The Good Doctor – Season 6 Episode 4 “Shrapnel” Recap & Review


It’s the Good Doctor season 6 episode 4 opens by having Shaun and Lea sitting at home. Lea is concerned about the fact that the conflict that exists between Lim, as well as Lea, is putting a strain on Shaun. Shaun insists that he’s fine and that he has others who are mentors and friends, and He rushes off for a pancake dinner with Glassman. However, Glassman cancels their date with the excuse that something happened in the clinic.

On the other hand, Lim is getting ready to go to work when she bumps across her attractive neighbor in the elevator. Lim had a tantrum with him a couple of weeks ago and he is curious to know whether she’s fine. She informs him that she was honest about the scourge of her existence, aka Shaun Murphy and she feels happy about her feelings about it.

While this is happening, Park is having a crazy morning on his own, when the girl he shared a bed with the night before decides to reject him for another date. It appears that she’s married, which she kept secret until the wedding was over. Oopsie!

In the medical center, Shaun, Powell, and Asher are treating a wounded military actor who thought it was an excellent idea to utilize real explosives in order to make the reenactment more real and enjoyable. As he ended up being treated in the hospital for shrapnel stuck in his arm, it’s ideal to believe that he has the authenticity right, but it’s not fun. It is a good thing that they managed to save the arm of the man even when it was a tough sequence of operations.

Asher and Powell have a disagreement when Powell tries to comprehend her more. Powell thinks that his curiosity about her military experience prior to becoming a doctor for a sign of insecurity. Actually, Asher is trying to comprehend her, but his methods were somewhat naive and judgemental. At the end of the day, Powell opens up to him and explains to her what she was thinking about when she decided to join the military.

Park, Allen, and Perez are treating an individual whose leg was severed from his ankles after being hit by a boat that was skinny dipping. The issue is that the police have yet to find his leg and Park would like to stay for a few days while search and rescue teams look to find the feet in the water. Park sends Allen as well as Perez to make sure the foot is perfused immediately after it’s located.

While Perez and Allen are waiting by the lake for rescue and search to find the foot they discuss random issues such as the fact that Perez is like his father and Allen is an unbeliever at heart. They seem to get along quite well and make a bet every day on when it will actually be discovered. Luckily, the foot was found and they manage to help save the leg of the person.

Lea is worried about Shaun and she makes an appointment with Glassman whom she informs that he has canceled the breakfast meeting. Glassman says he’d like Shaun to accept responsibility for the incident that transpired to Lim. This is a shock to Lea since she believes that Shaun caused any harm to Lim. Glassman goes on to tell her that If Shaun is having an issue with Lim and Lim, he must be able to handle the issue.

Andrews is also concerned about Shaun as he has insisted on not sharing his workplace with Park and is putting his office in the storage room. Andrews also is requesting Glassman to take care of the situation since two Shaun, as well as Lim, remain close to each other. Glassman speaks to Shaun and informs him that he had to cancel the breakfast due to being angered at Shaun for his actions. Glassman believes Shaun is responsible for the incident that transpired to Lim since he altered the surgical procedure against his instructions. Shaun insists that he didn’t do anything wrong as the parameters changed and he took the right decision. Glassman is insistent that Shaun should accept some sort of accountability for what transpired with Lim. Shaun is furious and demands he quit his job.

At the shift is over, Allen and Perez go back to the lake. They almost kiss, but Powell is able to get away and departs without a reason. Lim has a second encounter with her hot neighbor, and she invites him over for dinner.

In the comfort of his home, while lying in the bed, Shaun has an epiphany about a procedure that could solve Lim’s paralysis. He is taken to Glassman’s house late at night. Shaun is excited to learn that he will be able to repair everything.

the Episode Review

I’m tired of the whole blame Shaun train taking place. Shaun underwent surgery, and I don’t believe it was his blame that Lim was left paralyzed. It was impossible to predict that it would happen, and Glassman is aware of this, so what’s the issue?

I hope that this new plan for surgery is successful and that we are able to get the issue resolved We can’t talk about the same issue this entire season. I hope that the writers be able to come up with a more compelling story for Shaun instead of him being the victim of some sort.

Did I’m the only one to get super excited over Perez and Allen and then ended up being dissatisfied? I was thinking they had great vibes and were cute together. Why did Perez pull away?

In conclusion, I think Park has a crush on Reznick, and is he willing to take another chance with her or just ignore his feelings?



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