Gran Turismo 7 Game Review – A decent racing title haunted by disgusting microtransactions

PS40 to unlock new Cars?

Gran Turismo 7 is something that is a bit unanswerable. On the other side, Polyphony Digital has produced a stunning and enjoyable driving simulator. There’s an abundance of vehicles, each that operates very differently with a wide variety of different game types, vehicles, and tracks for racers to get their teeth into. However, this great work comes at the cost of some pretty unpalatable microtransactions, as well as some unreliable minigames in the gambling genre, and a mandatory, always-online connection. That’s right, Gran Turismo 7 is somewhat of a mixed bag, which is an unfortunate thing because it could have easily been the most thrilling racing game to be released in the near future.

After a huge 100GB installation, Gran Turismo 7 splits its gameplay into two distinct sections. Music Rally is essentially a large mini-game that lets you beat your rivals while playing music in the background. It also has an alarm clock that counts down each beat, to help keep you motivated.

The majority of your gameplay time will be spent in an imaginatively named “World Map”. It’s nothing new for Gran Turismo fans but this game is the first to bring players into a single experience online, with online play being able to be accessed for approximately 4 hours into the 20 to the 30-minute campaign. The campaign game is basically divided into 39 quests that are referred to as Menu books. The books are joined by dull dialog (minus the in-depth information on the background of businesses and automobiles) They are used in introducing players to different aspects of the game, such as the tuning shop and world circuits, as well as dealerships for cars, and so on.

Like previous games in the past, you begin by selecting a basic car and progress through a variety of races, unlocking different vehicles and improving your driving skills. This time, however, the game is a bit like a collection then, with more than 430 different vehicles to test your skills with. New cars appear thick and fast however and there’s an array of vehicles that unlock in quick intervals. Every time you finish a race finishing third or better will earn you credits as well as an entire vehicle of your choice (if the race is part of a quest book menu, of course.)

Credits can be used to unlock components for your vehicle or saved to add additional vehicles to your collection of ever-growing. I’ve already mentioned the horrible microtransactions and now seems like a good moment to discuss the issue. Since the game costs PS60plus – and race fans are likely to shell on an engine and other accessories to improve their experience The game Gran Turismo 7 insultingly splatters with a variety of credits available to purchase. 1 million credits costs PS19.99 however this is an incredibly low price when compared to the price of automobiles. The most expensive cars cost more than 3 million credit, which means it’s better to buy another racing game rather than are spending money on these.

“They’re simply cosmetic! There’s no need to purchase these!” Will come to the reaction to this? While it’s an appropriate criticism but it’s not enough to justify the mini-game of forced gambling, that is slyly hidden on roulette tickets which grant five different objects. They can be obtained by driving 26 miles on the track or by earning rewards for the completion of tasks. It’s a good thing, right? Well, no. The majority of the time, you’re likely to be the lowest game on the list with the ultimate goal to encourage you to purchase more credits. For people who have addictive tendencies or a track record of recovery from gambling addiction, I can’t without hesitation suggest this game.

It’s a shame, because when it comes to the track – the place where it’s most crucial it is Gran Turismo 7 is actually quite good. The cars all perform in a different way, as I mentioned earlier and there’s an impressive selection of tracks, each with stunning visual quality and lots of customization. Draw distances are very good, as is the draw distance even though you’re scanning, you’ll probably not detect any kind of popping-in.

The crowds and animated characters in the background are a different issue. One time, I deliberately crashed into a barrier in front of an entire crowd in order to see if anyone moved. But no, the flag-waver kept doing the same thing and the crowd didn’t blink an eye. These small details would have been a huge help in living up to the promise of claiming to be”a “real driving simulator.”

The trailer to Gran Turismo 7 is absolutely stunning, and in addition to that when you complete each mission, it gives an excellent cut scene of some sort, which explains the history of each type of car and the way they came to be. This is a fantastic feature that encourages you to continue racing around these circuits.

The race duration is generally from 10 minutes to 25 minutes, based on the course AI, the track, and how deep into the menus you are. Of course, it is the only way to unlock additional tracks and races with the latter parts of the game adding famous tracks such as Nurburgring which takes around 8-10 minutes for the full circuit.

Beyond the racing on the World Circuit are several different options, which can be found by choosing the track you want to play on. Time trials are easy to understand as are Arcade Races, while Arcade Races are straightforward races featuring multiple laps and many vehicles. You can also enjoy Circuit Experience too, which allows you to race a portion of an actual track (along with one full lap) with a souped-up and fast car in order to test to get the fastest time. It also comes with the benefit of knowing the ins and outs of every track. There’s no GT league this year and there are fewer races as per what I’ve seen from the 30 hours I’ve had on this particular one.

Beyond the single-player games, online races are also available which will see the majority of your time spent in Sport Mode, which sees 20 different racers fighting for supremacy across various tracks. However, there aren’t any collisions, and crossing borders could result in the chance to be penalized for time. A game that claims to be a “real racing simulator”, it certainly makes you feel the thrill when your car turns into a ghost after you suddenly see a car crossing your way.

In the future, Gran Turismo fans will defend their position that it’s not allowed to hit other players in the game. That’s definitely right. I understand the reason why there are no collisions with cars (although it’s also frustrating) however, online collisions should be punishable with a time penalty. In this way, it can make it easier for people to avoid accidents and keep the goal that this is a legitimate driving simulator. It’s especially funny because single-player modes allow this, but you’re never penalized if hit the brakes right before hitting a car.

However, Sport Mode is just a simple race, that will never be players who are ahead of the rest. It’s still a more uncertain experience than playing against an AI that is a disaster even on the most difficult difficulty levels. The leap in AI performance between every race until the final world championship is quite hilarious and I was left wondering how this wasn’t better in the course of the game.

Another feature that is returning here is the licenses they’re pretty much identical to games of the past. To complete this game World Circuits you’ll need a B and A license, however, there are additional requirements, like getting a rain permit and moving through more challenging sequences to improve your driving abilities. The process of obtaining gold on all of the above will be a long-lasting, but rewarding, experience.

Gran Turismo 7 does have many things going for it as well as the graphics are fantastic all over the entire board. Weather effects are amazing and no matter if you’re looking at the sun’s reflection off the windscreen due to reflection on the car’s roof, or the slippery feeling of rain raining down on the road, it all has been thought-through and adds an additional challenging aspect to racing. This is not even mentioning the subtle night/day cycle that creates a serene and tranquil experience racing through the darkness until sunset. These are amazing moments and they really raise the level of this racer.

The music certainly leaves much to be desired however it’s not Need For Speed Underground 2 or Gran Turismo 3. It’s likely that you’ll turn this off and start putting your own music on. Personally, I’ve just turned on Talksport during a few of the more long races.

While Gran Turismo is able to get a lot right, it does get many things wrong. The insidious and nefarious microtransactions gambling are just infuriating and should not be permitted in an “AAA” game. And that’s not even noting the requirement for an always-on connection. Without it, this game would be an easy 7.5/10. If you are able to accept the flaws inherent to the game and don’t have any history of addiction habits, Gran Turismo 7 is an enjoyable racing game on the track, but it doesn’t get a podium finish due to its spinning during the home stretch.

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