Glass Tides – Wake Me Up

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Wake Me UpParanoia
Without You
Knowing Me
Black & White
You are looking for
End Game
I’ll Be Free

Glass Tides deliver great strong structure and lyrics that are bittersweet and are never sluggish for a second. The band has created an album that surpasses any previous work they’ve released and has shown that their creative juices aren’t lost their spark.

In Wake Me, Up, broken memories are outlined, and the characters of torture is to look for the answers to their throbbing questions.

Wake Me Up can be a bit tame sometimes The band wishes for the echoes to echo and surround those who are willing to listen. They would like this to be a connection with the marginalized; those who are broken, outcasts, and those who are fueled by sorrow.

A lot of bands attempt to create shock waves through the industry, but many aren’t able to do so with sufficient purpose, which is an injustice. Glass Tides is power in their arsenal to accomplish this Their music has enough substance to make it count.

The anthems are intoxicating and the songs are abounding with influences from the rock scene, which appears to be in excellent form right now. This could be an advantage for the upcoming bands that are set to go after the masses.

For those who are believers in the religion of Jesus Christ, For those who are a believer, Me Up is an album to be confiding in. It has empowering lyrics and sincere wordplay to attract the rock community. In doing so, it will only benefit Glass Tides as a collective group.

It’s an obscene assertion, but the album has the same quality as any other album out this year. “Wake Me Up’ kicks the album with an uplifting tune. The percussion is like a battering ram and the vocals bring forward a contrast. It’s an honest, loud beginning.

“Without You is able to reach out across all levels, bringing forth a more sluggish edge, yet it still features cutting-edge lyrics and well-triggered guitar riffs. “Searching” is an absolute track and is a song for the marginalized. When properly sourced, it amazes with its greater volume.

“I’ll be Free” has all the emotion, labeling the song as a kind of ballad yet it has a captivating plot.

Overall, Glass Tides has gifted us with an album that tugs the heartstrings and provides a glimpse into the band’s search for something authentic.


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