed continues by pointing out that there is a reckoning elsewhere, and after all, Luan still has his wife so this should be worthwhile. Luan then leaves.

What happens to Saba, Faz, and Hakim?

Koba and his gang take Saba back to Hakim. They tell him to “deal” with her, as it’s his problem. He doesn’t have much choice as Koba watches and demands he take Saba’s hands.

Sean arrives and asks Koba to help him save Elliot. The gang agrees and packs up to leave. Hakim is left with Saba, but Faz assists her and eventually kills Hakim.

Does Koba die?

Koba and the other members of the group discover the location where Elliot holds Billy. Koba then eats a hamburger and starts bleeding from his nose. He suddenly feels his hand numb and realizes that he is having a stroke. It’s a long game. Sean stares at it and tells him that it’s a compound drug that has paralyzed him.

Sean is smart and Koba manages to get his gun out. However, he loses control of the gun and begins to bleed from every organ before finally dying in the backseat.

Sean took Koba to the petrol station and put him in the trunk. This was right in front of the CCTV cameras. It was Elliot’s plan, as it turned out. Sean calls Elliot to tell him. The airfield was just a decoy location. The real place is an abandoned scrapyard.

What happens in the final showdown?

Billy is still in the front seat, but he manages to grab a screwdriver from the glove box. He keeps it in his pocket, even though it’s not easy for him to use. Elliot takes Billy to the meeting spot and forces him to his knees, while Sean is instructed to take off his jacket and gun.

Billy suddenly grabs his screwdriver and stabs Elliot in the hand. This is enough for Sean to grab his screwdriver and attack Elliot. It eventually leads to a huge skirm between them.

Sean throws oil into Elliot’s eyes to block his vision. But, as they fight, Elliot wins. He strangles Sean and chokes his throat. He gasps for air and tells Elliot that his father would be proud. With Billy pleading for him to stop, the screen fades into black.

What happens to Gangs of London Season 2?

While Elliot raced away with Billy, the camera pans across the scrapyard and shows Sean still hanging there. Elliot did not kill him, he only made a promise. Along with Shannon and Ed, he plans to take over Sean Wallace’s place and take control of the city.

Sean is alive but behind bars. Asif, however, decides to use Lale as his new weapon. He has made her a loyal soldier, but she is still alive.

Billy visits Sean in prison while Marian shows up for the latest meeting of all the gangs. Elliot is also there, and the episode ends with all the characters giving each other knowing glances.

Episode Review

The second season is over with little to no resolution. Billy and Sean continue to work together, with Sean locked up as he was at season 1’s end (if you count flashbacks).

While Elliot remains a loose cannon, Elliot continues to be a problem with drug shipments in London and the division of power in London. There is one saving grace: Koba was shot to death, but we don’t see much of his gang and, as I mentioned, there are still rivalries and conflicts. Sean’s escape plan is unknown. CCTV footage taken at the petrol station will incriminate him more for the way he treated Koba’s corpse.

This all points to a dramatic third season and hopefully some resolutions.


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