Glitch K-Drama – Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Light of Your Life Is with You!

The fourth episode of Glitch starts with Ji-Hyo, a child, lying on a bed in the hospital and being asked if her memory is any details. Her head shakes. The policeman tells her there were alcohol containers discovered in the van in which she used to play. Did she consume anything other than this? Her head shakes.

Presently, Bo-ra is showing them the clip she shot when she and Ji-Hyo were living in Si-guy’s old home. However, the video isn’t very clear and doesn’t display enough of the crowd of people who were chanting.

Ji-Hyo and Ji-ra discuss how to proceed. Bo-ra would like to go with the realtor lady and Ji-Hyo would like to visit the police station. Bo-ra says she believes that police officers are ineffective. She advises Ji-Hyo to trust her, however, Ji-Hyo argues that she’s been burned before when she put her trust in her. So how could she ever trust her? She relates to the time they were children and Ji-Hyo had to be ejected in three days. She inquired if Bo-ra was interested in finding her. Bo-ra claims she can’t remember what actually transpired. They argue over who cut off who. Bo-ra leaves.

When this happens it is revealed that we have a flashback of Bo-ra’s visit to Ji-Hyo in the hospital. However, Ji-Hyo snatches her away. The policeman takes Bo-ra for interrogation. At an appropriate time, Ji-Hyo hits Bo-ra in the face. Bo-ra, in tears, tears a page out of her notebook that is later revealed to contain the same crop circle symbol. The truth is that young Bo-ra was aware of that symbol on the ground where Jihyo was found.

In Captain Price’s cafe, Bo-ra is tested on his strength when he asks him to break out of an unlocked hand. He is able to do it and gets the woman off of her back. Bo-ra is thrilled and asks him to join her.

In the meantime, Ji-Hyo has been trying to get detective Kim about the cult group that is chanting in Si-guy’s former apartment. She doesn’t believe her assertions of a cult as truthful and is irritated when he realizes that Ji-Hyo has broken into the house.

In Ji-Hyo’s office Se-hee, her coworker at work, receives the phone number of Ji-Hyo’s dad. Bewildered by everything that’s happening in his relationship with Ji-Hyo’s daughter, the father requests Se-hee for serious talks with Ji-Hyo.

Captain Price as well as Phillip Bo-ra, along with Phillip and Captian Price, stakes out the real estate lady. She is followed to a structure and then the woman climbs to the 12 floors. floor. Captain Price and Bo-ra make it to the 12 floors. They climb the 12 floors, where they locate a space specifically designated as The Divine Light Church. They are greeted by a woman. They are immediately accosted by a bulky man who asks what they’re recording.

In a different room, the man confesses to the group as a cult, but he requests the two to leave the room. Bo-ra lied and pretended to be suicidal, claiming she is now curious about what it is like to be a part of this church so joyful. When the realtor shows up Bo-ra covers her face by pretending to cry.

It does work and shortly Cap is making his debut in front of an audience of worshippers. When he introduces himself they ask him whether he’s been able to see the Light which is a reference to light emanating from extraterrestrial encounters, though they don’t call it the same. Outside the group of people are walking along and singing. Each has a pair of VR cardboard glasses. Bo-ra inquires about what they are and a man says it’s an event known as the March of the Blessing that people take part in prior to the start of the light calling service. This is not a service for people who are new.

In the meantime, Ji-Hyo is trying to locate a link to Direct Kim on the internet.

In the light of the church, Bo-ra is in the bathroom and appears to have managed to get her hands on the VR glasses. The phone is tucked in the cardboard and has an idea. Outside, she walks with people who sing as the phone streams every moment to the YouTube channel.

They go to a place that is completely dark, save for a green light shining through all of the VR glasses. Ji-Hyo can see the video streaming and tries to contact her to escape from the room, but Bo-ra refuses to pay attention. A woman is in the middle, and she guides everyone. They discuss the light of God in the dark and darkness. They speak of the coming of the Messiah coming. The woman takes off her glasses and yells for an angel to light her up. Everyone else is praying for a miracle to happen. There are lights that shine across the room. Slowly, the light balls float toward the middle, creating a 3D model of the circle of a crop. The woman is lifted in the air. As she watches, Ji-Hyo is able to recall flashbacks to similar images from her childhood memories. In the meantime, smoke starts to fill the room via the pipe.

In the meantime, the man from earlier locates Bo-ra’s cell phone among her other belongings. He notices a notification about her live stream and opens it to view her live stream.

Bo-ra starts to feel disoriented by the smoke and hurries to the exit coughing. The increasing numbers of followers and views are enough to make her smile however, it’s only for a short time as the man comes into the stairwell and is able to find her.

Luckily, Ji-Hyo ends up watching the battle in the video. Despite trying to get Se-hee to engage with Ji-Hyo, she rushes off to work to help her friend. She contacts Detective Kim as she walks away.

Once she is inside the building she spots the man and recognizes the man from the video. She chases him down and hinders him from getting away from the structure. She employs an extinguisher for fire to remove him from his vehicle. She then knocks him to the ground and asks him to tell her where Bo-ra is. The cops arrive shortly, but they end up arresting her, not Bo-ra.

At the police station, Bo-ra and Cap appear perfectly fine, and Ji-Hyo is required to write an apology letter for the person. She confronts him over the symbol, but he does not mention anything. Bo-ra also pretends to not have any idea and Ji-Hyo winds up getting discredited in front of Detective Kim.

Then, Bo-ra along with the group is celebrating her 1000 followers when Ji-Hyo arrives at the celebration and confronts Ji-Hyo. Bo-ra claims she doesn’t trust the police, and that’s why she did not say anything. She asks Ji-Hyo why she came to help her, and Ji-Hyo says it was her decision to act in this manner.

A flashback captures an image from the van, featuring Ji-Hyo and Bo-ra, who are young. Ji-Hyo talks about how a fellow student was discussing Bo-ra’s alleged glue sniffing with other students, but Ji-Hyo does not believe it. When Bo-ra inquires about why Ji-Hyo explains that it’s her decision to believe in Bo-ra instead of another girl.

In the café, Ji-Hyo winds with a glass of alcohol before drinking some more before slipping out.

In the police station, Detective Kim appears to have found something that is familiar with the Ji-Hyo symbol. Detective Kim searches through old cases and discovers the symbol in the instance of mass suicide by elderly individuals. The symbol is placed on the floor near the site of the murder.

When the day begins, Bo-ra informs Ji-Hyo to join her. They head to an apartment and call the bell. The door is opened by no other than the person who is from the holy light church. Ji-Hyo is introduced by Bo-ra for the missing Direct Kim.

The Episode Review

Episode 4 builds on the previous episode’s momentum. However, a large portion of this is due to Bo-ra more than Ji-Hyo. Bo-ra’s involvement in the cult made the cut in this chapter. From the strange chants, and Bo-ra’s 3D lights and floating woman There

The two females fighting, and working creates an intense and exciting as ever. The importance of their shared history is also growing, and it appears that Bo-ra is aware of and remembers more than Ji-Hyo. It seems like Bo-ra isn’t to blame.

The mystery gets more complicated and the reveal at the conclusion about the identity of Direct Kim was jaw-dropping. It also gives Ji-Hyo and Bo ra another friend which is very promising. Detective Kim is becoming more involved, and I’m beginning to see the beginnings of what could be an enjoyable team.


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