The Golden Spoon – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

In episode 3 in the third episode of The Golden Spoon, we witness Jang-un frightened by Tae-Yong’s shooting with his father’s gun and the bullet he carried along. Mun-ki hears the gunshot coming from the outside of Jang-un’s home and is stunned. The story continues with Tae-Yong’s visit to his father’s office.

He is able to locate the will Hyeondo has signed just a few days ago in which the businessman disqualified Tae-Yong’s status as the heir to his assets. Tae-Yong appears shocked but is calm manner when Hyeondo shows up. He informs his father the mistake he made was his own.

Tae-Yong demands that he answer the phone and says that Tae-Yong is going to handle everything by himself. Hyeon-do accepts the offer and states that he is a father to his son. Before leaving, he inquires whether Hyeon-do is truly loving his son and the father guarantees that he really loves him. In the end, the bullet was blank and Tae-Yong had only been seeking to instruct Jang-un on the lesson of bullying the weak for many years.

He slams into Jang-un’s hand and fractures it, leaving the boy crying and angry. His parents are yelling in the hospital, accusing Tae-Yong. Tae-Yong is seen at the hospital and rat Jang-un for bullying Seung-Cheon through the years and shooting in the direction of blanks that go down the boy’s ears. The father of Jang-un is angry at his son.

Tae-Yong threatens to expose Jangun’s father for hunting illegally. Seung-Cheon is outside the hospital. is shaken by the incident, and Mun-ki attempts to talk with Seung-Cheon. Tae-Yong is there and takes Seung-Cheon to his home. Seung-Cheon is puzzled as to why Tae-Yong was there to help Seung-Cheon. Ju-hee is being spied on by a man with a cap once more.

After Tae-Yong has dropped Seung-Cheon off at home Seung-Cheon, he requests Seung-Cheon to hide the story secret from family members. He hears the landlord arguing with Seung-cheon’s (his real) parents about the rent and is furious. Tae-Yong sits outside and watches the landlord Lee Cheol (his real father) polish his shoes for 10,000 won. Tae-Yong begins to cry.

He’s deep in thought as he drives back and is thinking about why Hyeon-do had to stop Tae-Yong’s right to take over his assets. Yeo-jin and Jang-un visit the hospital room, and the two create a plan to demolish Tae-Yong’s life and death. Jang-un is unsure of what their motives for Yeo-jin are.

The following day Lee Cheol starts working on a redevelopment scheme that requires him to remove residents who aren’t leaving their homes. Seung-cheon’s mother is also searching for a new house, but she isn’t able to come up with enough money to rent the house.

Lee Cheol is unable to not listen to the cries of residents when he is removing the residence. A colleague of Lee Cheol is the one who was watching Ju-hee. He is Na-ra’s father. the woman whose death Ju-hee believes she’s the one to blame for. Lee Cheol finds out that the man died daughter just five years ago.

Lee Cheol is content with the money he earned and buys Seung-Cheon a birthday cake when he returns home. It’s also coincidental that Tae-Yong celebrates his birthday by giving him lots of gifts. Tae-Yong is preparing to celebrate his birthday and has made a present for his dad with the help of Mun-ki. He’s wondering if Juhee will attend the party, but she’s traveling to Seung-cheon’s home.

She meets that same lady, who sends her a note to present to Tae-Yong. Seung-Cheon receives money as a present from his mother. However, Seung-Cheon is grateful for his mother’s generosity and considers that his present. Ju-hee shows up at his home with a present for Seung-Cheon. Seung-cheon’s mother and sister are stunned as it’s the first time Seung-cheon’s buddies are visiting their home.

They gather in Seung-cheon’s home where she paints pictures of his work. In the meantime, Tae-Yong hosts an extravagant celebration with his relatives and close friends. He earns the respect of his father by giving his father the company stocks that the latter bought using the money he saved. In Seung-cheon’s room, he thanks her for the gift, however, Seung-Cheon and Ju-hee both become terrified of cockroaches.

Ju-hee is thrown to the floor, with Seung-Cheon sitting on the top. She receives a call from her father, who invites her to attend at Tae-Yong’s birthday bash in the shortest time possible. Tae-Yong is having difficulty finding guests for his celebration and Yeo Jin becomes concerned about his behavior.

Seung-Cheon is a guest at Tae-Yong’s birthday party, and she is amazed at how well-versed he has become in his surrounding. Young-sin arranges the piano for Tae-Yong’s annual recital. Seung-Cheon comes in and helps Tae-yong out. Yong-sin is curious about how Seung-Cheon performed the piano exactly like Tae-Yong used to do earlier. Seung-Cheon explains to Tae-Yong that the recital was in return for the time when Tae-Yong saved his life.

Ju-hee greeted Tae-Yong and then gives him a letter written by an elderly woman. The letter contains a different condition regarding the gold spoon. In the event that Seung-cheon’s person whom he exchanged his life with has contact with his parents’ biological relatives on the day of his birthday, the effects of the spoon are disregarded.

Tae-Yong is concerned about Seung-Cheon (real Tae-Yong) coming across Hyeon-do. He becomes worried when he is unable to find one of them. Seung-Cheon is stopped by Yeo Jin and she inquires about how he was able to learn piano. He’s not able to explain how and claims that he simply was able to play it. He is taken to the exact same place where Hyeon-do is.

Tae-Yong arrives at the perfect moment and embraces his father in order to keep Seung-Cheon from coming to see him. Hyeo-do is stunned by Tae-Yong’s sudden show of affection when he expresses gratitude to his father. Ju-hee wonders how Seungcheon could be able to perform the same song as Tae-Yong. He also wonders about his familiarity with Tae-Yong’s style of living.

Her father comes home and criticizes her for being a friend to the poor, similar to what Na-ra did before. Ju-hee’s father says Na-ra was a thief who took her watch, the only thing left to her by her mother.

Young-sin confides in Hyeon-do about her worries about Seung-cheon’s resemblance to Tae-Yong a little too much, but the father isn’t as concerned. He confronts her about the modifications he made to his will. Hyeon-do says that his successor does not have to be his biological son, but rather the person who will defend his empire. He says that Tae-Yong is believed to be qualified enough.

After the discussion Young-sin calls a person asking them to return home as soon as possible. Tae-Yong is worried about the location of his letter and calls Ju-hee to track down the elderly woman. Ju-hee informs him that she was at Seung-cheon’s home and he’s amazed. Mun-ki walks into the house of Seung-Cheon and sees Seung-a shouting at the landlords for spying on Seung-a while she was bathing.

When the man holds her by the hair She beats the men each one by one. Mun-ki breaks her down, but Seung-a hits him as well. In the meantime, Tae-Yong questions Ju-hee concerning her recent visit to Seungcheon’s house. He begins to mock Seung-Cheon, and Ju-hee requests to put it down. She says she loves Seung-Cheon and doesn’t want to hear negative things about him.

Tae-Yong is stunned by the revelation, as it basically means that Ju-hee loves him (the Seung-Cheon in real life). Seung-Cheon is at home and discovers his birthday cake, an offer by Lee Cheol. Mun-ki’s participation in the fight saves Seung-a’s life and she expresses her gratitude by offering Seung-a a haircut for free in the salon where she is employed.

In his home, Tae-Yong contemplates how he could assist Seong-cheon’s family by helping them rent their house. Mun-ki says that Tae-Yong has seen a change in his life and reminisces about how he used to be terrified of guns following the shooting incident at the school. Tae-Yong was shocked to learn that about himself (the authentic Tae-Yong).).

Young-sin attempts to have an eavesdropper follow Tae-Yong to find out where he is. Tae-Yong enlists the help of Mun-ki to gather information about Seung-cheon’s landlord. The two visit the gangster-turned-landlord – Mu-in and warn him against troubling Seung-cheon’s family.

Mun-ki alone fights the men and beats them to death. Tae-Yong threatens Mu-in by exposing his tax evasion, corruption, and previous gangster activities when he fails to comply with his demands. In the evening Mu-in is at Seung-cheon’s residence and apologizes to the family, asking them to stay at the property rent-free for as long as they like.

When he returns to his home, Tae-Yong is unsure of what the price of an apartment within one of these large structures would cost. The episode presents a game of dodgeball where Tae-Yong becomes jealous as Seung-Cheon and Juhee play. Yeo-jin warns him about Jang-un’s revenge, and Tae-Yong is confused as to why she’s so sweet to him at all.

Tae-Yong sat outside the convenience store run by Ju-hee when he notices Na-ra’s dad in the street. He follows her when she’s finished work and assaults her by attempting to smother her. Tae-Yong attempts to call Ju-hee, and she hears her phone ringing from some distance. He fights with the man, who is able to escape.

Tae-Yong worries about Ju-hee, while the man is crying as he looks at the photo of Na-ra. Ju-hee explains to Taeyong that Na-ra was punished after stealing her watch when she was a kid. In the aftermath of her incident, the girl went to die which is the reason she considers herself accountable for the things that occurred to her.

Tae-Yong calms her by asking her to not blame herself. Ju-hee is puzzled by how someone as charming as Tae-Yong is charming. Tae-Yong ponders what he could do to win Hyeon-do over. Hyeon-do believes that Tae-Yong had read the will, and Taeyong directs his father to allow him to be the heir to the empire. Hyeon-do demands him to show that he has made a change and is pleased that the plan worked.

The following day, Taeyong receives an unidentified number that claims they are aware that he’s not Tae-Yong. Then, Seung-Cheon appears in the class holding his cell phone in his palm Tae-Yong is unsure if the message came from Seung-Cheon.

The show gets better and better each time and I’m savoring Mun-ki’s role in a spy action thriller. The scene in which he fought was extremely intense. Imagine that both Mun-ki and Jangun are not different from our Seo-Joon and Jiwoo duo from the movie 2021 Bl to My Star.

I would love to see an intense scene between these 2 characters in this show to serve as an homage to their previous web series. I’m sure that Yeo-jin is planning an unorthodox idea in her head, and she’s just doing her best to help Tae-long as she is aware of the truth about Tae-Yong. Seung-Cheon and Juhee are very adorable together, and I hope that he (the authentic Tae-Yong) has Ju-hee by the end.

Tae-Yong (Seung-Cheon in the real sense) is likely to earn some money in the end since it’s what he wanted to do. Because Seung-Cheon and Taeyong are both in love with Ju-hee, it’s likely that things are going to become a bit sexy in the near future and we’re ready by bringing you popcorn.

I think the footage of a desperate woman trying to locate the old lady and asking to get the gold spoon is an instant fast-forward… Why do I think that it could be Yeo-jin? I am sympathetic to Ju-hee. I’m hoping she can find closure for her friend’s passing, but she must not forget the man who attacked her in the middle of the night. Ju-hee might be falling for Tae-Yong as well, which could make the love triangle even more complicated.


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